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Category: 'Book'
D&D Planescape book Something Wild
One of many planes of d20 multiverse is the Beastland. It containt all types of wilderness. All visitors of that plane are slowly changed to native animals. But one day, something changed. First, all animals become feral and started to attack even without need. Second , the transformation is greatly ...more
D.J. MacHale book Pendragon Book Three: The Never War
Esther "Harlow" Amaden, a beautiful chanteuse and girlfriend of 1930's New York gangster Max Rose, turns out to be yet another guise of Bobby Pendragon's shape-shifting nemesis, the evil Saint Dane. Saint Dane has taken female forms for more brief periods of time in other Pendragon books, includi ...more
Dan Greenburg book Yikes! Grandma's a Teenager (The Zack Files)
Zack's grandmother (who will turn 89 in a few days' time) is determined to be the Oldest Living Rockette and is invited to NYC for a Rockettes reunion. But when she gets confused and passes through the airport's (malfunctioning) metal detector the wrong way, it interacts with a crystal in her Rocke ...more
Dan Simmons book Ilium
Classics professor Thomas Hockenberry, Ph.D is one of the 21st century "scholics" resurrected thousands of years in the future to monitor events of the Trojan War (on Mars) and compare what happens to the events in Homer's "Iliad." One of the tools scholics have at their disposal is a "morphing bra ...more
Daniel Blinn book Incest Child
TAGLINE: "A little girl finds out that sex can be fun... at any age." Is the story of an 11 years old girl's sexual awakening. She lives with her aunt and uncle, and there's some mistery about the fate of her real parents. She starts discovering masturbation and exploring sex with a school girlfr ...more
Daniel Raven book Happy Cage
A dead man is discovered to be residing inside the body of this insane wife.
Dante Alighieri book The Inferno (book one of the Divine Comedy)
Several sinners in Hell are transformed in the afterlife. Suicides, for instance, and transformed into trees, while fortune tellers walk around with their heads on backwards.
Dark Intelligence by Neal Asher
Due to a deal gone wrong with an insane A.I., Isobel Satomi is slowly transforming into a large, carnivorous alien. More than a quarter of the book is dedicated to the process of her transformation as she slowly loses her body and mind in an attempt to hunt down the A.I responsible. Appears to b ...more
Darrell Bain and Jeanine Berry book The Sex Gates
When thousands of gates suddenly and mysteriously appear on Earth, No one knows where they came from. Some think it is the start of an alien invasion. Others credit God. Soon humanity discovers that when the old and the sick go through these gates, they become young again and their illnesses are ...more
Daughter of Regals & Other Tales book The Lady in White
Daughter of Regals is a collection of short stories by Stephen R. Donaldson including one which involves two brothers who encounter "The Lady in White" who lives in a forest reputed to hold dark secrets. But the Lady in White has her own secrets... An engaging short story with more than one twis ...more
Dav Pilkey book Bad Battle of the Bionic Booger Boy Part 2 Captain Underpants an
Melvin and Mr. Krupp switch bodies.
Dav Pilkey book Captain Underpants and the Perilous Plot of Professor Poopypants
Unable to take the constant laughing at his name, Professor Pipi P. Poopypants shrinks Jerome Horowitz Elementary school down to the size of an ant and forces the students to adopt...SILLY NAMES! Can our hero save the day?
Dav Pilkey book Super Diaper Baby
A villian tries to steal the super powers of Diaper Baby...but diaper baby has an accident right before, and the villian turns into....lord, that's gross.
Dave Duncan book The Cursed
In this book, there is something called the star-sickness which is a curse sent by the gods. One of the types of the curse is an Awailscath, whose bodies and intelligence change randomly.
Dave Van Arnam book Starmind
Accident results in left side of a woman's brain, and right side of man's brain transplated into a host body. Woman has to come to terms with a male body. Sequal "Greyland".
