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Category: 'Animal'
J. K. Maxwell book The Phantom Sleuth : A Fantasy About Cats
Animal hero of the book changes into a cat and lives with cats
J.K. Rowling book Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
More animal transformations.
J.K. Rowling book Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Contains wizards who can change into animals.
Jabberjaw Episode The Great Shark Switch
Clamhead and Shelly are captured by commander shark. He decides to transform them into sharks to join his army of sharks. The Neptunes put a plan into motion to stop commander shark and his army. But, first they must turn clamhead and shelly back to humans. The transformation is reversed and shelly ...more
Jack the Giant Killer
In this Harryhausen-esque filmed fairy tale, the valiant country boy Jack battles the giants of the title, wizards, skeletons, and dragons, all for the love of the beautiful princess. About mid-way through, the evil wizard changes a friendly Viking into a dog and Jack\'s cabinboy into a chimpanzee, ...more
Jack Chalker
Gender, Animal, Furry
Many of Mr. Chalker's books have gender changes in form or another.
Jack of Fables #34
Gender, Animal
Kevin Thorne had the power to rewrite reality. Bixby the Big Bad Wolf is his target, and is forced to undergo a series of transformations.
Jackie Chan Adventures
Animal, Mythical, Gender
"Jade Monkey" episode of Jackie Chan Adventures
A magic monkey talismen transforms many of the characters into animals. The whole episide is full of animal transformations including Jade being transformed into a monkey and trapped in that form for a good portion of the episode.
Jak 3
In addition to the Dark Jak form from Jak II, Jak now gets the ability to become Light Jak. In Light Jak form Jak's entire body turns a luminecent blue, making his eyes glow white as well as making him look like he is made of energy (which is quite possible.) He later gets the ability to sprout wi ...more
Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy
Daxter, Jak's wise-cracking friend, is knocked into a vat of Dark Eco. When he emerges he has been transformed into an Ottsel (a cross between an Otter and a Weasel). You spend the rest of the game traveling the world trying to find a guy to change Daxter back. The only gy who can fix him is the bad ...more
James and the Rainbros "Children of the Universe"
the (now late) Timothy Treadwill (AKA the Grizzly Man) is snatched away by rabbit aliens and is transformed into a bear. He is then cloned and sent to an alien planet where he must fight against a monster. Very interesting video, done in a very interesting sytle.
Japan Beverage commercial Unknown
Japanese TV commercial where a man turns into a raccoon.
Japanese TF media list
many coote! K.A.T (kids into animal transformations)-style references. You can use babelfish ( to translate it, but movie/comics/boot titles are translated into meaningless gibberish.
Jeannie (cartoon) episode The Dog
This was a Hanna Barbera Saturday morning cartoon spin-off of "I Dream of Jeannie". I In Episode #14 called, "The Dog" Hadji turns Corey into a dog for calling his dog a Mutt. Read more at the wikipedia entry: *Wikipedia Entry for Jeannie (Cartoon)
Jeannie aur Juju
Animal, Gender, Inanimate, Size, Age
Modern version of "I Dream of Jeannie" from indian television. Episodes with tiny genie appearances: tiny female genie(s): 7,8,12,15,22,23,26,28,29,31,32,41,55,56,59,60,65handheld,71,73,75,85,86,89, 111,114,115,121,122,124,125,128,130,133,135,136,145,147,148,155,161,164,168,174,184,185,189, ...more
Jennifer Roberson book Shapechangers
This book tells about a tribe, the "Cheysuli", who are able to change into one special animal, called their "Lir" (mostly a wolf or a falcon). The normal people are frightened about the Cheysuli and want to kill them. Alix, the main charakter in the first book, didn`t know that she's a Cheysuli ...more
Jerry Jay Carroll book Top Dog
from Editorial Reviews Bogey Ingersol is finding it hard to do the right thing. The wealthy corporate raider spent most of Jerry Jay Carroll's first novel, Top Dog, as a large canine, confronting a choice between Good and Evil. In the Fair Lands, Bogey reevaluated his life. When return ...more
The Jersey episode This Rocks
The Jersey episode Willa Jumps
Animal, Gender
gs: Sam Garnes (Himself) Willa tries the jersey for size by exposing it to the whole school. But first she jumps into a football player, Amani Toomer (Himself. Then she tries to sell rides to others at school and a male nerd winds up in the body of a little girl on a store rocking horse. Af ...more
Jessie, "To Be Me or Not to Be Me"
Animal, Gender, Male, Female
