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Category: 'Animal'
Saban's Masked Rider episode Bugs On The Loose
Dreggon comes up with a poison that turns it's victims into bug people- unfortunately Hal Stewart and the little kid fall victim to it and slowly tf into bug men.
Sabrina The Teenage Witch episode Traveler Welcome
In this episode, Sabrina has to turn into a fly to investigate some supisions activity dealing with a scam artist. Later in the episode, Sabrina reveals shes a witch and theres a set of tiger skinned pillows and Sabrina morphs the pillows into a Tiger to scare the scam artist.
Sabrina Goes to Rome
Antonio gets turned into a pigeon part way through the film and can't be changed back, also some short animal transformations at the end of the film and some statues come alive early on.
Sabrina the Teenage Witch #9: "A Dogs Life"
Sabrina accidentally zaps her friend Harvey and a golden retriever MacDougal. Now Harvey's in the dog's body and the dog is in his.
Sabrina The Teenage Witch episode Good Will Haunting
Sabrina has a great aunt, played by Laugh-In's Joanne Worley, who throws REALLY wild Halloween parties. At one of these parties, Sabrina's aunts Hilda and Zelda are grapped by mad scientests, also played by Laugh-In cast members, who switch their brains with chickens. It's all in fun, and everythin ...more
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch episode "Cat Showdown"
In this episode, Sabrina (Melissa Joan Hart) enters her cat Salem (voice: Nick Bakay) into a cat show. Salem is the perfect cat for the Grand Prize, but Sabrina suspects that someone is trying to influence the judge. She investigates, but has to turn into a cat to keep the judge from spotting her. ...more
"Jenny's Non-Dream" episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch
Sabrina's mortal friend Jenny is caught in the magical realm by the head of the witches council and is turned into a grasshopper.
Sarah net fiction Cow Transformation Story
A girl named Alexis Bowen wants to be a cow, so she draw black cow splotches on her body with permanent marker to make herself feel better. One day, after a dinner with a friend she finds that she has come down with what she assumes to be an exotic illness. However, over the course of a few days she ...more
Saru Get Chu ~On Air~ 2nd
Specter's powerful Pipo Transformation Machine is in full opreation! His plan to turn every human into Pipo Monkeys. We see the main characters transform into Pipo monkeys but keep there regular human clothes and everyone else that transforms into Pipo monkeys but they look like any other monkey th ...more
Saturday night Live episode the falconer
The Falconer and his falcon swap places!
Saturday Night Live episode Patrick Stewart hosts
Patrick Stewart plays the devil in a hysterical sketch. He turns a bunch of condemned souls into monkyes. "Great," says an unimpressed Norm MacDonald. "Now instead of people burning in hell, we're monkeys burning in hell."
Saturday Night Live episode Unknown
Count Dracula has a couple over for dinner. Just as he is about to attack them, he hears the husband speculating that Dracula is gay. In a panic, Dracula begins to try to prove his heterosexuality. It doesn't help when his room mate, Renfield, and his neighbor, The Wolfman, both admit that they a ...more
Saturday Night Live, The Falconer, Season 30 Episode 17 (aired 4/16/2005)
Animal This has an animal transformation. It's silly, admittedly.
A cool lizard morph, the main character can also morph into other forms.
School Rumble episode Episode 26
Anime where schoolgirl Tenma collides head-first with a black cat, causing them to switch minds. The cat in her body goes and does cat-like things to one boy eg. lying on his lap whereas Tenma in the cat's body goes to give another boy a present, not realising that it was a fish the cat was holding ...more
Sci-Fi Channel commercial Magic Wands
A little boy and little girl are practicing magic. The girl can't do it right and the boy laughs at her. She frowns and changes him into a frog.
SciFi Channel Short Spot 2 episode Unknown
This brief spacer between programs on the SciFi Channel shows a boy and a girl using magic wands to transform various things into other things. When the boy produces a giant white rabbit with his wand and the girl doesn't do as well, he laughs at her. She immediately transforms him into a boy-size ...more
Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed
Gender, Size, Monster, Animal
In the movie, Shaggy and Scooby mess around with potions. Each one with a different affeect. (Spoiler Text) There is also a big change at the end. (Spoiler Text)
The Scooby-Doo/Puppy Hour episode Who's Scooby-Doo
At the Science Fair, an invention switches Shaggy and Scooby into each other's bodies. Before they can switch back, the device is stolen, and it's up to the gang to find it. The Scooby-Doo/Puppy Hour ran from January 8, 1983 - September 3, 1983
Sea Devils issue The Curse Of Neptune's Giant
A strange undersea giant causes the Sea Devils to change into mer-people.