David Bischoff book Star Fall
Female double agent turns out to be Villains half-brother transplanted into female body. Sequel is called "Star Spring"
David Brin book Kiln
Complicated book in future here people can copy their personalities into clay forms that last 24 hours - then down load what the copy did in that time. People steel plates of famous people so others can copy them. The copies are easily breakable. Some are different sexes. No scenes with anythng like ...more
David Garnett book Bikini Planet
Diana Travis near the end of the book informs the hero that she can assume the forms of different genders and identities, claiming to have been her father earlier in the story as well as another male names Eliot Ness. (Not the character from the 1930's) Quote... "But you're father and daughter." ...more
David Gerrold book A Day For Damnation
Cybernetic implants allow "telepaths" to swap bodies. The protagonist of the series has intercourse with a former male friend in the body of a woman.
David Gerrold book The Man Who Folded Himself
Man travels to other time lines, including the ones in which he is female. (There aren't any transformations)
David Gerrold book Moonstar Odyssey
About a society in which people "choose" into one gender or the other at puberty.
David J. Skal Skal book Scavengers
A new drug allows the ultimate sensation. Inhabiting the minds of others.
David L. Robbins book Souls To Keep
The soul of a woman, Beatrice takes part time possession of a married woman, Ellen, and her husband rather enjoys the new personality. That is good for Beatrice since her plan for full-time occupation involves romancing the husband. But when Ellen finds out there is another woman, that her husba ...more
David Lachapelle book Hotel Lachapelle
This is a book of photography. In the 'surgery story' section we find the photo 'makeover.' Two topless women, one black, one white, have had a surgical head swap.
David Lubar book Flip
Brother/sister twins discover alien disk that allows them to flip, and become legendary heroes! They seem to remain in the present however, with their bodies reacting like the heroes, while their minds are in the past. While most of the swaps are same gender, the brother becomes Helen Keller a ...more
David Nobbs book Sex and Other Changes
A man and his wife both decide to change sex.
David Shannon book A Bad Case of Stripes
In this book a girl is very conserned about how other people see her. In fact she won't eat lima beans even though she loves them, because everyone else her age hates them. One day, she wakes up to see that she is striped. Later, she discoveres that she will change according to what other peo ...more
David Small book Imogene's Antlers
A children's book. A young girl named Imogene wakes up one day to discover she's grown a pair of elk antlers. The book follows the comic misadventures as she and her family try to adapt. The next day, she awakes to find the antlers are gone, but now she's grown a peacock's tail!
David Thomas book Girl
Bradley Barret goes into hospital to have a wisdom tooth removed and has a sex-change by mistake. Book follows the next year in his life as he comes to terms with being a woman. (Spoiler Text)
David Updike book Seven Times Eight
Truman and his dog Max switch bodies with humorous consequences both at home and at school. Grade 2-4
Dead Beat by Jim Butcher
In the seventh Dresden Files book, Harry encounters a necromancer who goes by the name Corpsetaker. Corpsetaker is first encountered in the body of a young coed. (Spoiler Text)
Dean R. Kootz book Dark of the Woods
ace double 13793 1970 On another world after a war, humanity is colonizing the planet after wiping out the indigenous winged inhabitants. A man falls in love with the last native, a beatiful winged woman and they become lovers which is highly illegal. When they are discovered, they flee into ...more
"Demons of the Dancing Gods" by Jack Chalker
The protagonist becomes a "were", and transforms into a duplicate of whatever is closest to him at full moon -- male or female.