Part of Disney Channel's Freaky Freakend stunt. Ravi gets a magic bell from India in the mail that has body swapping powers. Jessie switches with Zuri, Emma switches with Luke and Ravi switches with Bertram. Later, after everyone seems to have switched back, Jessie switches with Mr. Kipling the gia ...more
Jim C. Hines book Goblin Quest
A humourous fantasy novel about a lowly goblin who gets captured by a group of adventurers and is forced to share their adventure with them. At the end of the book he uses the Rod of Creation(the object that the adventurers had come seeking) to turn 3/4 of the party into animals, as they were go ...more
In the comics Gorilla city is reveled to the world and joins the UN but the gorilla is killed by an evil group of gorillas called the Simian scarlet force (I think) who trick Superman, Wonder woman, Flash and Aquaman to come and talk peace with the gorilla council. They are ambushed by gorilla f ...more
Joe Haldeman book Camouflage
Animal, Inanimate, Male, Gender
Two shapeshifters who have spent millions of years on Earth are drawn to the Samoan Islands after a mysterious artifact is found on the ocean floor. The primary shapeshifter, the alien "changeling", can shift into male, female, animal and inanimate shapes, with some effort. The changeling spends ...more
John Moore book The Unhandsome Prince
Twist on the classic frog prince fairy tale. Starts just as the prince turns back into a prince after being a frog, so maybe it doesn't quite count--the actual TF happens on page -1, so to speak.
John Myers Myers book Silverlock
In chapter two, the hero is shipwrecked on the island of Aeaea, home of Circe. She feels insulted by the man and turns him into a pig.The hero is rescued by Golias, and when the next chapter begins, he has returned to his normal form.
John Tigges book Venom
A woman is cursed to become a huge cobra on certain nights.
Jon Buller and Susan Schade book Mike and the Magic Cookies
Mike Tracy it sent by his family to go pick up some dessert for his family. On the way he makes a wrong turn and ends up at a strange bakery. The baker sells him some animal shaped cookes and sends him on his way. When Mike and his family eat the cookies they begin turing into the animals that the ...more
Journey Into Mystery issue The Sorcerer
Aaron is a sorcerer on the run from his own people who finds a job and true love in a desert town. When three other sorcerers come to retrieve him, Aaron refuses to go, and a battle of magic ensues. At one point, Aaron is turned into a cat, and retaliates by turning his foes into mice. This lasts th ...more
Ju-On :The Grudge
It's really good, strange and mystical horror about cursed home and cursed family. The one of the "restless soul" of young boy with black eyes (demon? personification of curse? ghost?) changed into a black cat. But in that film the ghost of the murdered woman which changes into a black, shadow-li ...more
Judith Mellecker book The Fox and the Kingfisher
Unhappy with their father's plan to remarry, a brother and sister have their wishes fulfilled by a stableboy who knows magic and are turned into a fox and a kingfisher.
Juicy Fruit Gum commercial Unknown
A janitor tries to steal a magician's gum. The magician chases him down, turning him into a baboon, a chicken, and a goldfish, which he drops in his tank.
Jumanji: The Next Level
Age, Animal, Female, Male, Race, Gender
A few years after the events of Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, everyone has gone their separate ways. While home for Christmas break from college, Spencer gets overwhelmed and decides to try and rebuild the console, but it is not working quite right. The others (Becky, Martha and Fridge) go to ...more
Justice League Europe #14
Animal, Monster
An unnamed video collector gains the power to become any character on film and movies and to take them into his world. Besides a number of familiar actors he also became a Benji-clone of a dog, as well as Godzilla.
Justice League Unlimited episode Dead Reckoning
In this episode the Justice League helps a ghost called Boston Brand retrieve a mystic orb (which has the imprisoned spirit of one of Batman's old teachers) from the Legion of Doom. Grodd plans to use the orb to turn every human on earth into gorrilas like himself. At the very end of the episode ...more
Justice League Unlimited episode This Little Piggy
Batman and Wonder Woman run afoul of the goddess Circe who transforms Wonder Woman into a pig. Batman and Magician Zattana must track her down, upon finding her she transforms several men into savage beasts to battle them. Meanwhile Wonder Pig has escaped them and entered a slaughter house.
Explanation of the category 'Animal'

A person changes completely into a different species of natural animal.

So, a change into a catgirl (furry) or a Pegasus (mythical) is not an animal transformation.

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