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Category: 'Book'
I Became my Teacher, by Tebra
Age, Gender
A teenage boy ends up stuck in his sexy teacher's body during astral projection. How he handles it and his confronting her in his body is the plot. There is a second story in the book Shirley Solution, Where a middle aged scientist goes back in time to trade bodies with his crush when th ...more
I Want to be You: Deep Reflections
Blake is a young man with a broken heart, trying to find a way to move forward without the love of his life, at least until he met Emily. She offers him the impossible: a chance to escape his life for a month by living as a woman. What starts as a chance meeting propels Blake onto a journey beyon ...more
I Wish That I Had Duck Feet
The book for a young reader illustrates wishes of a young boy to have some animal's parts: duck feet, tiger's tail, elephant thrunk, deer anthlers and other.
Iain Banks book The Wasp Factory
It's almost impossible to describe this book without damaging it.
Iain Banks book Excession
One of the characters becomes female in order to bear a child fathered by the other, who becomes male to do so.
Iain Banks book Unknown
In the series universe, sex changes are a routine process that takes several months of genetic reengineering and surgery.
Ian McEwan book The Daydreamer
Peter Fortune finds himself transformed into a doll, a cat, a difficult baby and -- perhaps most harrowing of all -- a grown-up. He and his infant cousin, Kenneth, switch bodies: "Tears were pouring down his face, and he was just drawing breath to fill his lungs and bawl out his sorrow when somethin ...more
Ian Wallace book Croyd
Croyd is traped, sharing the mind and body of a positute.
Ian Watson book The Lexicographer's Love Song
This is the first poetry collection from groundbreaking SF novelist and A.I. Artificial Intelligence screenwriter Ian Watson. Ranging in themes from sexuality and death to quantum physics and alternate universes--and sometimes combining all of these--the 21 poems collected in The Lexicographer's Lov ...more
"Identity Crisis" by Kevin J. Anderson
In a Future where people can voluntarily swap bodies, the protagonist makes a living by becoming people who require unpleasant or unwanted things to happen to their bodies. The major TG involves an old woman switching with the male protagonist before some major surgery which she may be too fragile ...more
IF I KNEW THEN.....A Nightmare becomes reality
It's very TG. I have just skimmed through it so far and it had some comments on what happened to some men who tried to escape being guinea pigs for this mind transference project. One was swapped into a 500 lb obese woman and sold to a freak show, one was sold to a Turkish brothel, and one was sole ...more
If Wishes Were Horses
Twelve-year-old Katie Callahan and her beautiful Arabian horse, Dancer, have a freak accident and switch bodies. Can Andy, Martin, and Lily find a way to change them back to their original forms before it's too late? And will it be science that saves the day—or magic? This is an original ...more
Imme Dros book Sweet rabbit
A tale about hunter and his wife, which start to slowly change into rabbit.
In the Forests of Serre book Patricia McKillip
A sorceror takes on the shape of the prince of Serre, to rule in his place. He also changes the prince into a firebird.
In My Shoes, by Adrian Stephens
Brilliant, beautiful 17 year old girl and very smart, good looking 17 boy swap bodies the morning after she insults him when he asks for a date. She mistaken thinks hes a clown and not serious about her. The rest of the book more or less follows them trying to help each other adjust
Isidore Scheider book Doctor Transit
Husband and wife exchange sexes with help of mad scientist.
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