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Category: 'Book'
M. C. Sumner book The Principal
A new vampire takes the form of a girl and her best friend.
M. C. Sumner book The Substitute
A boy who is turning into a vampire gains the ability to appear as other people. To trap the hero of this book, the new vampire takes the place of the hero's beautiful sister.
M.A. Foster book The Morphodite
Laboratory created human has the innate ability to seek out and destroy conspiracies and can change it's physical appearence under certain conditions. Each time it does it changes sex. Sequels include "Transformer", and "Preserver".
Man Of 1000 Names
Steven Masters is given the ability to exchange bodies but does not have the ability to choose which person he exchanges with. He ends up inhabiting many other bodies including his girlfriend, Stephanie's.
The Man Who Liked Woman book Marc Brandel
The goddess Venus appears to a man as a three inch tall women. Over the course of more than year she grows to over eight feet.
Mantrapped book Fay Weldon
What if you bump into someone and swap souls? Just Because it's never happened before doesn't mean it never could. With this wickedly funny, unusual novel, Fay Weldon breaks new ground once again. Trisha has had the ultimate rags-to-riches-to-rags story. Despite a lottery win, she is now forty-some ...more
Marc Laidlaw book Neon Lotus
An old Buddist monk reincarnates as an american girl. Throughout her life she retains the memories of her past life.
Margaret K. Wetterer, Beth Wright (Illustrator) book The Boy Who Knew the Langua
About this title: Colum's ability to understand the language of the birds gains him access as royal storyteller to the King's castle, where he is accidentally changed into a dog and entrusted with protecting the newborn prince from being kidnapped by fairies.
Margaret Peterson Haddix book Turnabout
A juvenile fiction book in which two old women are given an experimental treatment that reverses the aging process. Many years later, they story picks up again when they have become teenagers and are facing the possibility of growing younger until they become helpless children and perhaps then die. ...more
Marian Babson book Nine Lives to Murder
Winstanley Fortescue, Shakespearean actor and ladies' man (with the morals of an alley cat, according to his wife Miranda), is pushed off a ladder, lands on Monty, the theater's cat, and awakes in the role of his life. His horror at regaining consciousness as a cat--"The . . . tip ? Of his . . . tai ...more
Marie Buchanan book Anima
Mysterious book from 2 view points. A Crippled woman swaps bodies with her beautiful young neighbor.
Marion Zimmer Bradley book World Wreckers
Two males, one human and one alien, overcome the obvious obstacle to their love when the alien, in a few hours, shifts his sexuality from masculine to feminine.
Marisa Montes book Circle of Time
I found a description for a hardcover book published in 2000. A car accident places 14-year-old Allison Blair in the hospital, sunk deep into a coma. She wakes to find she has traded bodies with Becky Lee Thompson, a girl from California wine country and the year 1906. While Becky struggles to ke ...more
Mark Leon book Mind Surfer
In one very short segment Lew discovers he and Shelia are one and he has been making love to himself.
Mark Morris book The Bodysnatchers
Not much of one, but here it is for completeness sake. Shape changing aliens The Zygons are in Victorian England wrecking the usual amount of havoc. One of them assumes the form of a young woman, Emmeline, and later takes on the visage of Sam (The Doctor's female companion at the time). The Zygon ...more
Mark Simmons book The Net Of Dreams
One of a group of Amazon warriors in a virtual reality game is played by a man. Brief.
Marlys Millhiser book The Mirror
Through an evil magic mirror a modern girl swaps bodies with her grandmother when she was young & about to get married. The modern girl tries to live 'Brandy's life' as best she can and the former Brandy finally has to do the same after reading 'Brandy's' diary. Well written book with good characet ...more
Marvin H. Albert book Good-Bye Charlie
Novelization of the Movie "Good-bye Charlie". A playboy is killed by a jealous husband and comes back in the body of a beautiful girl.
Matthew Costello book Day of the Snake
Volume 3 of Time Warrior series; a Quantum leap type time travel adventure. In this episode the girlfriend ends up occupying a male body in 1941.
Maud Carines book Strange Journey
Comedy of manners. A very beautiful, wealthly, but childless english noblewoman Lady Elizabeth and a middle class, rather plain wife and mother from time to time find themselves in each other's body. Has some good moments, but doesn't have the courage of its confictions, at no time is either tempted ...more
Maud Willis book Devil's Rain
A coven of devil worshipers possess new bodies. No TG in this part. Spoiler: At the end the head priest who they assumed dead has possesed the body of the beautiful young wife of the hero. No one knows. The girl's spirit is trapped in a glass jar.
Max Daniels book The Space Guardian
SF Our young heroine is half human, half changeling. Early on can assume other (human) female forms, but later learns better control and assumes male forms among many.
"Medusa: A Tiger by the Tail" by Jack Chalker
A man sent to a planet where some shape-changing occurs naturally and involuntarily. At one point he is captured and transformed, against his will, into an emptyheaded bimbo.
