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Category: 'Animal'
Fable II
Animal, Gender, Age
===Fairfax Castle (gender)=== After completing the main story of the game a few new buildings become available for purchase, one being castle fairfax which can be purchased for 1 million gold. On purchasing the castle a new quest begins and requests that you sleep in the master bedroom. After do ...more
Fables #51
Cinderella turns herself into a mouse as part of a mission for Fabletown.
Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers issue Number 6
Fat Freddy's aunt turns his uncle into a parrot. Later the boys request she turn him into a drug dealer (I wonder why).
Faerie Tale Theatre (1985) episode "Cinderella"
Fairy God Mother used her magic wand to turn two white mice into white horses, and turned a black rat into a coachman. Then at the end (close to the end) of the movie when the prince found Cinderella after trying the glass slipper on her, Fairy God mother used her magic wand to turn Cinderella's ...more
Fairly Odd Parents episode Dog's Day Afternoon
Timmt is jealous of Vickey's pet dog, Doylr, so he wishes to his faury godparents to change places with Vicky's dog. He enjoys it for a little, but when he finds out that Vick's dog is going to get fixed, he tries to undo his wish, but his godparents can't understand him, so he is stuck as Doyle. At ...more
The Fairly OddParents
Age, Animal, Gender
Ten-year-old Timmy Turner is an only child, and he is often babysat by a mean teenage girl, Vicky. His world gets brighter when two fairy godparents, Cosmo and Wanda, are assigned to him by Fairyworld. Their job is to make him happy by granting all his wishes.
Fairview High
Your standard "freak high school" scenario. The chapter in question features the local werewolf turning human, and his classmates trying to change him back with a kind of seance. The witch girl screws up, and all her friends become talking animals. May be more transformations on the way. htt ...more
Fairy Tail episode 222 "Transform"
Animal, Female, Gender
Lucy walks into fairy tail and decides she wants to learn new magic for herself so she decides to ask Mira to teach her transformation magic. Mira agrees to teach her and as usually Natsu and happy want to join in on the fun. So Mira starts off with the basics of transformation magic. First mira st ...more
Fairy Tail, Episode 19
Animal, Gender, Male
In Epsode 19 of the Anime "Fairy Tail" everybody in the guild swaps bodies by reading an unknown spell by mistake. The first swap occurs between 6 members of the guild: Lucy/Gray, Natsu/Some guy, Happy/Erza and then while trying to undo it everybody in the guild swaps with each other you can watch ...more
Fairy Tale Police Department
Australian cartoon about 2 police officers, Johnny Legend, a swave pretty boy whom is pretty clueless most of the time, and Christine Andersen, a spunky red head whom acts as the brains of the outfit, in a world of Fairy Tales. Thoughout the series, there are many transformations all caused by dif ...more
Fallout 3
Age, Animal, Gender
SPOILERS: At one point in the game you arrive in a simulated reality known as tranquility lane. In it, you are now a young boy (or girl if your character is female). The scientist who created the simulation likes to mess with those in it, and is in the body of a little girl when you arrive. ...more
Fam and Ihrie
Ihrie is cursed to turn into a mouse when she uses stong magic
Familiar Ground
A fantasy humor comic that follows the antics of a sarcastic frog, a mystic cat, and a shapeshifting horse as they accompany their humans on an epic quest. Updates three times a week, MWF. * website
Family Guy episode The Tan Aquatic with Steve Zissou
Gender, Animal
In one short bit - a reference to the 1984 movie "Gremlins" - Peter makes the mistake of feeding a cute little Mogwai after midnight. Instead of a gremlin, however, the Mogwai turns into an even more terrifying creature: Fran Drescher. NOTE: I put "gender" as the category because Lois Griffin ...more
Famous places of Ravenloft:
Mythical, Were, Animal
The Shadow Demi-plane of Ravenloft absorbs all horrors from the D&D multiverse. When someone commits act of horrible evil, Dark Forces could teleport him into misty realm, then change them to better fit his new evil role. Very often, they chsnge humans into vampires and werewolves, but other mutati ...more
Fantasy Island(1998), Dream
A man falls in love with a woman(Jennifer Gardner) – who's really a dolphin. With at least one on screen transformation from dolphin to human female form.
