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Category: 'Book'
L'Homme qui devint gorille
A man exchanges his brain with a gorilla. Set in Paris in 2003 (as imagined in the 1920's). (Spoiler Text)
L. Frank Baum book The Enchanted Island of Yew
Non-Oz book, Girl is transformed into boy to accomplish quest.
L. Frank Baum book The Marvelous Land of Oz
Animal, Gender
In an attempt to escape capture, Mombi (the enchantress who enchanted Tip/Ozma -- see this book's listing under Gender) transforms herself into a griffin and attempts to run away. She is caught after she tires, and Tip's ally the Sawhorse (who is made of wood instead of flesh and blood, and thus ne ...more
L. Frank Baum book The Magic of Oz
Kiki Aru knows a magical word that causes transformations. All one has to do is order someone to transform into something else, stating what you want the person to transform into, and end with the magic word (which I can't even spell, let alone pronounce -- it's all consonants). He meets the None Ki ...more
L. Frank Baum book Ozma of Oz
The Nome King transforms the Royal Family of Ev into ornaments and places them in his ornament room. He challenges Dorothy, Ozma, and their friends to rescue them by sending them in to pick the right ornaments and say 'Ev'. If they make more wrong guesses than there are transformed people, they get ...more
L. Frank Baum book Rinkitink of Oz
The goat Bilbil is actually Prince Bobo of Boboland, who was turned into a goat by an evil wizard, and Glinda the Good, the Sorceress of the Land of Oz, has to experiment to find a way to change him back to normal because the wizard has since died, taking the original spell with him.
L. Ron Hubbard, If I Were You
Female, Male, Gender
Circus midget gets spell to switch bods with the tall ringmaster, but finds himself in a giant sized heap of trouble after the swap.
Lady into Fox
David Garnett's haunting 1922 debut novel. This is the story of Mr. Tebrick and his wife who suddenly turns into a fox. Mr. Tebrick, though taken aback by his wife's new condition, still loves his wife even so.
Lady into Fox
Sylvia Tebrick, the 24-year-old wife of Richard Tebrick, suddenly turns into a fox while they are out walking in the woods. Mr. Tebrick sends away all the servants in an attempt to keep Sylvia's new nature a secret, although Sylvia's childhood nurse returns. While Sylvia initially acts human, insis ...more
Lady: My Life as a Bitch book by Melvin Burgess
Submitted description rewritten to avoid plagiarism from Amazon. I just added a brief summary based on that synopsis. Please feel free to edit this description. A teen girl is transformed into a dog. Has to contend with trying to think with a dog's brain, and deal with other physical aspects o ...more
Larry Niven book The Long Arm Of Gil Hamilton
Takes place in a future in which they've developed a "complete" transsexualization procedure.
Laura J. Mixon book Proxies
"Teleprescence" technololgy allow operation of remote android type bodies. No deep detail but several cross gender bits.
Laura Marie Altom book Kissing Frogs
Considered a "Paranormal Romance" novel, this book deals with a young female biologist who discovers a new species of overjoyed with her sure-to-make-her-famous discovery, she kisses it and (of course) it transforms into a handsome, but chauvinistic prince. She must now grapple with her de ...more
Laurel Dodd book This Body
A woman in her late forties dies and then wakes a year later in the body of a 20 year old wealhy drug addict girl with brothers and sisters. Rather bloodless and acedemic book.
Laurel Marian Doud book This Body : A Novel of Reincarnation
Overblown pedantry of the second rank. Could have been better if told in a straight forward narrative. There are interesting descriptions of "body discovery", i.e., of Katherine exploring her new body (including sexual encounters). Okay if you can get past the pretension. Recommended for the des ...more
Lauren Du Clou book Adventures on the Third Side
Lawrence Miles book Alien Bodies
A male Faction Paradox agent briefly possesses the body of a human female soldier to get at a relic everyone is after. Sequence is short and only lasts about two pages.
Layne Littlepage book Wonkers
Woman becomes a man during the Harmonic Convergence.
Legends of the Saloli by Adam Bolander
A "brother bear" type story with squirrels. To fight against GREAT EVIL, four squirrel tribes summons a hero, who was formerly a human boy. *
Leigh Brackett book The Sectret of Sinharat
A few survivers of a city state of body swappers from ancient Mars are ploting to take control of the planet again. They have already stolen the bodies of 2 of the leaders of the rebellion. Including one by the female of an incediblily beautiful woman. Earth Hero tries to stop them.
A boy was so afraid of dogs, he wishes to change into a dog himself. When his wish fulfills, he becomes a big and strong dog, but his phobia switches too: now he is afraid of little boys. *Amazon:
Les Bijoux book Manga Volumes 1-4
Born with beautiful dark colored skin, Lapis is the result of a union between a dwarven father and a hunchbacked mother. Shunned by all those around him and picked on canstantly for his half breed status, Lapis also carries a curse---he wakes up one morning to find he has transformed into a woman o ...more
Leslie Alan & Gerhard, H. Harris Horvitz book The Donors
Upon investigation, a coroner discovers an institute that gives completely new identities even new sex if desired.
