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Category: 'Book'
E. M. Goldman book Shrinking Pains
Three 12-year-olds (two boys and a girl) who recently moved to New England discover a literal Fountain of Youth in their backyard: anyone who drinks from it is reduced to one-half their age for six hours' time. The pre-teens have fun with their discovery, doing such things as getting into movies a ...more
E.C. Tubb book The Terridae
Hero has formula that allows him to use another's body as a remote host. In this episode takes over female body to sneak into enemy ship.
E.C. Tubb book Kalin
A scientist invents and steals a unique way of stealing bodies while working for an evil organization. Dying,He uses it for his wife who has a terrible illiness and she takes over the body of her beautiful nurse and runs away. This starts a series where the evil organization(the Cyclan) pursues the ...more
E.C. Tubb book Technos
Another in the Demarest series. He is on a high tech world of Technos which has conquored a farming planet. Secretly they use some of the young of that planet for body transpants. Well written and exciting.
E.D. Baker book The Frog Princess
The main character, Emma, is bored with her life. Her parents want her to marry, she doesn't. Her favorite place to run is to the swamp. While there she meets, (what else?), a frog that claims that he has been turned into his amphibous form by an evil witch. He asks for her cooperation. She complie ...more
Ed Greenwood book The Silent House
The Koglaur, shapeshifters also known as the Faceless, have been behind the scenes of political squabbles in the land of Aglirta for many years. "The Silent House," which is a prequel to Ed Greenwood's "Band of Four" series, details how the Koglaur and other factions in Aglirta have tried to manipu ...more
Ed Greenwood book Elminster
Elminster, the old wizard, from his stories, have passed a part of his live as a woman...
Ed Martin book Busy Bodies
Short sence where the hero's can alter their bodies into any form, and try sex from the other viewpoint.
Edgar Rice Burroughs book Mastermind of Mars
Beautiful young Princess has her body bought by Evil, ugly ruler from a cold, master scientist on Mars. A earthman assistant to the 'Mastermind' want to get the woman's body back. There are many body swaps in this story. Including one of ape & man.
Edith Forbes book Exit to Reality
In the 29th Century, a woman named Lydian becomes involved with Merle, a person who has discovered that the human brain is powerful enough to alter reality. Merle first appears as an old man, then a teenage boy, but Lydian learns Merle is most at home in the shape of a woman named Lucia. Merle teach ...more
Edmund Spencer book The Fairy Queen
The Fairy Queen is a set of six or seven different books writen by the Poet's Poet about different knights of the court of the Fairy Queen. Each Knight has a different quest that he or she must fulfill. In Book 2, Sir Guymon fights a witch Acrasia, who is based on Circe. She captures young knight ...more
The Education of Jennifer Parrish book Russell Martin
From a review by JR PARZ... You cannot run. You cannot hide. Satan knows the way inside. Welcome to Spencer Academy, a coed boarding school that caters to the teenage children of the very rich. You think you've been lucky to get in, but you have been selected by the Organization that controls t ...more
Eleanor Arnason book To The Resurrection Station
At end of book, the mind of a man that was stored in a robot's body is reincarnated into the body of a woman.
Elizabeth Ann Scarborough book Channeling Cleopatra
Current book.DNA of dead people into the living. Somehow this also allows the dead person's personality and memories to be transfered as well. A husband saves his wife's personality and they are joined in his body. Also, a murdered 60 year cop gets joined with the 30ish Dr. wife of a Billionaire and ...more
Elizabeth Anne Nelson book Auberan
A generation of princes cursed to become female.
Elizabeth Chater book Elsingham Portrait
Plain Librain Kathy swaps bodies with sexy, beautiful, wild Lady Elsingham.(we do not see Lady E story). Well written Romance Novel with a touch of Horror.