Fighting Foodons episode "To Catch a Beef"
On Episode 20 (To Catch a Beef) of the anime Fighting Foodons, there was an evil foodon named Mouse Special who has the ability to transform and disguise himself as anybody he wants. However, his disguises aren't perfect because sometimes his horns (or hair) and/or tail is visible, or he gets the w ...more
FilmFakers episode Croc Park
It is more like a show about a movie that had a transformation in it. AMC did this prank show called "FilmFakers" were they got a bunch of people who wanted to be actors and put them in this Movie called "Croc Park". It was basically the worst idea and scripting for a movie ever. The premise, in ...more
Final Fantasy III
Size, Animal
There's a frustrating section early on in the game where you are stranded on an island and need to use the Size spell to cross through a town of pygmies. Not too much later than this, you have to shrink again to find a jeweled eye stolen by an awkwardly intelligent rat. In another dungeon, you n ...more
Final Fantasy IV
Age, Animal, Gender, Monster, Size, Inanimate
===Age=== One of your characters, Rydia, is only 7 when she joins your party, however, when she gets accidentally swallowed by the monster Leviathan and taken to the Land of summoned monsters, She begins to age rapidly due to the difference in the flow of time there, By the time she returns to y ...more
Final Fantasy Series
Inanimate, Monster, Size, Animal
===Size=== Characters can be shrunk as part of a status change or magic spell, mini. ===Animal=== Status changes include characters being turned into: #Frogs in Final Fantasy III #Pigs in Final Fantasy IV ===Monster=== Status changes include characters being turned into: #Imps in Fi ...more
Finn on the Fly
Animal, Female, Male
A mad scientist transforms a little boy's dog into a man, later on, toward the end the female scientist falls prey to her own invention and is transformed into a dog. She is then presented in a cage to the board of directors she works for who seem quite happy with the idea of not changing her ba ...more
Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
There is a race of Laguz (they say that ingnorant people call them sub-humans). They will join our party. They can transform between human and animal to attack their enemy. There was a nice cutscene where one changed from a lion into a man.
"Fish Schtick" episode of Sabrina, The Animated Series
In one episode, Sabrina is transformed into a fish when she wishes she could swim like one.
Flight of the Amazon Queen
Animal, Gender
There are multiple transformations in this game that fall into many different categories: ===Animal=== First in a sequence located in an underground lab, an Amazon woman is transformed into a dinosaur hybrid and then into a alluring lizard woman. ===Gender/Animal=== Later on in the game whe ...more
Flint the Time Detective episode Snug as a Bug
Flint, Sarah, Tony and Merlock are turned into bugs. I can't find pictures anywhere.
Businessman Thomas Johnson (Matthew Modine) dies in a car crash and is reincarnated as a dog who is then named "Fluke." We also learn that Rumbo (voiced by Samuel L. Jackson) was human when he died, and then reincarnated as a dog himself. At the end, we see Rumbo reincarnated as a squirrel.
The Fly (1986)
A wonderful thriller about Seth Brundle (Jeff Golblum)attempting to change the world using a teleportation device he manufactured. However things get complicated when a fly sneaks into the telepod, and Seth's first human subject is merged with the fly... HIMSELF. Now hes slowly transforming into som ...more
The Fly 2
Not nearly as good as the tragic story that was the first, this movie introduces us to Martin Brundle, Seth Brundle's hybrid son. Who, was born with the dna that ended his father's life. He grows up into a adult male in just 5 years, never sleeps... and now it seems hes transforming into something.. ...more
Info from official game site: Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be a monster? Well, Now is your chance! You will be able to transform into an Aibatt or Lawolf by using the Aibatt and Lawolf trans Items! There will be 6 trans items availabe for only 150 gPotatos (sets of 10): Baby A ...more
Forest Warrior
John McKenna is a spiritual being who is able to transform into bear, wolf or eagle. He lives in the forests of Tanglewood and has dedicated his life to protect them. One day a gang of evil lumberjacks led by Travis Thorne arrive Tanglewood to chop the forest down. McKenna cannot let this happen, a ...more
"Forever Phantom" episode of Danny Phantom
Male, Gender, Animal
A ghost with morphing abilities impersonates: A cheerleader; Tucker's dad; a dog; and Danny Fenton. Both him and the actual Danny Phantom get locked in their forms by a Fenton Device.