Sebastian Blackcat's Magick Shoppe
Inanimate, Animal
This is an unusual fetish art site owned, and operated, by a man who calls himself Sebastian Blackcat. This site features images of men and women being turned into sex toys and animals. It's mostly fan art of various animes, but there's some origional art as well. The site also fetures a guest gall ...more
Secret Files of the Spy Dogs - " "DNA" or the secret file of the Dastardly Dip"
In this 90s shortlived animated series that "revealed" that all dogs are really a secret society of special agents dedicated to keeping mankind safe from "Really Bad Stuff" the show's final episode dealt with transformation. Many of the Spy Dogs top-agents; including main characters Ralph, Mitzy ...more
Secret of Evermore
Animal, Size, Male
Follows the adventure of a boy and his dog who are transported to a fantastic world, where they must defeat the source of it's evil to return home. Animal: The most notable transformation in this game involves the dog. Depending on your current location, the dog takes on a different form, incl ...more
Jaimie turns 15 and suddenly transforms into a seal while rescuing a drowning girl. He confides in his Grandfather and his father tells him he is a selkie. It occurs in his family once every so many generations ( I think it's every seventh generation but I could be wrong ). The boy doesn't want to b ...more
The Sentient net fiction Unknown
This is a fanfic for pokemon found on based on the episode "hocus pokemon." In it one of the characters is turned into an espeon which I'm guessing is a cat-like creature (i haven't actually watched much pokemon so I'm not realy sure). The tf is done pretty good, very funny.
Sesame Street episode Unknown
Kermit is kissed by a princess who hopes he'll turn into a prince. Instead, she's turned into a frog (she was a puppet to begin with, anyway).
Shaggy & Scooby-Doo Get A Clue
In this series, Shaggy and Scooby have some nano-tech laced Scooby snacks that Scooby sometimes uses to transform into different forms. At least one episode has Scooby impersonate a bad guy, and another episode seems to have him change into a cougar. There also seems to be a villainous mad sci ...more
The Shaggy DA
A dapper lawyer finds himself once again haunted and hounded by a magic ring that makes him transform into a shaggy dog at inopportune times. This is componded by the fact that he is constantly trying to present himself in a dignified manner running for public office, and his competitor gets ahold ...more
The Shaggy Dog
A gawky teenager finds one more fly in the ointment of his adolescence angst: a magic ring makes him occasionally transform into a shaggy dog. Four full, detailed, dramatic transformations, plus another when he goes from dog back to human. One amazing scene has him all suited up for a dance at th ...more
The Shaggy Dog (2006)
Disney is remaking The Shaggy Dog . . . . . again. This time with Tim Allen and Robert Downey.
Shambala (Шамбала)
Animal, Inanimate
A beaver does not to simply chew logs, he makes puppet from wood. Beaver's shaman punishes him for disobeying tradition. He teleported beaver to another world. In that world, beaver changes into...(Spoiler Text) After seen that, all beavers (including shaman himself) started to make puppets. The ...more
Unlike many flicks, this fantasy suffers from having too many ideas shovelled into it. A teenaged boy travels to Romania to search for his parents, who are CIA operatives kidnapped by some mysterious fascist organization. While he's searching, he's instructed by a 300+ year old wizard in the art o ...more
Shapeshifters - The Beginning
Grey cold stony walls, a castle interior. The beautiful Shapeshifter lady starts telling a novel. The Shapeshifters The Shapeshifters are a wizards race, able to magically change their appearence into that of several animals. They are the masters of a realm, now in peace, after several year ...more
Sharkpony and the Glitter Riders
Animal, Mythical, Gender
Three career criminal Dude-Bros decide to steal a spaceship so they hire a pilot off "Stan's List." Together the guys are transformed into manga style magical girls known as The Glitter Riders and the magical bloodthirsty mascot 'Sharkpony'!
