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Category: 'Anime'
Saru Get Chu ~On Air~ 2nd
Specter's powerful Pipo Transformation Machine is in full opreation! His plan to turn every human into Pipo Monkeys. We see the main characters transform into Pipo monkeys but keep there regular human clothes and everyone else that transforms into Pipo monkeys but they look like any other monkey th ...more
Shinzo episode "Battling Daku"
There was an insect enterran named "Katai" who is King Daku's most royal subject. He has the ability to disguise himself in anything he wants even a human. Just like how he disguised himself as a young girl named "Kiri" just lead Yakumo to King Daku's Castle in order to capture her.
Skysurfer Strike Force episode Titan of Terror
Kims has a birthday when one of the villains replaces her
So I'm a Spider, So What?
Animal, Race, Gender
A high school class all dies and is reincarnated in a fantasy world. Most are just reincarnated as human as the same gender though some are reincarnated as other races. Animal: (Spoiler Text) Race: (Spoiler Text) Gender: (Spoiler Text)
Sora No Otoshimono Episode 11
Male protagonist transforms himself into a woman to get access to the female bathing area.
Strike the Blood Episode 13 Labyrinth of the Blue Witch I
Akatsuki kojou (male) is talking with his childhood friend Yuuma Tokoyogi (female) on Halloween's eve. Yuuma starts advancing towards kojou when the countdown begins for Halloween. When the countdown reaches zero yuuma kisses kojou and he passes out while she says it's time for the real festival to ...more
Sword Art Online II Episode 17
In the previous episode the main characters started running a campaign that turned out to be based on Norse Mythology, namely when the giant Thrym had stolen Thor's hammer Mjolnir and requested that Freya be delivered to him. (Spoiler Text)
Tayutama-Kiss on my Deity
Age, Animal, Gender
Based on the novel "lump of sugar". It tells the story about High schooler Yuuri Mito who is a desecendant of a legendary priest named Yachimata, who in the past sealed away evil spirits called Tayutai in a relic. In an attempt to purify the relic, he accidently ends up releasing them all, along w ...more
Tetsuwan Birdy: Decode
The series is based on the Masami Yuki's revamp of the original Tetsuwan Birdy manga, which became the four-episode Birdy the Mighty OVA, already in the database. Federation officer Birdy Cephon Altera accidentally kills high schooler Tsutomu Senkawa while hunting alien criminals hiding out in T ...more
The Ancient Magus Bride Episode 17 Look Before you leap
A fairy named ashen eye has kidnapped a boy named Ethan from his sister Stella. Stella asks chise for help in locating her little brother. They keep searching until they come upon ashen eye who gives them a challenge to find Elias and Ethan before sundown. Chise uses the Fox skin from a previous en ...more
The TG Anime WebList
A list of anime with gender bender content:
The Wolf Children Ame and Yuki
Animal, Mythical
*Original Title: Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki *Release: 07.2012 The hand-drawn feature animation about two werewolf kids.
The World Only God Knows, Chapter 81-89
During this Arc of the Story, Keima and Elsie has to capture a loose soul in a girl from a high classed family. Due to the girls desire to live life without her families boundaries, Keima and the girl switch souls, due to the power of the loose soul. Over time they begin to act more like each other ...more
To Love-Ru OVA 1
This is an anime adaptation of the manga storyline where Rito changes gender. Lala builds a machine to increase her bust, but Yami knocks Rito into the machine. His gender is reversed early in the episode and the whole episode is dedicated to Rito's misadventures as a female.
Wagaya no Oinari-sama
Gender, Animal
Kugen is a fox spirit that is the guardian of the Mizuchi clan, but was sealed away for being too mischeivious. When Toru Takagami, a Mizuchi descendant, is attacked by a monster, Kugen is released from imprisonment to protect him. Kugen's physical form is normally that of a fox, but he has the ...more
Wolverine And The X-Men
Shadow King, a spirit now, can possess people Fallen style, and managed to possess Storm and kept her body for about half of the episode. He needs a host to survive, and near the end when he was driven out of Storm's body by Frost, Shadow King tried to take over Frost body as his own.
Yamada Kun and the Seven Witches
Female, Gender, Male
Yamada, a troublemaker, learns that he is able to swap bodies with people by kissing them, there is a F2M, M2M, and F2F throughout episode 1 and 2.
Zettai Karen Children episode 9 and 10
The supervisor for the The Children(three ten year olds with special abilities) is put on under a hypnotic trance that makes him see The Children as grown adults.
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A form of animated video that is drawn in a style originated in Japan.

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