Elizabeth Jewell book A Matter of Faces
Gender, Male
When a woman, Piper, has a one-night stand with a man who looks exactly like her dead boyfriend Billy, she discovers that the man is a shape-shifter named Trey. Trey, who can make himself look anyone, is obligated to do - and be - whatever Piper wants in exchange for her not telling anyone about s ...more
Elizabeth Lenhard book Spy Kids Adventures #2: A New Kind of Super Spy
New Young Adult/Kids book series based on characters of the "Spy Kids" movies. Book 2 in the series deals with an evil doctor who has invented and refined an "animalizing" ray gun. Several agents are partially and fully transformed into animals (including Carmen's and Juni's secret agent parents, wh ...more
Elizabeth Vonarburg book Out Of The Silent City
In a strange future, Elisa can metamorphose into a man.
Elle James book To Kiss a Frog
A "hunky" New Orleans lawyer is visiting is hometown of Bayou Miste, when he is cursed by a voodoo queen for rejecting her granddaughter's advances. He transforms into a frog during the day, and regains his human form at night. He must find true love by the next full moon or he'll remain a frog for ...more
Ellen Jamison book Stone Dead
Eerie, well written complex story. Magical Dolls can be possessed by a human spirit and then do in enemies. A woman's spirit becomes trapped in a doll because of her brother. A beautiful young actress gets the doll and at the end the woman's spirit in the doll tricks the actress out of her body a ...more
Elvira Woodruff book Awfully Short For The Fourth Grade
Nine year old Noah makes a wish on magic powder and shrinks to the size of his plastic toy men and aliens who came alive. They then go on an adventure together at his school.
Elvira Woodruff book Back In Action
Noah and his friend Nate use magic powder to shrink themselves down to the size of Noah's toy men.
Emilie Richards book Once More With Feeling
Middled aged woman envies beautiful, sexy Gypsy Dugan, TV star. After a car wreak she founds herself in Gypsy's body. Romance Novel.
Empress of Clouds book Diana Hignutt
Nothing is as it seems in the kingdom of Lorm. The Druidic Prophecy that saw Prince Tolian transformed into a woman to save the world from a powerful Demon, has now strained the delicate political balance in Lorm. Dowbreth, the giant faerie warlord and ambassador of good will, sets a mysterious cons ...more
Eoin Colfer book The Wish List
When she dies in a gas explosion, Meg's spirit is stuck in a perfect balance between heaven and hell. In order to reach heaven, she must come back to Earth and help an old man, the last person she hurt. Her friend Belch was near a dog in the explosion so his soul becomes half canine. Also, I thin ...more
Erased eBook by Daniel Gilmore
Oliver wakes up to find himself transformed into a cartoon otter and that reality is rewriting itself, his old human self dissolving from history. Along with others who have also been transformed into toon animals including a rabbit, raccoon, rhino, elephant and others.
Eric Brown book New York Blues
This is the second book of a trilogy, but the first to have any significant TG parts. Private detective Halliday is hired to locate the missing sister of a famous virtual reality star. He discovers that she might have met someone in virtual reality so goes into that particular VR location in the dis ...more
Eric Van Lustbader book The Ring of Five Dragons
When Annon Ashera, a male humanoid alien V'ornn, is mortally wounded, his consciousness is transferred into the body of a teenage Kundalan girl named Riane. Riane/Annon plays a key role as a prophesied heroine in van Lustbader's "The Pearl" saga which (so far) includes the books "The Veilf of a Tho ...more
Erik Schubach book Fracture: Divergence
One case, two realities. Magic is destroying the fabric of reality and only Alex King can stop it before it is too late. Alex must find the man responsible using both magic and investigative prowess. But confusion reigns as Alex is male in one reality and female in the other. Alex tries to ...more
Evelyn O. Simon book Chi Lai: A Chinese Love Story
this book is listed as for sale at, Barnes & Noble 1stbooks library: Here is the description. Category: Romance Pages: 80 Publisher: 1stbooks library. ISBN: 1414017421 Type: Fiction Copyright: 2003 Chi Lai: A Chinese Love Story is an erotic tale with a metamorphose twist. Y ...more
The Extra Man book Jonathan Ames
I've not actually read this book yet, but I paged through it at a library and saw enough to conclude that it probably does belong on the list. Essentially, the plot is about the "education" of a young man in high society. The only difference is that this young man is a secret transvestite who pe ...more
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