Sharon Shinn book The Thirteenth House
Animal, Gender, Female
The second book in Shinn's "Twelve Houses" series, "The Thirteenth House" focuses on Kirra Danalustrous, a character introduced in "Mystic and Rider." Kirra, the daughter of a powerful noble, was born a mystic "shiftling" - a person with the ability to transform into virtually any other human or a ...more
Sharon Shinn book Dark Moon Defender
Gender, Animal, Female
This is the third book of Shinn's "Twelve Houses" series. As in the previous books "Mystic and Rider" and "The Thirteenth House" shiftlings Kirra Danalustrous and Donnal are mentioned somewhat often (though far less than the second book). They are frequently in animal shapes (hunting birds, horse ...more
She Wolf of London episode Curiosity Killed the Cravitz
Animal, Gender
Trolls are using duplicating machine to replace suburban types so they can escape from underground. All the trolls appear to be male, but they replace humans of both sexes. Other changes are into worms and frogs.
She Wolf of London episode What's Got Into Them?
Animal, Female, Male, Gender
In the other one ghost is trying to keep another from leaving earth for heaven. They must have living hosts and possess various people and animals via just simple eye contact, with about 8 to 10 possessions/body jumps in this episode. At the end the Hero's Professor is killed and possesses his Aunt ...more
Sheena episode Unknown
In a mid-african jungle setting, Ex-Baywatch babe Gina Lee Nolan has the power to shapeshift in any jungle animal, and a few chimera-like creatures.
Sheepinator 2 commercial Ratchet & Clank 3 Up Your Arsenal
I just came across this ad. It's a version of the older Ratchet-ads featuring the "Sheepinator", a bi weapon that turns anything into a sheep. In this one we see two neighbours fight it out with different weapons from the game in a typical suburbia. One of them fires a rocket which misses but heads ...more
Sherlock Holmes: The Case of the Creeping Man
Were, Animal
Original Sherlock Holmes short story by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Sherlock Holmes is called in to investigate the case of a Professor who turns mad every nine days. Holmes reveals that this was due to a medicine designed to reverse the ageing process; unfortunately the maker of the medicine used seru ...more
Shifted Perspective by J. Bridger
An eighteen-year-old student Caleb Byrne discovers that he is a were-dog (Cocker Spaniel) and has to change into one each month. Then he finds an underground shifters society. *Source:
Shifter (webcomic)
Animal, Inanimate, Male, Mechanical, Gender
When Danny Philmore saves an old woman from being run down in the street, she gives him a magic potion which allows him to turn into basically anything that exists. (He can't turn into Santa Claus, for example, but he can become a mall Santa.) He started out trying to use his abilities to save pe ...more
Shining Force
In this mega drive game on chapter 2 there is a scientist and he says he built a machine that change people into animal your main character after enter the machine becomes a chicken.
Shiny Toy Guns - "Le Disko"
Spider legs come ripping out of the back of a dancer.
Showcase Presents Green Lantern Vol. 1 issue Unknown
A trade paperback reprinting the first 17 issues of the Green Lantern series from 1960. In two stories, Green Lantern's sidekick, Tom 'Pieface' Kalmaku is transformed into different animals. In the first, Tom is disguised as Green Lantern and captured by Hector Hammond who changes him into a chimp. ...more
Shrek the Third
In the teaser for the third Shrek movie we learn in the movie Donkey and Puss in Boots switch bodies.
The Simpsons episode Tales From The Public Domain
Homer tells the family some classic stories, like the Odyssey. In this version, Homer is Odysseus, whose sailors land on the island of Circe. Circe turns Moe, Apu, Carl, and Lenny into pigs. Homer/Odysseus EATS them, even after Circe tells him they are his friends. A hilarious episode of the show.
The Simpsons episode Treehouse of Horror XIII
The third segment is the "Island of Lost Souls", run by the mad Dr. Julius Hibbert. The island is one giant experiment in turning humans into animals, and we see most of the Simpsons' cast in some kind of animal form. (Marge a cat, Homer a walrus, etc.) Unfortunately, we only get to see the before a ...more
The Sims - Makin' Magic Expansion Pak
Makin' Magic is being called the last Expansion Pak for The Sims Computer Game franchise. This addition, now on sale, gives your Sims the ability to perform a variety of magic and supernatural spells. One such spell allows you to turn your friends and neighbors into frogs. Backfires can happen too, ...more
Simsala Grimm
Animal, Female, Inanimate
A children's animated television show based around the fairytales of the Brothers Grimm. In the title credits of every episode, a book covers two toys in golden dust, which brings them to life (one is a blue monkey/cat creature dressed as a jester named Yoyo, the other is a red & white striped liza ...more
Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger
Animal, Size
In a scene of this movie the witch Zenobia turns herself into a seagull and flys to Sinbad's ship. Once on board she turns back to her human form but is shrunken to a few inches tall. She goes into Sinbad's cabin and she makes her way across the floor towards a table. A baboon in a cage sees her and ...more
Sketchers Hytops Commercial
Hydee Hytop is showing off all of the new Hytops, when a boy sticks out his tounge at her. She tells him that he does not get it, because it is a girl thing, and turns him into a frog.
