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Category: 'Book'
C. Francis Carnicelli book Something's in the Forest! And Other Tales...
Furry, Mythical, Size, Animal
This book is a compliation of several short story's meant for younger readers, probably early teens. The main story Something's in the Forest has two characters in it that are able to transform from people in to giant birds which resemble eagle's but "are as large as a house". Other stories deal ...more
C. S. Lewis book The Great Divorce
This book tells the story of some citizens of Hell who are given the opportunity to visit Heaven. In one tale, a man visits his wife (who went to Heaven on her death). The man is portrayed as a dwarf leading a life-size mannequin on a chain. The dwarf is the man; the mannequin is the phony, manipula ...more
C.J. Cherryh book Gate of Ivrel
Well written book in a Andre Norton like way, though it has a power that her books don't have. It is a mixture of technology and sword play! The first in a serious of three. The first is far and away the best. An Exiled Bastard Prince becomes an unwilling servant to a powerful woman of legend who ha ...more
Cadavres Exquis
In this short story about Fascinax, a sort of French version of The Shadow, features his nemesis Numa Pergyll (Spoiler Text)
Cadenhead, MacKenzie, SLEEPER
Female, Male
An experimental sleep drug allows two teenagers to possess other people's bodies.
Caesar’s Tribune book by John Timbers
Carl Sherrell book Space Prodigal
protagonist inhabits a female body. Brief, at end.
Carol Rose book Monsters & Dragons - An Encyclopedia of Folklore, Legend Giants
A very comprehensive listing of creatures from ancient to modern folklore from across the globe, many of which have transformative powers or are half human half animal. A description, and sometimes a summary of the story is included with each entry. Despite a few ommissions and incomplete entries, ...more
Caroline Stevermer book A Scholar of Magics
New fantasy hardback book involving a young American sharpshooter (my guess is the story takes place in the late 1800's although I'm not sure it's mentioned), who is invited to England's Glasscastle University (a school of magic) to help with a top secret endeavor called the Agincourt Project. It is ...more
Carrie Vaughn book Kitty and the Midnight HOur
I haven't seen anyone mention the recent Carrie Vaughn novels here, so I'm giving my impressions. I picked up _Kitty and the Midnight Hour_ on impulse at Conglomeration. It was obviously a first novel, rough around the edges, but had considerable charm. The idea is that Kitty (yes, a werew ...more
"Cartomancy" by Michael A. Stackpole
Gender, Mythical
There are two significant transformations within this book: one concerning a long-running villain and the other, one of the main characters. 1. Villain - Body Swap/Gender (Spoiler Text) 2. Protagonist - Mythical (Spoiler Text)
Cathy Cunningham book Demons of Highpoint House
An evil old witch from time to time drives beautiful young Lara's spirit out of her body and steals it. She eventually plans to keep it forever. Long book with some good moments but it drags often.
Cecelia Ahern; Thanks For the Memories
After a blood transfusion, Joyce Conway begins to dream about memories she's never had through the eyes of a man. It turns out that the blood she was given originated from a man named Justin Hitchcock, and because of this, she now has a deep connection with him - she shares his likes and dislike ...more
"Cerberus: A Wolf in the Fold" by Jack Chalker
A spies mind is copied into a woman's body. He is than sent to a world where people swap bodies.
Cervantes : "Dialogue of the Dogs" book Unknown
Berganza (dog) seems to have opened his eyes to another world in which he is in actuality a man, and not a dog. La Canizares claimed that when his mother bore Berganza/Montiel, he and his twin brother, presumably Cipion, were changed into puppies because of a grudge held against their mother. The wi ...more
Chalker, Jack L., Mike Resnick, and George Effinger book Red Tape War
A collaboration book during which the male hero gets his brain swapped into the lovely Marshmellow, a buxom Amazon-like woman he's fallen in love with.
Change and Renewal in Children's Literature
Contains links to books involving transformations and reviews of them. *Nesbit: The cathood of Maurice (cat) *Gillian Gross: Pictures in the dark (otter) *Melvin Burgess: Tiger, tiger (tiger) *William Rayners: Stag boy *Patrice Kindl: Owl in love
Changers Book One: Drew book by T Cooper and Allison Glock-Cooper
The main character Name "Ethan" is about to enter High School for the first time. He goes to asleep and wakes up as a girl name Drew Bohner (Boner). Book 1 is a story on Drew and how she deals with the change and the parents telling her that this happens every year for the next four years. Going ...more
Charles De Lint book The Little Country
The novel is broken into two stories. In one, the curious Jodi is shrunken down to the size of a mouse by a witch. She must then survive the witch's plans for her. An excellent novel.
