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Category: 'Animal'
Wagaya no Oinari-sama
Gender, Animal
Kugen is a fox spirit that is the guardian of the Mizuchi clan, but was sealed away for being too mischeivious. When Toru Takagami, a Mizuchi descendant, is attacked by a monster, Kugen is released from imprisonment to protect him. Kugen's physical form is normally that of a fox, but he has the ...more
Wallace & Gromit: Curse Of The Were-Rabbit
I'm not going to go into the story, or plot points - I'm just going to explain a bit about the TF below (SPOILERS): A large monster like rabbit terrorizes a small town - and Gromit discovers the monster rabbit is actually his good friend Wallace. Seems Wallace transforms into this rabbit every n ...more
We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story
Midway through this animated flick, the two main kid characters, Louie and Cecilia, find their way to a sinister-looking circus. Once there, they meet up with the main antagonist, Screweyes, and then sign a contract binding them to the circus. Shortly afterwards, the main protagonists, a quartet of ...more
Wedding Peach DX episode Episode 4
The three girls have their bodies swapped with 3 cats. I don't have much more info because this is all I've gathered using Google and a poorly-translated (thanks Babelfish) version of It's the 6th picture down, if the 3 cats aren't ob ...more
Weekly World News
Wealthy Saudi has a great idea to improve race horses, but pesky animal rights activists protests. Won't those PETA types leave us alone! Read about it in the link to the science collumn below:
Weird Science - Show Chett episode Unknown
In the end of the episode Lisa changes from a tiger back to her old self.
Weird Science episode Unplugged
The guys think puppies are a great way to attract women so they ask Lisa for help - and she promptly turns them into them. Brief, at end.
West Coast Avenger 2018 #3-#4
Animal, Female
A group of women were transformed into giant kaiju-like monster by B.R.O.D.O.K
Lonely 10-year-old boy finds magical Egyptian charm and wishes his 10-year-old cat was human so he could have a friend to talk to. His wish comes true but his cat "Whiskers" doesn't become a ten-year-old boy he expected. The cat becomes a 30-year-old man ( which, according to the movie is what 10 ca ...more
The White Pony
Warwick Davis (of WILLOW and the LEPRECHAUN movies) has been filming a series of low-budget but rather charming family movies in which he portrays "Lucky the Leprechaun" (height-casting, I guess you'd call it), and in this one he helps young Leah (Carly and Natalie Anderson) to capture and train the ...more
Whitley Strieber book The Wild
An average family man who always dreamed of being a wolf suddenly does change into one, retaining his human mind though. He flees into the wilderness, trying to come to terms with his new situation, at first trying to find a way to regain humanity (and to return to his family), but is also drawn tow ...more
"Why I'm Afraid of Bees" by R. L. Stine
This is a well-done novel in the "Goosebumps" series in which a boy who wants to experience a few days as someone else physically is accidentally changed into a honeybee instead. The change isn't completely realistic, since, tho completely a bee, he still can see, hear, and even speak as he did wh ...more
Widget the World Watcher (Intro) - Episode: Intergalactic Garage Sale
Inanimate, Animal
This classic cartoon shows that a 4-foot tall purple alien transforms into anything he wants. In the intro (opening theme song), he transforms from a purple horse into a purple rhinoceros (with his two young human friends riding on his back).
Widget, the World Watcher episode: Do not cry, wolves
In one episode "Don't cry, wolves", Widget changes one kid into wolf cub. He was adopted by wolf family, and when was time to change back, TF-device was broken by lightning. Unfortunately (for us), they found a way to reverse TF, because almost every mansion contains a-little-Frankenshtein-lab. :) ...more
The Wiggles episode Animals
Greg tries to prove to the other wiggles that he's a good magician but fails the first couple of times and ends up turning the other three into rabbits.
Wild Kratts
Martin and Chris Kratt, two brothers who are into studying animals and conservation of their natural habitats, lead a team of animal rescue/conservationists to save wild animals and learn what makes them unique. They use Creature Power Suits and Disks after careful study of the animals' unique tra ...more
Wild Thornberrys
Debbie spot Eliza speaking with dingos. To prevent spreading the secret, Eliza with the help of shaman put Debbie into trance and in her dream all show heroes changed into animals: Eliza into dingo, Nigel - warlus, Marianne - ostrich, Donnie - squirrel. And Darwin changes into human. Finally, Debb ...more
Will Hobbs book Kokopelli's Flute
A strange Indian Flute is found at an archeological dig. Son of scientists blows on flute during an eclipse and finds himself becoming a packrat every night. While struggling with his nefound life of human by day, rat by night, he meets an old man who knows the story of the flute. The old man is mor ...more
An evil sorceress, Bavmorda, changes an attacking army into pigs. Also Raziel changes into several different animals.