Lewis Caroll book Alice in Wonderland
In the chapter/episode 'Pig and Pepper', Alice notes how bad-tempered the Duchess and the cook are (later she attributes this to the pepper pervading the room), and how hateful they are to the baby. After the Duchess leaves to play croquet with the Queen of Hearts, Alice snatches the baby, concerned ...more
Lewis, C.S. "The Horse and His Boy"
Evil Prince Rabadash is temporarily turned into a donkey.
Linda Randle Wisdom book Twist of Fate
Poor waitress is murdered and wakes up in the body of the woman she envies, a very beautiful rich woman. In this new Identity she is accused of murder. She hires a detective to solve both crimes. (Pretty good book. Romance)
Liz Jamesguard book #14 One Day
Tim didn't believe that his computer could patch up a lover's quarrel by having him switch places with Monica for one day. Why couldn't he argue with a computer that trapped him in a woman's body?
Liz Jamesguard book One Day
Probably the best of Reluctant Press books. A wealthy and brilliant computer genius has his body and his life stolen by his girlfriend with his own computer helping. In her body is brain washed into becoming the perfect brainless bimbo sexy straved wife by a crazy doctor and ends up marrrying his ol ...more
Lizzie McGuire novel #15
Lizzie and younger brother Matt swap bodies! This teen aged book (#15) is a direct novelization of the episode. The second 1/2 of the book is another episode adaption. Outside of neccessary additions to change the script into a short novel, nothing new seems to be added. The ending is the same. ...more
Logan Swanson book Earthbound
Spirit of murdered nympho woman trapped in the house she was murdered in possess young wife and tried to to steal her body. Surprise ending
Lois Duncan book Stranger with My Face
A long lost evil twin's astral body tricks her good sister out of her body and steals it. The evil twin had been in an insane aslum. The sister of the real girl tries to save her. the evil twin's astral body had hurt people earlier. Well written teen book
Lois Gould book A Sea Change
After being raped, woman turns herself into man.
Lois McMaster Bujold book A Civil Campaign
In one of the subplots of this novel, a Vor woman (Lady Donna) undergoes a sex change to become Lord Donal, in order to inherit her brother's estate and to thwart the efforts of her odious cousin. Not THE major subplot of the novel, but one of the important ones to the story's resolution. Also, on ...more
Lois McMaster Bujold book Mirror Dance
Not exactly a gender change, but.... A number of clones are rescued from a medical facility that makes clones to perform illegal brain-swaps of older people into younger bodies. One of the female clones rescued was evidently earmarked as the host for a male client. Also there is the offhand menti ...more
Lon Camp book The Experiment
A dumb jock and a brainy professor swap bodies and each learn a little about bettering themselves while getting it on with the jock's girlfriend and the Prof's wife! Hey, when in Rome, right?
Lorien Legacies series of books
Age, Male, Gender
This series of books contains various transformations. This series is authored by the pseudonymous Pittacus Lore, a character in this universe, who begins with the story "I Am Number Four". Setrakus Ra (Spoiler Text) Ten (Spoiler Text) Eight (Spoiler Text) Five (Spoiler Text) And ...more
Louis Sachar book Marvin Redpost: Is He a Girl?
Marvin Redpost kisses himself on the elbow by "accident" and turns himself into a girl, making for some interesting occurences with his first-grade class. Intended for young readers.
Louis Sacher book Sideways Stories from Wayside School
In this children's book, the evil teacher, Mrs. Gorf, turns her students into apples. The students rebel and are turned back to normal. They then turn Mrs. Gorf into an apple. Louis, the yard teacher, accidentally eats her.
Louise Cooper book Sleep of Stone
A magical being, ugly by our standards falls in love with the local handsome Prince. She can shape shift and he is kind to her when she takes animal bodies. She convinces herself that he loves her. So when his human, beautiful bride arrives. She takes her shape and place and hides the girl away magi ...more
Lynn Flewelling book The Bone Doll's Twin
Only seen this in the bookstore, so I havn't read it yet, but here is what the eyecatch on the back says: As noblewomen young and old perish mysteriously, the king's nephew -- his sister's only child -- grows toward manhood. But unbeknownst to the king or the boy, strange, haunted Tobin is the ...more
Lynn Flewelling book The Oracle's Queen
Lynn Flewelling book Hidden Warrior
The sequel to "The Bone Doll's Twin." In order to save his country, Skala, from crisis, Prince Tobin must fulfill his destiny to become the woman he was born and re-establish the line of Skalan warrior queens broken by his uncle. Tobin's true female form is revealed near the end of the book. But a ...more
Lynne Reid Banks book The Indian in the Cupboard
A young English boy finds a magic cupboard that allows tiny plastic figurines to come alive. They are not just automations, however, but real people from the past (now only one inch tall). He brings back a 18th century Indian, a cowboy from the wild West, and a World War I medic. The sequels are ...more
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