Der Letzte seiner Art
Duane Fitzgerald lives in little Irish village and he hides big secret. A top secret military project by the US Army turned Duane in to a cyborg. written by Andreas Eschbach, (C) 2003 Language: German
Diana Marshall book enforced sex swop
Yes it is spelled "swop". A british book available from mags inc., this is a fine british novel 87 pages long where a british race car driver picks up a hitchhiker and they get in an accident. (Did I mention the characters are british? :) At the hospital, they wake up in the other's body. Their ...more
Diana Wynne Jones book Castle In The Air
A sequel to 'Howl's Moving Castle.' Abdullah, the hero of the book, and his ally the Soldier are briefly turned into toads. In addition, their cat companion, Midnight, is revealed to be Sophie, the heroine of the last book. While in the form of a cat, she gave birth to a kitten, Whippersnapper, who ...more
Diana Wynne Jones book Howl's Moving Castle
Female, Age, Animal, Inanimate
Sophie, through a magic power she didn't know she had, accidently brings to life a scarecrow. However, this scarecrow is more than he/it appears to be. There is a dog running around in the book who turns out to be a man bewitched by the Witch Of The Waste. Young Sophie meets up with the evil and c ...more
Diana Wynne Jones book Ogre Downstairs
Likely male to male bodyswap possibly a gender bodyswap but haven't read the book... Casper, Johnny, and Gwinny are sure they'll never be happy again when their mother marries Jack, who is as mean as an ogre. To make matters worse, two obnoxious stepbrothers, Malcolm and Douglas, move in as well ...more
Diane Diver book Reverse Roles
Institute arranges for male subject to swap bodies with female student. Female scientist then swaps into his body.
Diane Duane book Deep Magic
Second book of her 'Young Wizards' series, the two main characters must help some whale wizards perform a ritual. In order to help, they must turn themselves into whales.
Diane Hignutt book Moonsword
MoonSword by Diana Hignutt is latest novel with a TG theme that his reader has come upon. It is also a sword and sorcery novel. First, I shall discuss it as a S&S offering. Let me say that I really do like S&S. Robert E. Howard is a favorite author. If Howard is rated as an "A" I think this o ...more
Dianna Wynne Jones book Aunt Maria
A young girl called Mig goes with her mother and brother to babysit their old aunt. Apparently the old aunt is a witch who rules over the town. The brother, names Chris, keeps having these nights where a ghost comes to him. He figures out whats going on and goes to confront the aunt. The aunt turns ...more
Dianna Wynne Jones book Dogsbody
The male Dog Star Sirius is punished by being reincarnated as an earth dog. The book is designed for juveniles but it is high quality Sci Fi!
Dick for a Day
Several (more than twenty) female writers and poets were asked to imagine what it would be like to have a penis for a single day. Some of the stories and poems are *interesting*. Trade paperback, seen in a bookstore in Britain.
Dick Gackenbach book Dog for a Day
child becomes a... dog for a day intended for the very young market
Dick Gackenbach book Tiny for a Day
Young inventor Sydney is at it again! This time he invents a shrinking machine and shrinks everything he can, even his baby sister. When his mother tells him to restore everything and not to shrink them again, Sydney decides to shrink himself. At two inches tall, he sees the upsides and downsides of ...more
Do You Remember the First Time? book Jenny Colgan
Flora Scurrison is 32 years old and unhappy with how her life is turning out. Even though she is in a stable relationship with Olly and has a good, if boring, career as an accountant, she still feels that there is something she has missed out on. At her best friend Tashy's wedding she comes face ...more
Doctor Huguet
Race, Size, Male
Published in 1891, a southern gentleman in the 1890's exchanges bodies with a black chicken thief. It is shown by the author that skin color determines social position and treatment by others; effectively attacking racist attitudes of the time period.
