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Category: 'Animated'
Sabrina, the Animated Series
Animated series spin-off of the "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" television show. Teenager Sabrina discovers her magical powers as a witch.
SAM SAM - Une étrange Baby Sitter S1E31
A French animated series targeting 3-6 year old. SamMom and SamDad decide to leave for the evening for a romantic dinner and hire a baby sitter but Croconightmare has replaced her without their knowing. Transformation only at beginning and end of episode.
Secret Files of the Spy Dogs - " "DNA" or the secret file of the Dastardly Dip"
In this 90s shortlived animated series that "revealed" that all dogs are really a secret society of special agents dedicated to keeping mankind safe from "Really Bad Stuff" the show's final episode dealt with transformation. Many of the Spy Dogs top-agents; including main characters Ralph, Mitzy ...more
Shaggy & Scooby-Doo Get A Clue
In this series, Shaggy and Scooby have some nano-tech laced Scooby snacks that Scooby sometimes uses to transform into different forms. At least one episode has Scooby impersonate a bad guy, and another episode seems to have him change into a cougar. There also seems to be a villainous mad sci ...more
Shambala (Шамбала)
Animal, Inanimate
A beaver does not to simply chew logs, he makes puppet from wood. Beaver's shaman punishes him for disobeying tradition. He teleported beaver to another world. In that world, beaver changes into...(Spoiler Text) After seen that, all beavers (including shaman himself) started to make puppets. The ...more
Smurfs episode Turncoat Smurf
Animal, Gender
Smurfette and greedy smurf switch bodies. Brief. At the end of the show, Gargamel switched with his cat.
Space Adventure Cobra
Animal, Gender
My favorite animated futuristic series features Cobra, an space pirate who fights mobsters and other criminals with his partner Lady Armaroid, and his ultimate weapon, the Psycho-Gun (embodied in his left arm). Chapter 28: Doug is a killer (cowboy-style) who has the ability of shapeshift. In th ...more
SpongeBob SquarePants episode Hocus Pocus
At the very end of the episode, SpongeBob somehow successfully transforms Patrick into a giant jar of mayonnaise. Very brief at end.
Stan Lee Presents: Mosaic
Gender, Male, Female, Animal
A new animated film (straight-to-DVD) from Stan Lee. During a lightning storm, the heroine - a teen stage actress - gains the ability to shape-shift into other people and animals by copying their DNA (as well as invisibility, super-strength and... climbing walls). She soon uncovers a plot invol ...more
Star vs The Forces of Evil episode "Match Maker"
Mythical, Monster
Star, the titular protagonist of the eponymous show, is a magical girl from a mystical world called Mewni. She gets transferred to earth to train her in controlling her magical powers. In the first half of the 2nd episode. During class, when the results of their exams are being passed back ...more
Supernoobs episode "Parent Teacher Noobs"
Age, Gender
The noobs are in trouble because they've been messing up in school, at least in part because of their superhero activities. They appeal to their alien trainers to shapeshift into their parents in order to attend the scheduled parent/teacher conference. Problem is even they can't be in several pla ...more
Sym-Bionic Titan episode The Ballad of Scary Mary
Mechanical, Size, Gender
A shape-shifting phantom "chameleon" alien tries to kill Ilana at a party out in the woods. It changes from its natural form, a blue insect-like creature (gender unknown, possibly male) into various shapes. (Spoiler Text)
T.U.F.F. Puppy episode Puppy Love
Gender, Inanimate, Mechanical
Dudley Puppy falls for the new temp secretary at T.U.F.F., French poodle Fifi Oui Oui. Unbeknownst to him, the viewers already know that... (Spoiler Text)
T.U.F.F. Puppy episode Share-a-Lair
Animal, Male, Gender
T.U.F.F. and their evil counterparts at D.O.O.M. keep blowing up each other's secret bases with missile strikes, thanks in part to intel from their new field agents. Eventually, a real estate agent finds a new office for T.U.F.F., one they have to share with current renters D.O.O.M.! In the end, b ...more
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles episode "Catwoman from Channel 6"
April begins transforming into a humanoid cat after a stray jumps into a transporter with her.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles episode "Rebel Without A Fin"
The evil Dr. Polidorius plans to sink the city and populate it with a race of fish people. He captures April, and uses a machine to transform her into a fish woman.
