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Category: 'Animated'
Jackie Chan Adventures
Animal, Mythical, Gender
After a displaying the product as a lubricant and a water-repellent, the ad then claims that it "helps with the tax-man". When the product is then sprayed onto the male tax-collector, he is transformed into the stereotypical German bar-girl.
Johnny Test episode "Roller Johnny"
Johnny and his dog are turned into roller-derby women to enter a contest.
Kassai and Leuk
26-part TV series about a boy and a hare who tried to rescue his country from the curse by assembling the magical artifact. Based on African folklore, so I suppose many TFs. Definitely, there is a girl (Princess Marana) who was cursed to change into a gazelle during the day.
Kim Possible
Animated television show that places our teen aged red-headed heroine in action against evil doers while dealing with the pressures of being a teenage girl.
Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness episode Shifu's Ex
Gender, Animal
Master Shifu and Mei Ling swap bodies by the Zhou Deng Soul Gem.
The Last Unicorn
Upon learning that she is the last of her kind, a unicorn goes on a search to find out where the others of her kind have disappeared to.
Mad season 2, episode 6
In the Cowboys & Aliens parody at the beginning of the episode, the mysterious Ella (Olivia Wilde) reveals after she is resurrected (as in the movie) that she's not really human. Jake (Daniel Craig) kisses her, which causes her to reveal her true form... (Spoiler Text)
In this Dreamworks film a blue, bald, supervillain named Megamind finally defeats his arch nemesis Metro Man. One of the tools of villainy he has is a Disguise Generator watch which can scan the image of any person even if they are non exist and he uses this to turn himself into the Warden to es ...more
Miraculous Ladybug 19
In Miraculous Ladybug, a main villain named Hawkmoth uses Akuma to turn ordinary people into villains. He preys on people with hurt feelings or a desire for revenge. In this episode there was a girl named Juleka who was upset because she never gets to be in her school photos, due to various circu ...more
Moon Goddess
Gender, Animal
A short animation that depicts a twist on the classic Greek tale of Artemis and Actaeon. As Artemis bathes Actaeon watches her in creepy lust. Frustrated with his peeping ways she firsts transforms him into a stag. As a stag he still persists in watching her so she turns him into a rabbit and an en ...more
Pixel Pinkie
Size, Animal
Austrailian animated series about a girl named Nina who has a phone with a genie liked Pixel named Pixel Pinkie. ===Animal=== "Trick or Treat" -- Nina turns into a cat and her friend Anni into a dog. ===Size=== "Tall Stories" -- Nina wishes to be taller but turns into a giant.
The Real Ghostbusters: Stay Tooned
Ray and Slimer try to fix the TV so they can continue watching The Sammy K. Ferret Show, but a freak accident occurs and brings the title character into the real world. The Ghostbusters have to deal with them as Sammy's cartoon antics become all too real and dangerous. The Ferret starts to turn e ...more