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A Darkness On Diamondia
(Spoiler Text)
Abigal McDaniels book Althea
Spirit of evil Murderer is in a doll. She possessed from time to time, the two daughters and a mother. She plans on eventually stealing whatever body she likes best.
About Monday by Sydney Laine Allan
Jenny Brown isn't a millionaire, nor is she model-perfect or a member of MENSA like her coworker Monica Starke. That is, until she makes a wish one Monday night and wakes up the next morning in Monica's French lingerie. Somehow they've traded bodies and lives. And all it takes is twenty-four hours ...more
Aden & Mary Romine book The Eternity Stone
Male caught in Psychic trap must use girlfriends body to escape. Happens very near the end of book, but integral to plot.
"Adventures of Shrinkman" by R. L. Stine
Danny is obsessed with the movie character Shrinkman. At the premiere of the new Shrinkman movie, Danny drinks some Shrinkman cola and stands in the projector's light for a moment; shortly afterwards, he starts to shrink. His parents and his doctor think there's no cure for his constant dwindling. ...more
Airhead, by Meg Cabot
Teen novel by author of the Princess diary. well written for this type. Brain transplant theme. Cabot (the Princess Diaries series) dishes up all the story ingredients her fans have come to know and love romance, humor, believable teen dialog and even a fantastical twist. This last bit requir ...more
Alan Barrie book A Woman's Passion
The enchanting memoir of a man who spends a fascinating, edifying, romantic, and sexy week as a woman.
Alan Dean Foster book The Paths Of The Perambulator
When a freak of supernature called the Perambulator enters the world Jon-Tom, Mudge and Clothahump deal with all kinds of freak transformations. In one short section they change sex.
Alan Dean Foster book Parallelities
Max, the main character, meets his alternate self in another parallel world, who turns out to be Maxine, a female version. Of course you know what happens next. Average book.
Alan Dean Foster book Star Trek: Log Ten ??
A transporter mix-up leaves Spock in Uhura's shapely body. He remains like that for some time.
Alan Freidman book Hermaphrodeity
Strange book where the protagonist changes sex almost every chapter - more about sexuality and gender perception than dual sexuallity as the perceived gender role is acted out each time. The transformations are self induced and richly detailed.
Alan Yates book Coriolanus, the Chariot
A troupe of shape-shifting actors accept a new apprentice. As part of his training, he is given the drug which allows the shape-shifting, then is unwillingly transformed into a woman for some of his roles.
Albina y los Hombres perro (Albina and dog-peoples)
A mythical tale about dog-changing virus and a goddess which comes to cure people.
Alex Shearer book The Stolen
All about Carly, and a girl she meets called Meredith. Or is she Meredith? The Stolen is a gripping book with an unexpected twist. what would it be like to be in an old person's body, with a young person's soul, and no one believing your story.
Alfred Dyer book The Symbiotic Mind
A dying man ends up in the body of a girl in a hospital. At the end, she gets spontaneously pregnant and he moves into the female baby (no Y chromosomes available).
Algernon Blackwood book Ancient Sorceries
I came across this by accident and bought it not really knowing what I was getting into. The only thing I had to go on was the fact that on the back, it gets praised by the master horror writer, H.P. Lovecraft. While it was never as creepy as Lovercraft's work, it was very good. The book Ancient ...more
Ali Sparkes book Finding the Fox (Shapeshifter S.)
Events of this book happens in a X-man world. Main hero, Dax, has ability to change into fox. He enrolls into a school for mutants.
Alice Alfonsi book Lizzie McGuire #15: Freaked Out
It's a book based on the episode we're Lizzie and Matt switch bodies. There is also a photo comic style version being released. I myself have not yet read, had no time to find it and I can't find it on the net (only the first 3 or 4 pages). If you do find a copy, throw a link down.
Alison Tyler book Tiffany Twisted
When exclusive party planner, Tiffany Mitchell wakes up in her boyfriend's body, she thinks she's having a bad dream. But no amount of espresso can wake her from the growing nightmare of being trapped in Kurt's 6-foot tall figure, and locked into his disorganised life. Due to this off-handed wish m ...more
Almasheol book Eve Bade Adam Eat
I've just finished reading a story about a lawyer who meets a woman and falls in love with her--but he finds out she's lying about her past. It turned out that she's really this guy the lawyer got fired back when they were in college together, and his life kind of went down the toilet after that. So ...more
Amy by Any Other Name, by Maureen Garvie
It is not like being a teenager is all that easy to begin with. But when 15-year-old Amy wakes up in a hospital bed, terribly injured from a dive onto hidden rocks in a quarry, she must contend with something unbelievable. True, her body has been shattered, but that is not the worst of her troubles ...more
Amy Elizabeth Saunders book Forever
After an accidental death Laurel's bumbling guardian angel gets her a new life in the body of another woman-- 200 years before she was born!