Willy the Sparrow
A 10-year old boy named Willy enjoys pretending to shoot birds with a BB gun until he is turned into a Sparrow by the Sparrow Guardian. Willy becomes lost outside without knowing how to fly, and he is taken in by a sparrow named Cipur; Cipur teaches Willy how to fly in exchange for Willy teachin ...more
Winni Allfours book Babbete Cole
A girl eats only carrots and changes into a horse. What is greatest, she refuses to change back at the end of this illustrated book.
Winsome Witch
Female, Animal
===Episode 8 - Winnie's Baby=== Winnie's turns her Baby, Spooky, into a Cat; And she turns herself into a beautiful woman to disguise herself to hide both the baby and her identity from a Police Cop. ===Episode 16 - Tallyho the Hunter=== Winnie transforms herself into different animals in orde ...more
Witch Girls Tales issue Various
Witch Girls Trailer and Clip
Manga Graphix it seems is doing a witch girls movie. It has a clip and a trailer up with some TF's up. go to Manga Film at the type and downloads
Witch-Girls issue Witch-Girls
Animal, Inanimate
The Witches
Animal, Inanimate, Animal
A boy called Luke lives whith his grandmother after his parents are killed in a car crash. Thay go to the seaside and Luke sees the Grand High witch holding the witches meeting there. The Grand High witch forces Luke to drink a liquid called formula 86 after finding him. It turns him into a mous ...more
Wizards of Waverly Place The Movie
Near the end of the movie, a woman is transformed into a parrot.
Wizards of Waverly Place, Curb Your Dragon
In Disney Channel's series about teen wizards, each weekly plot usually involves a spell or magical item that the kids have been taught or shown at the beginning of the episode. For this episode, an animal transformation spell is the key plot driver. (Spoiler Text)
Wolf Girl
Tara Talbot(Victoria Sanchez) is a girl in a freak show(she puts on fake fangs and claws to play a "wolf girl) afflicted with Hypertrichosis(excessive body hair, which is what real-life "werewolves/wolf boys/girls" are believed to suffer from) She meets up with a boy who turns out to be the son of s ...more
Wolf Lake episode Unknown
Wolf's Rain episode All Episodes
Wolf disgueses themseves to human form to avoid captured by some human.
Wonder Showzen episode Ocean
Most disturbing television show ever. This is a "kids" show which has some of the most twisted and freakiest stuff I have ever seen. AT one point in this show there is a cartoon where a little girl wishes to become a pony, so she can fly to Saturn and talk with Mommy and get she ears pierced and ...more
Wonder Woman 1984
Animal, Male
The sequel to Wonder Woman set in 1984, well after World War I from the first film, Wonder Woman stops a group of criminals that robbed a jewelry store in a shopping mall, which in fact was a front for antiquities. One item that is recovered is the Dreamstone. Reading the Latin inscription, ...more
Wonder Woman #12
Male, Gender, Animal
Diana's Department Of Metahuman Affairs partner Tom (Nemesis) Tresser battles fellow shapeshifter Everyman in order to rescue DOMA leader Sarge Steel. (Spoiler Text)
Orignally a BBC TV series. Based on a book by Allan Ahkberg. Boy finds himself turning into a dog for no apparent reason. He and his friend search for the reason behind his sudden and temporary transformations. Followed by three sequels. Woof Returns! A Boy's Best Friend Woof! A Girl & Her Dog ...more
World of Quest
Animal, Size, Inanimate
A young prince Nestor hires (by the magic scroll of obedience) the famous ex-hero Quest to rescue his parents. All quests of Quest happens in a world of high-magic, high-tech and high-humor. TFs include: The party magician could animate all object with undetermineable results. The Quest wash ...more
World of Warcraft online game
Many transformations in this game. Some classes have the ability to change to wolf, bear or cat form. There is a trinket that allows the user to transform themselves to look like a member of the oposite faction. For halloween there were freebees given out to transform party members into lots of ...more
The Worst Witch episode It's A Frog's Life
Mildred wakes up one morning to find out that she has been turned into a frog. While trying to get changed back, she meets another frog, Algenon, who used to be a wizard but was transformed years ago by a rival. She eventually gets turned back and promises to help Algenon. He is then turned back ...more
writing: interactive stories - net fiction Unknown
Site contains some links to interactive stories. Rating is PG, all transporn would be deleted.
Inanimate, Furry, Male, Female, Animal
Animated series where evil wizard Bubonic and witch Tirania tries to make a spell which curses City. Their familiars are on good side, so they always break the curse. When this happens, their chief, demon Maggog appears and changes them into something awful, usually inanimate. (So, there are TF in ...more
Explanation of the category 'Animal'

A person changes completely into a different species of natural animal.

So, a change into a catgirl (furry) or a Pegasus (mythical) is not an animal transformation.

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