Doctor Sleep
Age, Gender
In the sequel to The Shining, Danny Torrance is now an adult and end up befriending a young girl, Abra, who shares his Shining gift. Through the Shining, the two are sometimes able to see through each other's eyes. (Spoiler Text)
Doctor Who. Professor Bernice Summerfield and Squire's Crystal book By Jacquelin
Haven't read the book yet. See the review via the following link for more detail. Only release in UK(am getting it through Review:
Don Locicero book The Other Sex: Transfiguration in the Kingdom of the Concrete
another discovery! Book Description When Helen and Harold awake one morning transfigured into each other, their world is thrown into chaos. Will the hostile mother-in-law who refuses to believe that the pregnant woman is not her daughter, but her daughter's husband, help solve their d ...more
"Don't Go To Asleep" by R. L. Stine
Animal, Age, Male, Monster, Size
In this book, Matt (the main character) decides that it is high time that he moved out of his tiny bedroom an into the larger guest room. Against his parents wishes, he sneaks out of his room and into the empty guest room to sleep for the night. When he wakes up, he finds that he is in a totally ...more
Donald Westlake book Humans
Ananayel is an angel sent to earth to being about Armageddon (the end of the world), but has second thoughts when he falls in love with a mortal woman (sounds like the movie "City of Angels", hmm?) Ananayel, who begins and ends the book as male, takes the shape of a several women to carry out his mi ...more
Doraemon book Vol. 28
Numerous transformations take place within this collection of the adventures of Nobita and his futuristic robot-cat Doraemon. In the very first story Doraemon surprises Nobita by transforming from an ordinary cat to a miniature concord jet, then back to himself, all with the use of a special trasfo ...more
Double Helix (character) in Wild Cards series, George R.R. Martin (editor)
Gender, Male
Noel Matthews, an English stage magician, appears to be a normal man, but he has a lot of secrets. Besides the fact that he is intersex, he is both an Ace and a Joker codenamed Double Helix. Noel has been a ruthless, cold-blooded assassin for Britain's MI-7, also known as the Silver Helix. Noel's ...more
Doug Rice book Blood of Mugwump
Written by an Associate Professor of English and Film at Kent State (according to the credits) this book is an " Avant Pop" novel of sexual obsession, body possession and gender shifting. The first chapter is virtually impossible to read because pronouns and gender identity are used interchangably, ...more
Dougal Dixon book Man after Man
This illustrated book covers possible paths of future human evolution. There are many descendant of humans - predators, grazers, sea mammals, even parasites and cosmic space dwellers. Book contain illustrations, but I can't find them except this: ...more
Douglas Adams book The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
For a brief period the character, Ford Prefect, is transformed into a penguin when the spaceship's 'infinate improbablility drive' shuts down
Douglas Adams book The Long Dark Tea-Time Of The Soul
For a long period the check out girl in gatwick airport is turned into a CocaCola machine by the norse God, Thor, because she wont let him on a flight to Oslo without a passport
Douglas Adams book The Long Dark Tea Time Of The Soul
A British fighter jet and its pilot are transformed into an eagle by Thor the Norse God when the pilot sees Thor flying over the North Sea. The eagle has circles on its wings and tries to follow Thor around much as possible. However gets trapped inside the main character, Dirk's, kitchen. When Thor ...more
Downtiming the Night Side by Jack Chalker
Time travel similar to "Quantum Leap" except the bodies travelers jump into are temporal "nobodies" created by time for the time travelers. The main character spends the last half of the novel as various women.
Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde book Unknown
From Jenny North's Transgender Graphics and Fiction Archive. I saw the original in Oui magazine. It is a short story in pictorial form. Only four pages or so, but same plot line as the movie by the same name. The actress is much more attractive here than in the others. Check it out at www.tgfa. ...more
Dragon on a Pedastool book Piers Anthony
Humphery and the Gap Dragon get an overdose of the fountain of youth and become babies.
Dragon Princess
Male, Mythical, Gender
Due to a magical mishap, Frank Blackthorne is now in the body of Princess Lucille, and the princess is in the body of a dragon. (Spoiler Text)
Dreamland Chronicles book Unknown
"Dreamland Chronicles", by Wm. Mark Simmons is the omnibus collection of "In the Net of Dreams" (which is on this list), "When Dreams Collide" (also on this list), and "the Woman of his Dreams" (new for this collection). The collection is about a massive fantasy online RPG which is so realistic t ...more
Dugald Steer book Wizardology
A book on Merlin and other wizards. It contains several spells including a whole section on transformation spells. It has a few good pictures and a detailed description of a man to donkey tf. I will post the spells later.
Dwight V. Swain book The Transposed Man
Conflict in the future as agent Four-four-Alan Lord of the Society of Mechanists gives up his body as uses a nerotranducer to take bodyswap and take over others. Quite a good book the hero has sex in others bodies and switches bodies a nubmer of times. Its Ace d-113 Published 1955.
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