The Black Panther Animated Series on BET
During the series Klaw is recruiting super powered criminals to kill the black panther. One of the recruits is a body jumper called cannibal. During the second episode Klaw takes him to a whorehouse where he jumps into the body of a blond hooker. He stays in her body for 3 episodes. Based on com ...more
The Fairly OddParents: Manic Mom-Day
This episode seems to be a Fairly OddParents direct take on the classic Disney movie "Freaky Friday". An argument between Wanda and Timmy on how hard it can be for Timmy's mom compared to the problems that Timmy faces (Francis, Crocker, etc.) results in a bet. Timmy will switch places with hi ...more
The Mighty B!: Hen & Bappy
In this episode of the Nickelodeon animated series "The Mighty B!", a boy named "Ben" swaps bodies with his sister's dog "Happy" after a stop along the way to dropping her dog off at obedience school.
The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh episode "A Knight to Remember"
In an imagining within the story (story in a story) Rabbit, the Great Wizard, tried to cast a spell, but turns into any random animal unintentionally sometimes (or sometimes he can do it intentionally I guess). Like a Frog, a fly/bee, a Pelican, and a Turtle.
The Pig Who Cried Werewolf
Animal, Gender
This 6 minute movie for the 3DS is a Shrek halloween short featuring the three pigs, one of the pigs likes playing tricks on his two brothers and after pretending that he saw a flying saucer he gets tied to a chair until he learns to behave himself, he hears strange sounds and begins suspectin ...more
The Tree Surgeon
1944 color MGM animated cartoon Directed by George Gordon The "tree surgeon" is a donkey dressed like a doctor (white lab coat, etc.), with a stethoscope around his neck and a carrying a doctor's bag. He drives in an ambulance to treat a sick giant sequoia tree. While attempting to inject i ...more
The Werepig
An remote farm in Spain, where American tourists are changed into pigs.
The Tick episode The Tick VS Dinosaur Neil
In this episode of the tick the villain of the day is Dinosaur Neil- a palentologist who accidentally eats some dinosaur tissue and turns into a 50 foot dinosaur if he doesn't take his aspirin.
To Swallow a Toad
Monster, Animal
I think this is a latvian idioma like "don't worry, be happy" made into literal in this cartoon. The cartoon starts when a boy comes to his parents with a torn ear. Instead of replying to the abuse, he just "swallowed a toad", as his parents advices them. Later, same bullies rip his leg, and he ...more
Totally Spies Season 6 episode 18 Totally Switched Again!
Animal, Gender, Age
The villain who previously switched the personalities of Jerry and Clover as well as a few others, escapes from prison (in Jerry's body) and starts switching the entire city around.
Ugly Americans episode Demon Baby
Callie, Mark's demon boss and on-again, off-again love interest, can apparently shapeshift. In one (VERY brief) sequence in a bar... (Spoiler Text)
Uribyeol ilhowa ulrookso
Inanimate, Furry
A Korean movie about a satellite who turns into a girl to find the musician which music she loves. But that musician is changed into anthropomorphic cow.
Wild Kratts
Martin and Chris Kratt, two brothers who are into studying animals and conservation of their natural habitats, lead a team of animal rescue/conservationists to save wild animals and learn what makes them unique. They use Creature Power Suits and Disks after careful study of the animals' unique tra ...more
Inanimate, Furry, Male, Female, Animal
Animated series where evil wizard Bubonic and witch Tirania tries to make a spell which curses City. Their familiars are on good side, so they always break the curse. When this happens, their chief, demon Maggog appears and changes them into something awful, usually inanimate. (So, there are TF in ...more
YeuWooBi, the Five-Tailed Fox
Full-length animated movie about 10-years werefox-girl. It looks the whole plot is very like InuYasha, kitsune seek a way to become full human. She make contract with Shadow, but it instead steals her human part.
Young Justice episode Image
Race, Female
In this episode, we learn a bit more about Miss Martian and why she looks the way she does. She copied the appearance and personality of a character she saw on a sitcom called "Hello Megan." Her usual appearance is basically the green-skinned version of Marie Logan, the actress who played Megan o ...more
Zeke's Pad episode Gender Render
Animated CGI series about Zeke, a guy who has an electronic drawing pad that allows him to change the world around him just by drawing on the pad. In the episode Gender Render, wanting to better understand Maxine and ask her to the dance, Zeke tries to draw a girl's mind in his body, but messes ...more