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Category: 'Book'
F. M. Busby book Islands of Tomorrow
Character changes sex to female so she can co-exist with her earlier male self, to avoid a time paradox.
F.M. Busby book The Breeds Of Man
An attempt to cure a plauge with genetics, creates a race of hermaphrodites. They switch gender once a month.
"Face of Apollo" by Frederick Saberhagen
Atlas, the leader of the original army of Titans that tried to storm mount Olympus, has been transformed into something that looks like a tree; apparently, his head is sticking out of the ground on the top of a tower on Mount Olympus. The young hero of this novel - who has become the new incarnati ...more
Famous places of Ravenloft:
Mythical, Were, Animal
The Shadow Demi-plane of Ravenloft absorbs all horrors from the D&D multiverse. When someone commits act of horrible evil, Dark Forces could teleport him into misty realm, then change them to better fit his new evil role. Very often, they chsnge humans into vampires and werewolves, but other mutati ...more
Fifth Grade Magic book by Beatrice Gormley
A fifth grader by the name of Gretchen is devastated when she doesn't get the lead in the school play. Instead the part goes to a pretty blond new girl named Amy, who has very little acting talent. In Gretchen makes a desperate wish to a strange fairy god mother who appears to her later. The fairy ...more
Chick For a Day book by Fiona Giles
39 short stories written by various mainstream writers such as Andrei Codescu & Rudy Rucker about " what would you do if you were one" A worthwhile addition to your collection.
Dick for a Day book by Fiona Giles
54 short stories. In This collection, a number of women writers, poets and artists put their minds to answering the question, What would you do if you had a penis for a day? The predecessor to Chick For a Day (same editor). If you like one you'll like the other.
Fletcher Pratt book Invaders From Rigel
Aliens turn all residents of the northern hemisphere into robots. All people in the southern hemisphere turn green. Schlock sci-fi.
Flip by Martyn Bedford
One December night, 14-year-old Alex goes to bed. He wakes up to find himself in the wrong bedroom, in an unfamiliar house, in a different part of the country, and it's the middle of June. Six months have disappeared overnight. The family at the breakfast table are total strangers. And when he l ...more
"Fox Eyes" by Mordicai Gerstein
One of two books from Mordicai Gerstein with common themes - the magical Old Country, music and ability of foxes swap with humans when they look into eyes of animal long enough. In the "Fox Eyes", a boy exchanges with the fox, and they spent a day in each other body. But his grandma forces to ch ...more
Frank Herbert book The Dosadi Experiment
A man and woman swap bodies for a short time.
Frank Herbert book Dune Messiah
The Face Dancers are a race of shapeshifters. There are a couple of instances in the book that have them changing gender. One is just a quick one sentence mention of Face Dancer entertainers turning into various people of the audience at a show. The other is a Face Dancer assassin, hired to take ...more
Franky Furbo book by William Wharton
Animal, Mythical
An artist write tales about an almost-omnipotent superfox Franky. When his youngest son asks him about the realism of that story, he honestly answers "yes!", Because Franky saved him during a World War. To prove it, he starts a journey to meet a German soldier whom he saved too, where he makes a ...more
Franny Billingsley book Well Wished
Excellent, well written and creepy young adult novel. An evil well grants twisted wishes. For example almost all the children in the villiage have disappeared. Am energetic and happy poor girl is tricked by a crippled wealthy girl into making a wish that switches their bodies. Very Good ending. (I ...more
Freaky Monday by Mary Rodgers and Heather Hach
A new sequel to Freaky Friday by Mary Rodgers, the author of the original book, and Heather Hach, the screenwriter of the recent remake. In this one, a girl trades places with her teacher.
Frederik Pohl book Plague Of Pythons
Rosie and Chandler try on bodies, including the opposite sex.
Fritz Leiber book Conjure Wife
Great book! One of the best! Witchcraft, as the wives of professors use magic to advance their husband's careers and to attack each other. Young professor makes his wife quit her 'irrational' magic to protect them, and then their lives are slowly destroyed by 'bad luck'. Near the end the wife's bod ...more
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