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Category: 'Book'
Natsuru has a lot on his mind. He's a typical guy thinking about getting a date with his dream girl. Until he wakes up far more beautiful, well endowed, and physically superior to the girl of his imaginations. From the word "Go!", Natsuru is swept into the world of kampfers - fighting femme fata ...more
K.A. Applegate book Animorphs Book Series
Teens are given the ability to morph into any animal by touching a blue cube given to them by a crash landed alien. The alien, an Andalite, tells them that evil alien parasites known as Yerkes are bent on controlling the Earth. An entertaining mixture of Invasion of the Body Snacthcers, V:The Mini- ...more
K.A. Applegate book Animorphs Series
The entire series is centered around a group of kids who are able to morph into animals to save the world. Most of these processes are incredibly descriptive...also, in (I believe) the 23rd book, there is a full chapter devoted to a few of them being shrunken.
Karen Cushman book The Midwife's Apprentice
At one point, Alyce threatens a group of boys picking on her that she would use a magic cordial to turn them into women ( even though it was raspberry jam )
Karen Haber book Crossing Infinity
Corilanus, a fugitive from a civil war on another planet, comes to Earth to try and hide out among typical American teenagers sometime in the near future. Like all of the people on his home world, Cory has the ability to Phase - change between male and female at will. Can he build a new life on Ea ...more
Karl Hansen book Dream Games
8 year old twins Craig and Christopher are taken by "Lady Blue" and transformed.
Karl Wagner book Darkness Weaves
Female, Female
Disfigured Queen forcibly trades bodies with beautiful young stepdaughter. The unfaithful wife of a King tries to murder him and is discovered and dragged through the streets. She survives and plots his overthrow. She steals the body of the King's beautiful daughter from a previous marriage and u ...more
Katherine Roy book The Gentle Fraud
Famous, but aging actress agrees to swap bodies with a younger, rich friend for a few days to live each other's lives!
Katie Kazoo Switcheroo
Kids book--It is a series of books where Katie switches places with someone. In book 4 she switches with a boy. Girls Don't Have Cooties #4 Katie Kazoo Switcheroo Nancy E. Krulik - Author John and Wendy - Illustrator Katie has plans to go to Suzanne's all-girl sleepover party, but ...more
Katie Kazoo Switcheroo, Drat You Copycat book Nancy Krulik
For completeness and a warning or for parents with third graders. This is a series where Katy is whirled into other people's bodies (once including a boys) She controls their bodies but they are not in hers. In this one she becomes a girl who is copying her best friend to fit in. This is a series. T ...more
Katina Alexis book Scorpion
Female Indian Shaman wants revenge and starts turning nature against her enemies. She captures beautiful blond girl friend of hero. He tries to rescue her. The Indian Shaman sees her own death in the future. Hero comes and kills her and saves her captives and marries the beautiful blond. Sp ...more
Keith Laumer book a trace of memory
Paperback library Science Fiction 65-712 1972 Legion is a soldier of fortune. He becomes involved with intrigue on another planet. At the end of the story, he is killed by one of the conspirator's. His mind is recorded before he dies and it is restored into the body of the conspirator. The ...more
Keith Laumer book Time Trap
The hero and heroine switch bodies.
Kenneth Robeson book Doc Savage: The Monsters
Doc Savage, a World War II era pulp hero, takes on an evil scientist who can make people grow to fifteen feet tall.
Kenneth Robeson book He Could Stop the World.
Doc Savage battles an insane scientist (again) who can turn people into mind-controlled giants (again). At the end of the book, several mountain men and lumber jacks are left as ten-foot-tall monsters.
Keri Arthur book Full Moon Rising
Full Moon Rising appears to be a blatant rip-off of the film "Underworld" involving Riley Jenson and her twin brother Rhoan who are "Dhampires", part wolf and part vampire,born of a wolf who was raped by a vampire within an hour of its emerging from the grave. . The novel involves the principal cha ...more
Kevin Jr. O'Donnell book Reefs: The Journeys of McGill Feighan Book II
Hero is Telepath who must use female companions body for an escape sequence. Fairly brief, at end of book.
Kim Harrison book Dead Witch Walking
Rachel Morgon, a young witch, turns herself into a mink to sneak into her old office and the estate of a drug-runner. In the second case, she gets caught and put in a cage in the guy's office for a few days.
Kim Possible Cine-manga Vol. 3 book Mind Games
Part 2 of the digest sized manga book adapts the cartoon episode "Mind Games" where Kim and Ron swap bodies in a straitforward adaption of the animated episode.
Kirsten Imani Kasai book Ice Song
Sorykah Minuit lives in a world ravaged by environmental problems and genetic mutation. She and her two children are "Traders," people who can switch gender suddenly. Sorykah is different from other Traders in that she is not sterile (as evidenced by her children) and that her change to her male ...more
"The Knight in Screaming Armor" by R. L. Stine
During one of the scenes in the book, the main characters find themselves in a clock room. The main character decides to turn one of the clocks hands backwards. He was only tring to turn back time a few hours, but the clock doesn't stop turning. The three characters start to turn into babies, bu ...more
Kristine Katherine and Anderson, Kevin J. Rusch book Afterimage Aftershock
"Afterimage Aftershock" is actually a pair of novels about a mysterious clan of shapechangers who live in the mountains above Santa Cruz, California. They change shape involuntarily whenever a violent death occurs nearby, usually to different person of the same gender. In the first novel, however, ...more
Kristine Kathryn & Anderson, Kevin J. Rusch book Afterimage
Woman takes the form of her male killer.
Kristine Kathryn Rusch book The Black Queen
Dead great grandfather of current Queen possesses the Queen's body forcing her out into sharing a friend's. At least one sequel, "The Black King"
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