Amy J. Benesch book Remember Me to Paradise
Gender, Male, Animal
An alien shapeshifter from the planet Paradise is told to go to Earth and find other shapeshifters who might be stuck in the forms of Earth creatures. The shape-shifter can change into any living thing, and takes animal and later human forms on its mission. But there's something about being on Ea ...more
Andre Norton and Rosemary Edghill book Shadow of Albion
The Marchioness of Roxbury, sacrifices her life to bring Sarah, her double from THIS earth, to her own world. This is justified by the fact that the other Sarah, who is American, is due to die in a carriage accident, so that, when the Marchioness crosses over from her own world, the other Sarah tak ...more
Andre Norton book Janus
A man named Naill Renfro is shipped to an alien planet called Janus where after coming into contact with an ancient Iftin artifact, a genetically modified virus transforms him into a duplicate of an Iftin Warrior known as Ayyar, complete with the original Ayyar's memories.
Andreas Brandhorst book Der Metamorph
Der Metamorph The Metamorph Kerberos, a planet at the border of the known part of the galaxy. The best place for secret projects. To creat high adaptable species. But suddenly a machination destroyed some parts of this high-tech lab by New Human Design, and their new creation awakes to live. ...more
Andrew Niederman book The Need
A being has two forms, one male the other female. Either one has the memories of the other.
Andrew Sugar book Steel Trap
Secret organization has found way to transfer minds into clone bodies this is only book in series with clone of a different gender.
Andy Spearman book Boyhound Barry
Boy changes into dog... mentally. Outside, he still a boy, but his mind goes completely cannine. There is no physical TF, afaik, but it could be interesting.
Angela Carter book The Passion Of New Eve
A man is surgically changed into a woman against his will.
Animorphs book Book 3
As you may or may not know, the Animorphs series is features 5 human kids and an alien who have the power to morph into different animals to fight an invading parasitic race. In book 3, "The Encounter" the animorphs have to become wolves. There are 3 boys and 2 girls (before the alien) and one of t ...more
Ann Halam book Dr. Franklins Island
After a plane crash, 3 people survive. Two are girls and one is a boy. After a few weeks the boy disapears. The girls go after him and are captured by an evil scientist. He uses an injection method to slowly change them into freaks. One becomes a manta sea ray thingy, while the other becomes a bird.
Anne Barbour book Step in Time
A modern young woman ends up in the body of very rich and beautiful Amanda in Regency England. There she has to adjust and with the love of Lord Ashington.
Anne Fine book Bill's New Frock
Bill, a British grade school boy, wakes up one morning to discover he is a girl. Everyone (including his mother and father) treats him as if he is, and always was, a girl. His mother gives him a pretty new pink frock to wear to school that day. The conflicts occur as Bill tries to do the things he e ...more
Anne Rice book Pandora
In the novel, Pandora speaks of several past lives before her present one. The main life she speaks of is as a male Egyptian Vampire in the past. As this Vampire she refused to drink from the Queen and was outcast. She had this dream before she became a Vampire as Pandora and she spoke of the ...more
Annie Laurie McAllister book Queen of the looking glass
Murdered woman possesses girl working for Ghost investigators to trap murderer.
Archibald Clavering Gunter book A Florida Enchantment
Woman, disappointed in love, swallows seed from Tree of Sexual Change and becomes man. Later tricks or forces maid and ex-boyfriend into swallowing seeds also.
Arthur Bradford book Dogwalker : Stories
This book contains stories about dogs. In last story, man bitten by dog changes into dog himself. because this is only 5 last paged (139-144), and amazon allows to read small portion of the book, you can do.
Arthur Byron Cover book An East Wind Coming
Sherlock Holmes traps the Riper by tempting him with a woman - Holmes himself, and this is not a disguise but a mystical transformation. The scene of the murder is watched and recorded by Dr. Watson and lasts about a chapter near the end.
Arthur C. Clarke book 2001: A Space Odyssey
I'm suprized this isn't here yet, since it's basically a classic. MAJOR SPOILER, BTW. At the end, astronaut David Bowman is changed by mysterious aliens who have transformed themselves into engery beings into a newborn baby version of those creatures. I saw the movie a very long time ago, and whi ...more
Astrosaurs 4: The Mind-swap Menace
Captain Teggs is no ordinary dinosaur - he's an astrosaur! On the incredible spaceship DSS Sauropod, along with his faithful crew, Gypsy, Arx and Iggy, Teggs rights wrongs, fights evil and eats a lot of grass! The Astrosaurs are on another mission when they almost crash into a deserted space ...more
Attack of the 50 Foot Wallflower, Christian McKay Heidicker
In a parody of 1950s horror movies, an awkward girl named Phoebe grows to gigantic size.
Avalon: Web of magic
Were, Animal
Children books about three girls which learn magic to save the world. One of their animals, talking golden ferret Ozzie is really an elf changed into an animal. There are lots of magic creatures and good werewolf too.
Avi book, "Strange Happenings"
A book about transformations. In the story 'Bored Tom', a cat convinces a boy to change places with him, then steals his identity. At the end of the story, the transformed boy meets a girl and it's implied he's going to steal her identity.
