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Category: 'Anime'
A Cheeky Angel
This new anime based off a popular manga series by the same name has just started showing in Japan back on October 5th. A boy was given a magic book by a mysterious old man containing a genie of some kind, and wished to be the manliest man alive, but the evil genie instead changes him to a beautif ...more
Agent Aika
Tokyo has sunk into the ocean, along with most of the world, during a large-scale land subsidence. Aika Sumeragi is a salvager who works for a small company run by a father and daughter tandem. Alas, the company isn't exactly successful, and money is needed desperately. Thus, Aika accepts the very ...more
Ah! My Goddess Episode Ah! Misfortune arrives and the tea stalk stands upright?
Mara, a first class demon, possess Megumi, Keiichi's sister, in order to get close to him and to spread misfortune upon him.
Alignment You! You!
A Demon Girl has vored (or sucked) a teenage boy in her mouth and swallowed him all the way down in her stomach and then she started dancing by doing a body dance and shaking her bottom. After that, she vomited the boy out her of her mouth and the boy turned into a girl.
Black Cat
Age, Were
Were: When the Chronos numbers are assaulting Creed's castle, Creed sends a man who transforms into a werewolf. Age: (Spoiler Text)
Black Clover Episode 45 The Guy Who Doesn't Know When to Quit
After Defeating a member of the eye of the midnight sun the black bull member grey is drained of magic and reverts into his true form a young blue haired girl. Transformation is revealed at 18:06
"Bleach follows the adventures of Ichigo Kurosaki after he obtains the powers of a Soul Reaper (死神 Shinigami, literally, "Death God") — a death personification similar to the Grim Reaper — from another Soul Reaper, Rukia Kuchiki. His newfound powers force him to take on the duties of defend ...more
Bleach Episode 173
A little girl that tries to assassinate Lurichiyo turns out to be an adult male assassin in a bodysuit of a little girl.
Bleach Episode 192
Age, Female
After Ichigo defeated Espada #6, Grimmjow in a battle, Grimmjow was still alive but when Espada #5 Nnoitra shown up, he attacked Grimmjow off-guard and finished off so Nnoitra will fight Ichigo and finish him off himself. When Nnoitra started to break Ichigo’s arm, the intensity of Nel’ ...more
Bleach episode 335
Soul Reapers (Shinigami) are ghost-like entities in the Bleach universe that typically cannot be seen by regular humans. In order to interact with the human world, they need to possess artificial human bodies, known as Gigai, which are perfect replicas of their spiritual bodies. In an omake at the ...more
Bleach episode 340
Soul Reapers (Shinigami) are ghost-like entities in the Bleach universe that typically cannot be seen by regular humans. In order to interact with the human world, they need to possess artificial human bodies, known as Gigai, which are perfect replicas of their spiritual bodies. In order to fool ...more
Claude ("Bleach" character)
Male, Gender
Claude, a mod soul, has the ability to shape shift. Throught the Bount Arc, he has shapeshifted into Orihime (Gender), Chad (Male), Ichigo (Male), and Renji (Male). Claude first appears during the Bount Arc, an arc exclusive to the anime, which is between the Soul Society Arc and the Arrancar ...more
D.Gray Man
This anime includes enemies called Akuma. The Akuma are weapons that contain the soul of a person. They often wear human skin. One of the Akuma, Chomesuke, was once a man. He wears the body that once belonged to his lover. Somehow he was forced to kill her and wear her skin. The first Aku ...more
Daphne in the Brilliant Blue Episode OVA 2
Female, Gender
This episode begins with Maia and Gloria swimming under to a docking port. When Maia and Gloria surface out of the water, Gloria explains what they are doing at a wreck docking port. Gloria tells Maia that she is doing a side job for some extra money. Gloria tells Maia that she came to kill a crime ...more
Dinosaur King
This new anime is into it's second season, with new episodes on Youtube, and The main protagonist, Max Taylor, son of Dr. Spike Taylor, a Paleontologist, and his friends, Rex Owen and Zoe Drake, get new Dinosaurs: a Triceratops named Chompf for Max, a Carnotaurus named Ace fort Rex, ...more
Dirty Pair episode 7
An impressive wedding ceremony in underway as Crikey, the teenage son of resort magnate Gold Jeff, is led against his will to the alter by seven future brides (all handpicked by his father). The mysterious and beautiful Joanka suddenly makes and appearance and kidnaps the lad. Upon receiving a ran ...more
Discode 1.2.3 (UNVERIFIED)
Initially, the story centers around a student named Futaba who has a real problem a she's equipped both as a boy and a girl. She definitely leans as a she, but there are many uncontrollable urges she has to deal with in regards to her male side. That causes a number of problems, from phys ed classe ...more
Dog and Scissors
In one episode of the early cartoons Nobita once again found himself on the receiving end of his mother's anger. He wishes out loud to Doraemon to switch places with her to which he is presented with a magic camera. The camera has the opposite effect of your ordinary camera. The operator insert ...more
Eat-Man episode name unknown
A young blonde girl name "Naomi" has been transformed a purple vicious monster with red-eyes.