Charles de Lint book Trader
pennyless Devlin wakes up in Max Trader's body and comfortable lifestyle leaving Trader to make the best of his new, poor life he had no part in forming. The exchange is the basis for the whole plot of this thoughtful novel!
Charles Eric Maine book Timeliner
Man's consciousness is bouncing back and forth in time. Eventually, he ends up back in his own time except in the body of his wife.
Charles Sheffield book Proteus Series
In the future they use feedback machines to change themselves into other forms. The main character works for the Office of Form control and is the foremost expert in his field. They can change other creatures as well so they developed a test that would tell them if the form started out as human or s ...more
Charles Stross book Glasshouse
Robin is a patient in a rehab clinic for convalescents of voluntary memory erasure. With only scant clues, contained in a letter from his former self, to his previous and possibly espionage-related career, Robin quickly discovers his new identity offers little protection from several would-be assas ...more
Chester Aaron book Home to the Sea
Story about a girl with an overprotective mother and a kind but mysterious grandma. She can't swim, but she's turning into a mermaid and no-one knows what's happening to her. Very cool book, for young adults.
"Chicken Chicken" by R. L. Stine
A lesser entry into the "Goosebumps" series in which a girl and her brother anger a weird woman who places a spell on them. Most of the book is simply the earliest stages of a slow change into chickens, with the full transformations lasting only a couple of pages near the end. But the very last l ...more
Chloe Rayban book Virtual Sexual Reality
This book is about a special booth which transforms a teenage girl into a boy. She then tries to find out what makes men tick.
Chris Bohjalian book Trans-Sister Radio
Story about 3 people in Vermont and how the fact that one is a transsexual total turns their lives around.
Chris Campbell, Jess Hartly, Peter Schaefer book Skinchangers
A rule book or work book for "the World of Darkness" RPG game, which detailing how to become Skinchangers in the game, ie using animal skin to turn human into the animal he's wearing.
Chris James book Be a Lady - or Else
George Roberts has somehow run up thousands of pounds of debt and, in order to escape the debt collectors waiting to break his ankles, slips out of the house dressed as a woman. Big mistake! The whole thing has been set up by his devoted and loyal secretary, who arranges for him to be drugged and sh ...more
Chris Stratton book Change of Mind
He was a white man--they transplanted his brain into a black body--then he went home to the woman he loved.
Christa Wolf book Nachdenken /
The main character, a female student, is tranformed into a man as a scientific experiment. The story focuses on the mental transformation that is slowly brought about by the physical transformation... East German TV made this into a TV movie in 1989
Christie Golden book Star Trek Voyager: Spirit Walk, Book Two: Enemy of my Enemy
In Spirit Walk, Book One: Old Wounds, it's revealed at the very that Voyager's new first officer, Lt. Commander Andrew Ellis, was replaced several years before the book's events by a Changeling. This rogue Founder had his shape-shifting powers taken away by the Dominion and was "locked" in one human ...more
Christopher Golden & Nancy Holder book Buffy: The Immortal
Veronique a beautiful evil woman who deliberately transforms herself into an immortal evil spirit. When she possesses a human body she is like a super vampire if the body is killed she can possess another. She tried to bring forth her master an incredibly powerful demon. At the end to foil her mos ...more
Christopher Golden & Nancy Holder book Buffy: Blooded
An evil chinese demon from the past is released by Wilow & it possesses her body! While it gains strengths it pretends to be her with her mom & friends. So, so book. I've put this under gender as the demon seems male. Spoilers In an credibly stupid move to save Willow Buffy allows the demo ...more
Christopher Pike book The Little People
Adam and Sally get turned into chickens half-way through the book.
Christopher Pike book Lost Mind
Young Man steals young woman's body to committ murder and she discovers it and pulls a trick of her own.