Barbara Benedict book A Taste of Heaven
Returning to the sprawling Louisiana plantation on which she had been raised, New York City schoolteacher Monica Ryan is transported back in time by a mysterious serpent ring and into an encounter with a seductive stranger. Original. Her dying Aunt Judith wants the rich, young heroine to marry he ...more
Barrington Bayley, author. "It was a lover and his lass", title
a story in the book Strange Pleasures, edited by Sean Wallace. the story begins on page 98. In it, two lovers are 'treated' to a gift from a god, and have their bodies exchanged from the neck down. They encounter others who have been gifted with other changes, including a hermaphrodite and a c ...more
Barry Pain book An Exchange Of Souls
Gender, Gender
Hippocampus Press will be reprinting this Edawrdian piece in July. By all appearences it has not been in print since 1911. It involves a scientist who invents a machine to switch souls and end up trapped in his bride to be. Reprinted from H. P. Lovecraft's private collection
Beast Master by Andre Norton
In the original BEAST MASTER novel, the foreman of the farm on which the Beast Master is working is acutally an aper, an alien who has undergone physical and mental alterations to make him seem human. The Beast Master shatters the alien's psychological conditioning by telling him that he will die ...more
Becoming Kate book by Dixie Owens
From "Elizabeth Lindsay, wife and mother of two, is in an auto accident. She awakens in a hospital with strangers calling her Kate. She learns that she perished in the accident and is the donor for the first successful brain transplant. Her mind and memories now reside in the body of el ...more
Bernard Waber book You're a Little Kid with a Big Heart
Octavia's dearest wish is to grow up fast! At least it was until her wish actually comes true and she finds her 7 year old self in a 39 year old body! It's a children's book written a decade or two back. I only have the advertisement for it from the new york times. It was published by Houg ...more
Bernard Werber book "Le Souffle des Dieux"
One of the heroes, a rabbi named Freddy Meyer is lead into a trap by the Muses. A little later, he returns in the shape of a Muse to help his/her friends.
Bernhardt Hurwood book The Invisibles
Brief episode where male protagonist possesses young girl's body.
Betsy Haynes book Little Pet Shop of Horrors
This is an entry in the "Bone Chillers" series, obviously launched to compete with "Goosebumps". It's not bad: a girl named Cassie longs for a dog of her own and makes the mistake of prowling around in a strange old pet shop, whereupon she's changed into a dog and sold to a hunter. The ending is n ...more
"Beware Of The Purple Peanut Butter" by R. L. Stine
A choose your own adventure formatted book, where you are a boy who is apparently having a really bad day...where everything you do ends up in you growing, shrinking, or something completely different...
Bill Brittain book Devil's Donkey
An old shopkeeper's 14-year-old nephew whom he is raising pokes fun at the town's superstition. One day, the nephew accidentally damages a tree which belongs to Old Magda, a witch. Being the tree had also cut the boy's foot and drew blood, somehow the boy now "belongs" to the witch. The boy refuses ...more
Blood Engines
First book of the Marla Mason series has Marla traveling to San Francisco searching for some powerful magic. In a minor subplot, she encounters a magician who performed a "Thing of the Doorstep" spell on his young (and female) apprentice.
The story of a boy, who changed into a marlin because he is bored with his everyday life. After his change is complete, he escapes to the sea. *
Bob Shaw book Call Me Dumbo
Two men are stranded on a planet with an organ bank on ship. One surgically (and clumsily) implants a womb to the other, then dopes "her" up with drugs so that "she" thinks theyre a perfect little family with a picket-fence lawn.
Bodyswap: The Boy who was 84 by L. P. Howarth
When Will' body is stolen from him by a strange old man called Hornbeam he's determined to get it back, even before news of the windfall that should have made him a millionaire, being old is no fun. Paperback: 204 pages Publisher: Catnip Publishing Ltd (27 Mar 2009) Language: English IS ...more
Jack and Kerry Madigan are a young and radical couple living in New York. He runs the Refuge - a home for down and outs in the Bronx; she works for a left wing newspaper. As the story opens, Kerry announces she is expecting their first child, just as Jack secures a million dollar insurance polic ...more
Brad Munson book The Mad Throne
There is a short section near the end where the man trying to inhabit the body of the ruler, must inhabit the body of a woman.
Brenda Hiatt book Bridge Over Time
Modern girl of 23 swaps bodies with 20 year old in 1825 in the deep south. Good story, told from the view points of both women.( Romance)
Brian Lumley book Aunt Hester
Here's a review of the story, which I have yet to read. Aunt Hester, brimming with Lovecraftian themes that also dart in their own morbid direct, deals with a woman that can, for some strange reason, switch bodies with her twin brother if she wants to. She finds it out quite by accident at first, ...more
Bruce Coville book Half Human
While it's under Animal, this short story anthology dealing with "half-human" creatures contains 2 or 3 mythical transformations. There's ten or so stories total.
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