Megan Barnes book Witch Switch (Teen Witch #4)
Teenage series book. Sarah is a witch who's a little jealous of her 'Perfect' older Sister. So when her sister is away she turns herself into her. But she can't control it and soon finds herself in love with her sister's boyfriend and turning into her sister at times she doesn't want to. Book has so ...more
Megan Shull book The Swap
Popular eighth grader Jack, who's tired of having to live up to his tough father's expectations, and seventh grader Ellie, who feels abandoned by her popular friends, wish they could switch lives. And suddenly they've swapped bodies.
Megan Simpson Huberman book Dating the enemy
Novelisation of the movie and much better than most Novelisations. Good book. very diffferent young man and woman whose affair has just broken off switch bodies. Book was available from Australia
Meinderts, Koos and Fienieg, Annette book The Way Sjoerd Changed into a Dog
Mel Gilden, John Pierard (illustrator) book Werewolf Come Home
Howie Wolfner accidentally ingests strange water creatures and turns into a dog, and soon the other monster kids are scrambling to try to get their friend back Born to Howl Fifth-grader Howie Wolfner, a wolfboy who comes from a long line of relatives with similar tendencies, searches for a spell ...more
Melinda Snodgrass book Double Solitaire Wildcards X
About how Tachyon deals with being a woman. A continuation of a story in 'Wildwards 9'.
Mercedes Lackey book The Oathbound
As a punishment, an illusion is put an a man to make him appear as a hooker. Later, a deal with a tricky demon makes the illusion real.
Mercedes Lackey book Jinx High
Evil witch swaps bodys with her beautiful teenage daughter and kills people to build up her power again. Great gloating scene where she comes to taunt her 'poor mother' in the insane aslum! She fights the good witch Diana Tregarde who is trying to stop her. Book is spoiled by a poor 'surprise' en ...more
Metamorphis (eBook)
Michael Beck book Shifter
Gender, Male
Nineteen-year-old Aussie Jaime Race is the world's first shape-shifter, and he has been on the run from the government scientists who have created him. He was born a boy, and has only been able to shift into male forms since he was 12. At the beginning of the book, however, Jaime finds himself in ...more
Michael Berlyn book The Integrated Man
A man out for revenge, his original body is killed and he survives only as several personality chips. These chips can be slotted into anyone fitted with the right interface on their neck and the dead man's personality takes over. At one point a chip is inserted into a young woman and has sex with a ...more
Michael Blumlein book XY
A dancer in a topless bar and a customer change bodies after a loud noise. There is a lot of confusion in the girl's mind as she only knows she is a man.
Michael Coney book Friends COme in Boxes
In a future world when your body gets old you can have your brain put in boxes which can be carried around. You can then wait for a new manufactured body if you are important enough, but these bodies are color coded! There is a black market in bodies and a man's mother bribes these body stealer to p ...more
Michael Crichton book Prey
Nanoparticles got loose in the wild and evolved. Some got inside the workers in the production plant in desert Nevada. The nanoparticles became symbiotic with their human hosts, but they were also feeding on the hosts in the same time. The hosts' body became pale and cadaverous form, where the parti ...more
Michael Lawerence book Toilet of Doom
Don't be put off by the title this is a good, well written teenage book. Jiggy McCue and his friend Angie switch bodies for about a week. Its funny and insightful. She's a good fighter and in his male, hyper active body she beats up some bullies and plays a hell of a game of football! And he does be ...more
Michael Moorcook book The Champion of Garathorm
Hawkmoons lifeforce is used to animate a female champion.
Michael Moorcook book The Dancers at the End of Time
Has a lot of gender-switching as well as species-switching.
Mick Farren book The Feelies
A virtaul reality story, includes a woman taking a vacation as Thongar the Planet Waster.
Mickey Zucker Reichert book The Beasts of Barakhai
College student Ben Collins follows an escaped lab rat into a strange new world, where everyone is a shapeshifter, and your status is determined by what animal you can change into. A second book _The Lost Dragons of Barakhai_ is scheduled to be released soon.
mike (meyer) Dolinsky book mind one
a new drug diazo-l allows the human mind to experience telepathy. several passages show someone reading the mind of the opposite gender and experiencing what they did in the past via memories or what the other person is currently experiencing. not much I noted 4 places worth noting a fairly min ...more
Mike McQuay book Memories
A drug enables Silv and David to occupy bodies of people in the past. In one case he occupies a female. Later, in revolutionary France he and Silv trade the body's they're occupying to make love.
Mike Prow book His Story/Her Story
Annette Crowley and John Rupond switch minds at an airport.
Minotaur - Book by Matt Kaiser
Spinal cord technology is done. Cloning is black marketed. The breakthrough scientist now does occasional body-swapping into clone bodies on the side. Then another doctor/scientist decides to rob a bank and things go wrong from there. Features a bull-human minotaur body combo, male-male bodysw ...more
"Monster Blood III" by R. L. Stine
A boy named Evan is babysitting his cousin Kermit. Kermit finds a can of Monster Blood and Evan accidently eats some monster blood. He then strats growing bigger in size in the basement. Evan later gets outside and walks around town.