Eureka Seven AO episodes 6, 7, 13
Male, Gender
The mysterious shape-shifter Truth debuts in Episode 6. In Myanmar, a boy soldier for a drug-running ring shoots a government spy, and later mimics the balding boss who orders his men to attack government forces. In Peru, the Peruvian president's men surround an Asian man wearing glasses and a ...more
魔法少女 俺
One day Saki learns that her mother was a magical girl and is asked to become her successor. To transform she has to confess to the one she loves. But although the transformation puts her into a frilly pink dress, she is now a muscular boy. (Spoiler Text) * AniDB entry * Anime at Crunchyroll
Fairy Tail episode 222 "Transform"
Animal, Female, Gender
Lucy walks into fairy tail and decides she wants to learn new magic for herself so she decides to ask Mira to teach her transformation magic. Mira agrees to teach her and as usually Natsu and happy want to join in on the fun. So Mira starts off with the basics of transformation magic. First mira st ...more
Fairy Tail episode 53
Female, Male
In the second episode of the adaptation of the Fairy Tail manga's "Oracion Seis" arc, the shape-shifting celestial spirit Gemini and their mistress Angel make their anime debut. Gemini helps Oracion Seis learn of Fairy Tail's plan to attack them, and later helps in their attack. (Note: It's a b ...more
Fairy Tail episode 58
The episode is the anime adaptation of Fairy Tail manga chapters 143-144 of the Oracion Seis arc. Fairy Tail's Gray seems about to kill his fellow wizard Natsu, but he's not really Gray. He's really the Celestial Spirit twins Gemini in disguise, who then turn into a copy of Lucy when they are foun ...more
Fairy Tail, Episode 19
Animal, Gender, Male
In Epsode 19 of the Anime "Fairy Tail" everybody in the guild swaps bodies by reading an unknown spell by mistake. The first swap occurs between 6 members of the guild: Lucy/Gray, Natsu/Some guy, Happy/Erza and then while trying to undo it everybody in the guild swaps with each other you can watch ...more
Final Fantasy Unlimited episode "Subway. Enemy of the Dimensional Tunnel"
Lou Lupus, alias Ru Rufus, is a character that can transform into a werewolf. The transformation is very nice and the werewolf actually has a tail. This happens when Lou/Ru looks into a mirror.
Galaxy Angel A episode Super-Spicy Kid's meal
After Ranpha finds a box of Uirou (rice jellies) which is really a lost technology after Cocomo and Malibu leave it on a desk without a note warning anyone about after th galaxy angel team eat the Uirou it turns them in to toddlers and babies it is then up to Cocomo and Malibu to try and catch ...more
Galxay Angel A episode Thick-sauced Beef Bowl with a side of mustache
When a lost technology in the form of a box is opened it releases a gas that changes the gender of those who are engulfed by it. First Forte and the commander are changed and then just before the male Forte is married to Ranpha he uses the box to change the rest of the angels into there male forms ...more
Gulliver Boy episode "hasshin ! SHIIRAION"
On this Anime Episode of "Gulliver Boy", A male fairy turns into a female fairy.
Hanamaru Kindergarten Episode 12
It's Christmas time and everyone is going to Anzu's house for a party. But during preparations Anzu falls asleep, asking Santa to grant a wish for her. In her dream she becomes an adult and heads off to meet Tsuchida, but gets distracted along the way and forgets what she came there to do. In the m ...more
Happiness! OVA "Jun Watarase's Brilliant Day"
Happiness! is an anime based on the H-Game of the same name. One of the characters on the show is a boy named Jun Watarase who looks just like a girl in every way including in how he dresses. Though an extremely minor character in the main series, this special episode focuses around him as he gets ...more
Hellsing Ultimate: OVA 9
Alucard takes the form of a young girl, the same form he took in Hellsing: The Dawn, during his fight with Walter.
Inari, Konkon Koi Iroha
Gender, Female
Inari Fushimi, a middle school girl in Kyoto, is given part of the divine power of the goddess Uka-no-mitama-no-kami, allowing her to turn into anyone she wants. She first discovers her power when she accidentally turns into her pretty classmate Akemi Sumizome. (Spoiler Text)
Inmu 2 - Flesh Dreams Episode 2 Third Night: The Shadow Card
In THE THIRD NIGHT, a man takes his chances with a game of cards and some questionable wishes and desires. When he finally defeats the queen of all cards he decides to have sex with her. Finally after he gets done with her, he decides to seal inside the very card he defeated her with. But, the mast ...more
Gender, Mythical, Animal
A television series based off of a Japanese manga of the same name. I cannot believe that nobody has bothered to even hit the message board to offer suggestions for a better description of this series. TLDR; This entry needs a better description. Contains several episodes with transformati ...more
Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi OAD (Yami no Kao)
In this episode. Mirai a girl who is a demon, drink a potion which will exchange bodies with several of the cast, first with Taito (Male) then with Himea (Girl), then Haruka (Girl) and finally with Geeko (Male). This episode is an OVA from the BD
Explanation of the category 'Anime'

A form of animated video that is drawn in a style originated in Japan.

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