Sky High
Age, Male, Animal
There are a suprising amount of transformations in this movie, and most of these aren't just one shot. Too many to get into, so I'll just list 'em. Most take place first while the testing to see whether the students are heroes or sidekicks is going on. - One student, named Larry, is a stereotypic ...more
Sky Sports commercial British Lions Tour 2005
This advert is for Sky Sports' coverage of the British Lions rugby team's forthcoming tour of New Zealand. In it, the two teams face each other and the All-Blacks (NZ) begin their Haka war dance. They begin to turn into their Maori ancestors. In response, the British turn into lions and attack.
Sluggy Freelance issue Spitting Image
By giving her a cursed necklace for Christmas, Torg accidentally turns Zoe into a camel...even three years later, she still occasionally is returned to this form.
Smallville episode Skinwalker
In the second season, a native American girl turns into a wolf to scare Lionel Luthor and his employees (including Martha Kent). Her name is Kayla and she falls in love with Clark. At the end of the episode Kayla is in her wolf guise but is mortally wounded after crashing through the window of Lex' ...more
Smokey the Bear
Gender, Animal
Attractive woman transforms into Smokey the Bear in 1973 public service announcement No actual transformation / disguise only - marked for removal 2007mar25 - cj
Smurfs episode "It's a Puppy's Life"
Gargamel and puppy switch bodies and cause trouble for the smurfs
Smurfs episode Turncoat Smurf
Animal, Gender
Smurfette and greedy smurf switch bodies. Brief. At the end of the show, Gargamel switched with his cat.
Smurfs, episode "Brainy's Beastly Boo-Boo"
Taken from the season where the Smurfs were traveling through space and time uncontrollably. While in a small Africal village, Brainy, left behind as baby-sitter for two of the village girls, two Smurflings (Sasette and Snappy), and Baby Smurfs, decides to act as a Storyteller (complete with mag ...more
Snapple commercial Fly Hard
In one commerical they did a superhero kind of comercial where one bottle of snapple was a superman like superhero. Well in the commericial a mad scientist who was a vial of blue stuff makes a machine that turns all the world leaders into chicks.
SNK vs Capcom: Chaos
One of the game's secret bosses is Athena--not the girl from King of Fighters, but the Greek goddess from an earlier SNK game. If you lose to her, she turns your character into an animal as punishment. Most of the transformations are pretty ironic; for example, Mai Shiranui becomes a cow.
So I'm a Spider, So What?
Animal, Race, Gender
A high school class all dies and is reincarnated in a fantasy world. Most are just reincarnated as human as the same gender though some are reincarnated as other races. Animal: (Spoiler Text) Race: (Spoiler Text) Gender: (Spoiler Text)
So Weird episode Lightning Rod
This episode has several transformations! A boy is turned into a tree (the book he was reading is turned into the leaves!) adults are turned into ducks as well, if memory serves; as inadvertant wishes are granted to the cast!
So Weird episode Shelter
Fi (the teenaged main character who spends her time investigating the paranormal) gets turned into a dog after she snoops too close to a witch who runs an abusive animal shelter.
Soman Chainani book The School of Good and Evil
Kind of a Harry Potter knock-off. A lot of animal transformations.
Sonic Boom episode "The Meteor"
Animal, Male
When Sonic and Dr. Eggman touch the purple meteor at the same time, they both switched Bodies.
To solve one of the game's trickiest puzzles, the player character (PC) has to temporarily transform into a bat by using the 'fweep' spell (change into a bat).
Soul Nomad and the World Eaters
Male, Female, Gender, Animal
An item in the game called "Switch" (or the better version called "Change") Allows you to "Trade bodies with the target squad". It gives you control of an enemy squad while giving the enemy control of your squad that used the item. The animation after using the item shows the souls of the squad lea ...more
South Park episode Damien
Damien turns Kenny into a duck-billed platypus after Kenny makes jokes about Damien's, the son of Satan, mother.