"Moon of Three Rings" by Andre Norton
Male, Animal
An earth-man is captured by enemies. After his body is injured he is body swapped with an alien, wolverine-like creature. This is on a world where the native race regularly swapped bodies with their familiars who are animals. Finally, he was captured and swapped into the brain-dead body of a young ...more
Mrs Fox by Sarah Hall
A modern retelling of the classic Garnett story, Lady into fox. *,sarah-hall-lionel-shriver-lavinia-9781905583638
Multiple Authors book The Transsexual Anthology
This new ebook anthology by "renowned authors of the field" has some great stories of transformation. Berry and Bain contribute a "Sex Gates" story. Hignutt's tale, "The Locket" is a modern gothic tale of possession and gender reassignment. Farrell's is a tg take on reality tv. TG Activist Denny ...more
Murphy & Sapir book Destroyer #109 American Obsession
New drug, wolverine hormonal extract, quickly changes fat into mouscles. But it is highly addictibe and also makes victims more violent, finally changing them into huge wolverine-monsters. ...more
N. M. Browne book Hunted
A girl named Karen is set upon by a group of bullies who beat her unconscious. When Karen wakes up she discovers that she is unharmed but has been turned into a fox, and finds herself in a strange new world.
N.N. Bode book Anibodyes
Nancy Krulik book Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo series #3: "Oh, Baby"
SERIES PREMISE: In book #1, eight-year-old Katie Kazoo wishes on a falling star that "I wish I could just be someone else!" She should have been careful what she wished for, because now every time a special wind blows by Katie switches bodies with someone near her! THIS BOOK: When Katie visits he ...more
Nancy Krulik book Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo series: "Girls Don't Have Cooties"
SERIES PREMISE: In book #1, eight-year-old Katie Kazoo wishes on a falling star that "I wish I could just be someone else!" She should have been careful what she wished for, because now every time a special wind blows by Katie switches bodies with someone near her! THIS BOOK: When Katie goes to a ...more
Nancy Krulik book Switcheroo series Katie Kazoo
Since every book has a body change, here is an alphabetical list of the 18 books so far, with animal, female and gender takeovers! Anyone But Me Katie can't stand George, the class bully. He constantly picks on everyone, but he really torments Katie. One day, she can't stand it anymore, and she ...more
Nancy Springer book Larque on the Wing
Has a middle aged housewife transform into a lithe, muscular gay teenager
Naoko book Keigo Higashino
A story by Keigo Higashino about a mother trapped in her daughter's body after a bus accident killed her own. This is being published by Vertical and can be found at There is also a movie based on this and by the way it sounds will be remade in America.
Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett book Good Omens
An angel, temporarily trapped in the netherworld, inhabits the bodies of an Australian Aboriginal mystic, a Hatian Voodun priest, an American televangelist, and a female British psychic.
Neil Gaiman book American Gods
Animal, Gender
At the end of the book when the gods get ready for war, Baron Samedi possesses the body of a goth girl (apperently because she has her own silk top hat). At first she only smokes cigars and acts and talks like a man, but later on Samedi is described as being a huge man with walnut brown skin. Th ...more
Nicholas Ifkovits book Strange Change
Teen boy discovers he can make strange changes to his reality, naturally he first changes himself to be able to visit the girl's shower area in school. After a tragedy he becomes a superhero... You can read all about it on this picture of the back cover
Nicholas Yermakov book Jehad
A man's mind is transfered into a woman's body when he is killed and he co-inhabits it with her mind. There is a lesbian scene, and a straight sex scene.
Nick Pollotta book Doomsday Exam
Magic backflash at end swaps the FBI team (sorta X-Files but with big guns) around. Only for a few pages, no real development and not a major part of the plot.
Nigel Findley book The Broken Sphere
The fifth of the Spelljammer - Cloakmaster Cycle novels has Teldin Moore assuming the form of his lover and second mate Julia after she is killed saving him for an assassination attempt. He does so because she got killed, so in order to flush out the assassins he has word spread that it's him who d ...more
Nigel Findley book Into The Void
Teldin disguises himself as a woman with the use of a magic cloak.
Nightmare In Placement by Victoria Abigail Hirschfield
Taylor, a girl in a juvenile placement facility uses a magical ring to switch bodies with her counselor then goes on to take over his life forcing him to live her life and see things from her perspective.
Nils Holgerssons underbara resa genom Sverige
AKA: The Wonderful Adventures of Nils Nils Holgersson was not really a bad boy, but he was lazy and unkind. Then one day he encoumntered an elf and found himself shrunk to elf-size by a magic spell.... written by Selma Lagerlöf in 1906.
Nina Hoffman book The Thread that Binds the Bones
One of a family of magicians so angers another that she changes him into a young girl.
Nintendo Adventure Books: book Brain Drain
Mario and Princess Peach swap bodies at some point. You can read it here:
Norman Bridwell book Clifford the Small Red Puppy
This is the origin story of Clifford the Big Red Dog, back when he was just a small red puppy. He was originally the runt of the litter (only about 3 inches tall) but thanks to the love of Emily Elizabeth (and it seems some kind of magic) Clifford grows larger and larger, until he is about 25 feet ...more
North Child by Edith Pattou
A tale of a white bear and a young boy. Major Spoilers: (Spoiler Text)
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