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Category: 'Book'
Octavia E. Butler book Imago
Young Alian/human hybread discovers that he? is really the third alian sex, form changes to that of young woman while he?'s comforting and healing a wounded human male.
Octavia E. Butler book Wild Seed
A man and woman exchange sex's. Brief, at end.
"The Old Country" by Mordicai Gerstein
The starts out with an old woman telling her grandson a story about how she got tricked into swaping bodies with a wily fox named Flame, when she was a young child living in the old country. The rest of the book is about her experiences as a fox chasing after the bodythief and her family in her war ...more
Olivia Evans book The Charm of Byxocol #41
Exploring the ruins of Byxocol Mark and Linda Harrison, archaeologists, find a crystal figure resting in the dust of a Mayan dead for five centuries. Could this strange crystal carved into the form of a half-man half-woman be the cause of Mark's transformation into Jennifer?
Olivia Evans book Changing Partners
Tim and Sally were husband and wife. But, Tim was strangely unhappy about Sally's unwillingness to have children. In search for a change in his life he circled an ad in the paper for Surrogate Sex, Inc. But, it was Sally who wanted to learn all about a humorous novel called Turnabout and a modern wa ...more
Olivia Evans book License for Skirts
A very good Reluctant Press book. A young man applies for a licence and ends up as the beautiful girl he met at the bureau do to a computer 'foul up'. It turns out to be a plot for the girl who prefers being a man to become him and she does love him and they are married. He ends up liking to be her ...more
One Piece book Eiichiro Oda
In this comic, a young boy named Monkey D. Luffy who wants to be a pirate king, accidentaly ate the Gum-Gum fruit. He now became a rubber boy which he can streach his arms and legs to the max. Now at the age of sixteen, he leaves his hometown, finds a crew (of which he became the leader) and finds ...more
One Piece book Unknown
The first pirate Luffy beat up to saw a boy was a fatty momma named, Alvida. (in vol.1) But strangely, after she eaten the devil's fruit called Sube Sube fruit (in Japanese) which she transform into a beautiful, thin woman.
Operation lifeboat (rescuer)
A mad scientist, Kenneth Quastmu, started from trying to adapt nature to human and then, invented a virus to adapt humans to nature instead. He planned to change all humans into dogs. * full text on author's webpage samlib
Ore ga Aitsu de Aitsu ga Ore de
A 1980 novel by Yamanaka Hisashi. A boy and girl switch bodies. It has been the basis of the 1982 film Tenkousei (written by Yamanaka), a 2002 TV drama, and a 2007 film Tenkousei: Sayonara Anata.
Orson Scott Card book A Planet Called Treason
The hero is mutating, he develops breasts and secondary female characteristics, but does not go all the way.
Orson Scott Card book Children of the Mind
One of the characters is a woman who is some sort of being that lives in cyberspace named Jane. Jane decides that she wants a physical body, and attempts several takeovers. she briefly takes over the bodies of two men and a teenage girl (all 3 at the same time) and later takes over the teenage ...more
Oscar Wilde book The Picture of Dorrian Grey
Dorrian Grey is a libertine who worries that time will rob him of his youthful beauty. He wishes that his portrait would age in his place. His wish comes true, the portrait not only begins to age, but reflects his life of debauchery as well. Grey seems to be blessed with eternal youth, but there' ...more
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Published text on paper bound between hard cover or in paperback.

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