South Park episode Good Times With Weapons
South Park episode Mr. Garrison's Fancy New Vagina
Gender, Animal
After Kyle explains to his parents that he wants to get plastic surgery to become tall and black so he can play basketball, his father Gerald attempts to confront the surgeon that gave Mr. Garrison a sex change(and thus inspired Kyle to completely change himself through surgery as well). While Geral ...more
South Park episode Super Best Friends
One of the Super Best Friends, Krishna, can shape-shift into any animal. In this episode he is seen transforming into an eagle and a beaver.
Space Ace: The Animate Series episode Cute Groots
Space Ace: The Animate Series: episode: Cute Groots In the short lived Ruby Spears TV series based on the laserdisc arcade game, Ace is still suffering from being hit by the Infanto Ray, and is still sporadically changing back and forth between his adult self, and his scrawnier younger self. I ...more
Space Adventure Cobra
Animal, Gender
My favorite animated futuristic series features Cobra, an space pirate who fights mobsters and other criminals with his partner Lady Armaroid, and his ultimate weapon, the Psycho-Gun (embodied in his left arm). Chapter 28: Doug is a killer (cowboy-style) who has the ability of shapeshift. In th ...more
Space Quest V: The Next Mutation
A transporter accident turns Roger into a fly for a bit.
At one point, the PC acquires the spell 'snavig' (shape change), and is allowed to temporarily transform into a double of any creature nearby. The spell can be used successfully on the grouper (fish), a grue (creature that lurks in the darkness), and an ogre (though this last one is not needed to fi ...more
Spider! episode Monkey Business
Spider is a children's animated show on the CBBC about a little boy and his arachnid friend Spider. In each short episode there is some kind of song. In the episode "Monkey Business," the little boy and his friends start a pillow fight after the little boy's mother closes the door and turn into ...more
Spiffkins Eats Frogs
In this early silent fantasy, the title character has such a taste for amphibians that he begins eating the raw, which causes him to change into a frog.
Spike #5
Being cut off from Angel and the rest in Las Vegas, Spike decides to bring in Willow to help against Wolfram&Hart. (Spoiler Text)
"Spirit Folk" episode of Star Trek: Voyager
The inhabitants of the holo-city of Fair Haven suspect the Voyager crew of having mystical powers when they witness the use of their futuristic technology. In the beginning of the episode Harry Kim is on a date (i guess) with a woman named Maggie. When Harry is about to kiss Maggie, the prankste ...more
Spirited Away
This movie has several transformations. Include people turning into pigs, a baby being changed into a mouse, and a dragon that can take on human form.
"Spirits" episode of Stargate SG-1
Spirit Protectors of a Native American tribe are able to shape change at will and use this power to infiltrate SG command in order to stop them from trying to mine trinium ore from their planet. The "Spirits" change form into a wolf, a crow, and into many of the SG personnel. In their true form ...more
Spongebob Squarepants episode I Was a Teenage Gary
One day, Squidward agrees to snail-sit Gary the snail while Spongebob and Patrick are at the jellyfish convention, unfortunately Gary becomes horribly ill when Spongebob comes home, the doctor is screamish and won't give Gary the injection himself so he gets Squidward to do it- so Squidward att ...more
The Spongebob Squarepants Movie
at the end when Mr Crabs is de-freezed Triton accidently turns him into a boy, but quickly fixes the problem and changes him into a Crab again, very brief
Spooksville episode "The Wicked Cat"
After a supernatural were-cat begins to terrorize Spooksville, Sally is found transformed into a kitten. Adam and Watch seek help from Ann to conjure up a spell to save their friend from being a feline forever.
Spring (2015)
Female, Were, Animal
Evan, a twenty-something American who just lost his mother and needs time away from his girlfriend goes to Italy on a whim and somehow falls head over heels for Louise, a local girl. But the morning after they first make love, the audience quite literally sees Louise in a different light. Who, or ...more
Sprite Films Commercial
Commercial for the Sprite Films Contest, where eliminated contestants are disposed of by various means such as summoning a wizard to turn two of them into chickens and spaceships/a penguin to vaporize others.
A scientist with a snakes-are-the-ultimate-of-all-creatures mindset turns his assistants into snakes.