Christopher Pike book Spellbound
Story is about this kid and his girlfriend gettin murdered... The a british girl named Joni and an African kid named Bala come 2 their school. Joni is actually a vulture who switched bodies with the real girl (some African shaman ritual), the girl as the vulture gets shot and dies. The vulture bec ...more
Christopher Starks book Possession
Ginny becomes possessed by the spirit of her dead sadistic husband.
Christopher Whyte book The Warlock of Strathearn
The title character of this British novel, a Scotsman born in the 17th Century, learns how to change shape early in the book. He turns into a variety of animals in several chapters, including birds and fish. But he turns himself into a woman for about two chapters in order to seduce another woman ...more
Christopher Wilson book The Ballad of Lee Cotton
A well executed, if slight, exploration of race and gender in mid 20th century America. Lee Cotton is a blonde, blue-eyed boy, born to a black woman in rural Mississippi in the early 1950s. In a rigidly segregated society, he grows up black despite the color of his skin. While his situation is i ...more
Christopher Zimmer book Die Steine der Wandlung
In the beginning of the story, a strange black bird is caught for a present by Jock (a kind of Halfling). It turns out, that the bird is a young girl, who used the magic "transforming stone" to become a bird, while all the others in her tribe changed into trees like they do every year. But after t ...more
Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader
In the next chapter of the Chronicles or Narnia series. Lucy and Edmund, along with their cousin Eustace, are transported back to Narnia thanks to a painting of a boat. They find themselves in water and are picked up by Prince Caspian who is now a few years older and king on his boat the Dawn Tread ...more
Clemens Brentano book Märchen vom Gockel Hinkel und Gackeleia
This is a very old fairy tale (first publishing 1837 !) with a little "metamorphose content". In the middle of the book the main charakters find a wishing ring (Ring of Salomon), which grants evry wish by turning it around and say the wish in a rhyme. First the ring has been stolen by 3 evil guy ...more
Cline, Ernest 'Ready, Player One'
In a future where people spend almost all their time in a virtual reality simulation, 18-year-old Wade races to complete a contest that will give the winner control of OASIS, the virtual world. In the process, he falls in love with Art3mis, a young woman with a cute avatar. But is she a cute girl ...more
Clive Barker book Weaveworld
During a mysterious festival, a brother and sister pass through one another and emerge in each other's bodies...
Clive Bedford book Circus Of Cruelty
Proprietor of a sex circus does alot of forced body swapping.
Clive Bedford book Spider's Sex Slaves
Could be considered a very sick book. It has amongst other things, sences where men are turned into women.
Cliver Barker book Everville
Female lead character Tesla Bombeck has had an ape which was turned into an intelligent human trapped in her conciousness for several years (why this is, carries over from Weaveworld and is a little too complicated to cite here). Basically she has avoided intercourse for a long time partly beca ...more
Computer Eye
The hero, who is able to change shape, assumes a female identity at one point.
Confessions of a Jane Austin Addict, by Laurie Viera Rigler
Modern LA woman ends up swapping bodies with a rich young english lady in 1813. The main character uses her knowledge of Austin to help her adjust. Note: There is a sequel "Rude awaking of a Jane Austin Addict" Here the english lady ends up in the modern woman's body with much more of a ...more
Constance Hiser book Night of the werepoodle
A boy is bitten by a dog and begins to change...
"The Cookoo Clock of Doom" by R. L. Stine
Based on the Fox Tv. show a 12 year old boy tries to get his little sister in trouble by turing the head on his dad's cookoo clock backwards. this causes time to go backwords. he ends up going to his 12th birthday,6th birthday and eventually he ends up as a baby. Too bad he turns time around. OK.
Cora Jarrett book Srange Houses
A middle aged very rich woman switches bodies with a beautiful, sexy young stripper. A pschologist tries to put it together. Its a talky book with poor characetrization & only has a few good moments. The women do not try to live each other's lives.
Cordwainer Smith book Norstrilia
Female servant of richest man in the galaxy is transformed into his double so he can sneak onto earth.
Craig Shaw Gardner book Bride of the Slime Monster
It turns out that Captain Crusader has been hiding as a woman.
Crawford Kilian book Brother Jonathan
on page 66 Jonathan dreams he is in a female's body, also asleep. Only it's not a dream, it's telepathy, and soon they are inside each other's minds, sharing their love for each other... in the next few pages they each reemember the memories of the other, him growing up female, and her vice versa.
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