"Fox Eyes" by Mordicai Gerstein
One of two books from Mordicai Gerstein with common themes - the magical Old Country, music and ability of foxes swap with humans when they look into eyes of animal long enough. In the "Fox Eyes", a boy exchanges with the fox, and they spent a day in each other body. But his grandma forces to ch ...more
Franklin Richards, Son of a Genius in Evolution Revolution
Inanimate, Animal
In this short story, Franklin Richards asks his father Reed for help with his science homework. In demonstrating a recently created device that can "de-evolve any matter to its original evolutionary component and then safely re-evolve it back to its modern state", Reed is transformed into an angry ...more
Franky Furbo book by William Wharton
Animal, Mythical
An artist write tales about an almost-omnipotent superfox Franky. When his youngest son asks him about the realism of that story, he honestly answers "yes!", Because Franky saved him during a World War. To prove it, he starts a journey to meet a German soldier whom he saved too, where he makes a ...more
Die Verwandlung
First sentence: "As Gregor Samsa awoke one morning from uneasy dreams, he found himself transformed in his bed into a gigantic insect." Oddly, his first reaction is "Oh no, I'm a giant cockroach, I'm going to be so late for work!"
Freyad Dryden's Gaea Project
Animal, Female, Inanimate, Mythical
This DA page is describing a RPG project. Apparently, the author is trying to find an artist. The world of Gaea is very detailed and appears to be full of TFs. In his stories and journal I've found the following TFs. One character can change her shape to be human. An entire kingdom of people ...more
Fright Night
Animal, Were
Charlie Brewster is convinced that his new neighbor Jerry Dandridge (Chris Sarandon) is a vampire, so he enlists the help of horror show host Peter Vincent. At first no one believes him, until Peter catches a glimpse and sees that Jerry's reflection isn't there in the mirror. Charlie's best ...more
Fritz Mutz
Synopsis: Boy changes into a dog and runs into pet store. He needs to escape. This is an free interactive-on-PC story. You need to play it. Editors Note ...more
Froot Loops commercial Man in Bathroom Dream turns into Toucan Sam
Way back in the early 90s, there was a commercial where a guy is at the breakfast table, describing a dream he had last night. He says how he went into the bathroom, washes his face, and then his nose has turned into Toucan Sam's when he looks back up. I forget what happens in here: I believe he ...more
Fruits Basket episode Unknown
A girl lodges with a family who transform into chinese zodiac animals when hugged by a member of the opposite sex.
"The Full Monkey" episode of Kim Possible
After being zapped while wearing the mystical Monkey King amulet, Kim Possible begins to explore her wild side -- as she slowly transforms into a monkey.
Fushigiboshi no Futagohime episode Episode 12
As far as I can surmise, the character Fine is turned into a monkey because she curses the "Mother Tree"
Futurama Comics #26
Animal, Female, Age
===Animal=== After Bender recieves alot of fire arms while trying to get an 'alien firearm' degree he acidentally fire an animal transformation gun at Lela, Fry, Amy and Zoidberg which turns them into an octopus (Lela), a giraffe (Fry), a cat (Amy) and a hippo (Zoidberg). They all change back in ...more
Futurama Comics issue 24
Another bout with the "What if.." machine, this time in comic form. Fry asks what if life was more like a sitcom? "I Dream of Leela" starts to play on the What if's screen. Fry, a space chimp (he is still human but just called a chimp) crashs on to an island and finds Leela, a genie in a bottle ...more
Futurama episode Anthology Of Interest 2: Wizzin'
Leela has a dream in which she is Dorothy from 'The Wizard Of Oz'. Instead of using her ruby boots to go home, she wishes to become a witch. Her first, last, and only act as a witch is to turn Fry, Bender, and the Professor into frogs.
Futurama episode Love's Labour Lost in Space
The crew attempts to gather two of every animal species from a planet which is about to implode (it had been completely hollowed out due to mining). One species Leela is trying to get is called a "Four Legged Mimic" which assumes a caricature form of the person nearest to it. In this case, it make ...more
Futurama issue 45 anthology of interest II
In this comic the 'what if machine' returns most of the main cast get a turn except for Zoidburg who keeps on trying to get a turn. In an attempt for the rest of the crew to feel sorry for him by trying to make them picture if they were poor stinking lobsters just for a minute which gives amy the i ...more
Explanation of the category 'Animal'

A person changes completely into a different species of natural animal.

So, a change into a catgirl (furry) or a Pegasus (mythical) is not an animal transformation.

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