Stan Lee Presents: Mosaic
Gender, Male, Female, Animal
A new animated film (straight-to-DVD) from Stan Lee. During a lightning storm, the heroine - a teen stage actress - gains the ability to shape-shift into other people and animals by copying their DNA (as well as invisibility, super-strength and... climbing walls). She soon uncovers a plot invol ...more
Star Ocean Series
Animal, Inanimate
Petrification features as an in-battle status effect in all three games. It is only featured in the story of the first game, as a virus spread throughout the planet Roak. Petrified characters cannot move or be attacked. The effect is permanent until cured. Freezing is an in-battle effect in St ...more
Age, Gender, Animal
You can see "Girl Bernard" in a very brief appearance in the movie's trailer. The character was called "Brevis" in Stardust the book. A very minor character. "Bernard" gets turned into quite a busty tavern wench. If you see the trailer on, there's a scene where the evil witch played ...more
Stardust book by Neil Gaiman
Gender, Animal
A young man is turned into a goat, then a serving girl. A goat is turned into a man. A young woman is kidnapped by a witch and made to live as a bird when she's not working. Info courtesy of message board post by Corwin
Stephen Colbert: Philosphy and Popular Culture
The cover of the book features Colbert transforming into an Eagle, sporting feathers and a beak.
Stephen Dixon book Sleep - Dat
In the short story "Dat" a single human feeds a cat some dog's food, and cat changes into a dog. He tries this food himself and changes into dog too. (pages: 204-213)
Steve Brust book To Reign in Hell
One of Steven Brust's best works, To Reign in Hell is an inventive retelling of the revolt of angels in heaven and the fall of Lucifer and those angels who stood by his side. This heaven however was carved out by the changing of "cacoastrum" (basically chaos itself) into "illiaster" which is bound ...more
Steve Senn: A Circle in the Sea book Unknown
Robin Shaw is a young girl whose father is an Archaeologist working under the ocean at what may be the ruins of Atlantis. One day he returns home and brings her a ring trapped in a block of stone. When Robin removes the ring from the rock she falls asleep and wakes up as a dolphin off the coast of ...more
This novel is really a collection of three interrelated tales, with only the first one -- set in a post-Apocalyptic time in which roving magicians menace the remainder of society -- involving any transformations. In this story of "NeoZitek", a wandering "good" sorcerer, we find a large black mule w ...more
Stripperella episode Nigth of the Werebeaver
A man is bitten by a beaver and transforms into a werebeaver during the waxing moon. He transform twice and revert back when stripperalle gives him the anitdote.
Stroker and Hoop episode XXX Wife
An adult film director of "Gals Gone Wild" movies appeases the demands of his japanese investors by creating "Gals Gone Wilder" - which he claims takes "the hottest coeds and splices their dna with that of tigers". The tiger-women get loose and pounce upon the japanese businessman. Part of the a ...more
Stunt Double net fiction Unknown
There are a large number of stories on the TSA page. I think this is the best of the animal ones. A young stunt man is paid to be transformed into the physical dupilicate of a 5 year old German Shepard Shelba for a movie for 2 months. ...more
Sugar Puffs commercial Honey Monster
This British advertisment for 'Sugar Puffs' breakfast cereal was screened in the early 1990s and I vaguely remember it. A young boy sleeply walks down the stairs on a sunny day to get some breakfast (presumably the rest of his family are still asleep) and he notices on the top shelf a box of his f ...more
Super Gem Fighter: Mini Mix
Tessa (Tabasa in Japan), a student who is studying magic, discovers that a stick exists that can change a being's appearance and seeks out Hsienko (Lei Lei in Japan) who is a desendent of the family that last owned the stick. She ends up winning the stick from Hsienko in a fight, but she accident ...more
Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts
Age, Animal, Gender
Through the game Arthur can get turned into a baby, a seal, a bee, and even a village woman by a Jester attack, depending on what armor (or lack of armor) you are wearing.
Super Mario Bros Super Show episode "Brooklyn Bound / Cher's Poochie"
Part of the live action segment. Mario (Lou Albano) invents a Pizza transforming machine, while watching Cher's, the singer, dog. But Mario accidentally switches bodies with the dog. (Spoiler Text)
Super Mario Galaxy
When Mario collects the Ice Mushroom he changes into an ice version of himself. When Mario collects the Boo Mushroom he changes into a boo version of himself. When Mario collects the Bee Mushroom he changes into a bee version of himself.
Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force GO episode I, Chiro
In the season finalie after a long battle Antauri merges his spirit with Chiro thus turning Chiro into a monkey
Superboy & The Legion Of Super-Heroes issue Unknown
Lana Lang, in her other identity of the Insect Queen, changes into several human-insect hybrids, such as a bee-woman, spider-woman, and wasp-woman.
Superboy(the TV Series) episode The Woman Called Tiger Eye. 2x26
Lana was turned into a snake, by a woman called Tiger Eye, using a crystal. She then used Lana's voice to call Superboy and told him where to find her. She hold Lana as hostage, forcing Superboy to fuse 5 different crystals into a larger one that gave her powers. She used the power to make Superboy ...more
Supergirl episode Event Horizon
Age, Animal, Gender
A group of young girls are on tour through all of the new Kryptonian Artifacts on display. Mallory stays behind, and looks very curiously at the pod Superman was sent to Earth in. (Spoiler Text)
Superman #253
Ferlin Nxyly has found an alien suit of armor and decides to use it against his enemy, Superman.The armor leads him to Clark Kent's apartment, where he is involved in an accident with Kent's neighbor Billy Anders and another neighbor's pet lynx. The armor's energies cause Billy's body to go comatos ...more
Superman (2016) #25
As Jon Kent is freed from Manchester Black's control, the psychic wave sends leaves Manchester Black apparently in a coma. (Spoiler Text)
Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane #69
This Superman story has Lois Lane and Lana Lang using the fame insect queen bio ring which they turn into various insects and ones from Superman's home world. Then some woman named Velvet O Mara steals it and uses it to try and kill Superman buy teaming up with the anti-Superman gang. She persuades ...more
Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #116
(on the comic's cover Jimmy Olson swings by on a vine as an ape dressed in a suit watches nearby...) "Jimmy what's gotten into you Why are you acting like an ape?" Superman asks. "Because he IS an ape in my body! I'm the real Jimmy Olsen" replies an ape holding a camera
Superman: The Animated Series episode "Mxyzpixilated"
Animal, Inanimate
A tiny creature from the fifth dimension named Mr. Mxyzptlk challenges Superman's powers. Mr. Mxyzptlk torments Superman by turning his parents into chickens, then into ducks, then ostriches, then alien monsters, and finally into an American Gothic-type picture before turning them back. Later in th ...more
SureSport Commercial
A bunch of people in a city wear a deodurant that gives you the protection to go wild. And by go wild they mean, you can turn into an animal.
Surface episode 11 and Up
I've been watching this series on NBC since it began last Fall in 2005. It's not great (many of the ideas seems lifted from movies like E.T. Jaws, Close Encounters and shows like The X-Files), but I'm addicted and call it a "guilty pleasure show". As for the TF... here it is... Miles (one of the m ...more
"Survival" episode of Doctor Who
Furry, Animal
The Doctor and his assistant Ace travel to a planet where everyone who stays there too long is transformed into a large cat like creature.
Susan Dexter book The True Knight
From the Inside Flap The stallion, the swan, and the sorceress Titch had trained all his life in the ways of honor and of arms. Now he saddled his late father's warhorse, belted on his heirloom sword, and set off to win his knighthood. Unfortunately, his first challenge pitted him against a form ...more
Susan Jeschke book Rima and Zeppo
Rima is in training to be a witch by her mother, Hester. But Rima sometimes forgets how to change things back. She accidentially changes her best friend, Zeppo, a little boy, into a dog.
Suzy Pig issue Evlyn Moreau
Small comic about a little pig transformed into a girl: This is from small group of comics book artist from Montreal.
Sweet Valerian episode Unknown
Sweet Valerian is a new Japanese anime that defies description. It's one of those shows 'officially' aimed at a very young audience, say 5-8 year old girls, but it's sure to interest the older fanboys and "otaku" quite a bit. At first glance it's a "Mahou Shoujo" series, a "Magical Girl" s ...more
The Sword In The Stone
A Disney animated feature that retells the story of King Arthur's training by Merlin. In one scene, Merlin turns himself and Arthur into squirrels only to end up being pursued by amorous female squirrels. AWhen Arthur returns to human form, it breaks the female squirrel's heart. In another scene, Me ...more
Sylvia Peck book Sea Child
from the Amazon Editorial Reviews Improvising on the Celtic legend of the selkies--seals that take on human form--Peck has created an uneven but stylish first novel. Lured by the plaintive cries of a se ...more
Explanation of the category 'Animal'

A person changes completely into a different species of natural animal.

So, a change into a catgirl (furry) or a Pegasus (mythical) is not an animal transformation.

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