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Category: 'Animal'
D&D Planescape book Something Wild
One of many planes of d20 multiverse is the Beastland. It containt all types of wilderness. All visitors of that plane are slowly changed to native animals. But one day, something changed. First, all animals become feral and started to attack even without need. Second , the transformation is greatly ...more
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart episode 2006 March 8
A Rob Courdry report They were talking about the use of Steroids in Baseball when they mentioned that one of the players was going for a world record... of most steroids ever taken. Jon than asked who held the previous record and Rob showed a picture of a rather skinny Chinese man. Ed mentioned t ...more
Dale Watters
This contains a MAJOR 'spoiler'. A pair of young lovers, sexually passionate but otherwise totally unsuited to one another, return from separate summer vacations with stunning secrets each gained knowledge of while on the Continent. The lady has found a ruined temple on one of the Greek islands wh ...more
Dameninngenn Blog
Inanimate, Animal, Mechanical
Another Japanese Blog transformer, this artist's style is interesting. His transformation pics are all sequences dealing with a green haired girl transforming in unique ways into various objects, usually she contorts or twists her body in the process, and, as such, it is almost like a morph. He als ...more
Damp Corn
If you eat damp corn, you will have a hallucination that you are turning into an animal. I haven't tried this myself so I don't know if this is true or not
Female, Inanimate, Mythical, Animal
Website features original prose, poetry, and images of various transformations, all involving women. Also has reviews of media featuring mature and/or fantasy elements.
Dark Heart - Care Bears Movie 2
An Evil Boy named "Dark Heart" transforms into any animal he wants and he can even transform himself into anything that is part of the weather (Like Clouds, Tornados, and etc).
Dave the Barbarian episode the cow says moon.
In this Halloween episode of Dave the barbarian- Dave gets bitten by one of Princess Irmaplot's monsters (the cow creature) and becomes a Werecow- he also becomes a werecat, Oswitch, a gym teacher, Lula, a hamster, and an egg beater and finally back to his normal self.
David Small book Imogene's Antlers
A children's book. A young girl named Imogene wakes up one day to discover she's grown a pair of elk antlers. The book follows the comic misadventures as she and her family try to adapt. The next day, she awakes to find the antlers are gone, but now she's grown a peacock's tail!
David Updike book Seven Times Eight
Truman and his dog Max switch bodies with humorous consequences both at home and at school. Grade 2-4
Day of Vengeance #1
The Phantom Stranger, a classic mystical character in DC Comics, has been turned into a small black mouse by the Spectre by the time the issue begins and is seen in a couple panels.
Day of Vengeance #2
As a followup to Issue 1 showing the Phantom Stranger as a mouse, this issue shows the actual transformation.
DC Infinite Halloween Special #1
Animal, Male, Monster
This comic is a one-shot set with 13 mini stories. The premise of the overall storyline is that the criminals held in Arkham Asylum have broken free of their cells, but cannot yet escape. The Joker is running the show, and says that they need to wait until the shift change, so to pass the time th ...more
Deep Space 69 episode Herman
Female, Animal
Hamilton, the talking koala sidekick, adopts a furry alien pet which he names Herman. That doesn't sit well with Jay, as a pet cramps his style with the ladies. But the pet is about to go through a few changes in just a week's time... (Spoiler Text)
Defenders of the Earth episode "Dracula's Potion"
After drinking the potion offered to them by Vlad, most of the Defenders are transformed into animals. Although the variety of tf's is surprising (e.g. monkey, panther, bear, etc.), the actual transformations are of the poof variety.
Defenders, vol. 1 & 2 issue Unknown
Arthur Nagan, the leader of the freakish Headmen, is a man who had his head transplanted onto an ape's body, and NOT by his own choice. No wonder he turned to a life of crime.
Defenders, vol. 1 issue Warm Heart Webbed Hands
Chondu, one of the Headmen, tries to infil;trate the Defenders, but fails miserably (See Male transformations). To keep him out of trouble, Dr. Strange puts his spirit into the body of a fawn.
The Demon issue The One Who Vanished
Klorian The Witch Boy turns his pet cat Teekl into a sexy humanoid woman.
Dentyne Ice Frog Kiss Commercial - Stuttering
At the beginning,a frog eats a Dentyne Ice gum then get kissed by a princess and transformed into a prince. At the end of the commercial, the animated prince and princess change into real people.
Destroy All Monsters
In this late great film, the enemies of earth are creatures known as Kilacks, who we find out at the end of the film who are hyper evolved slug like parasites that revert from a human like form if they are not kept heated by the proper tempature.
Age, Animal, Female, Furry, Gender, Inanimate, Male, Mythical, Size, Were
Groups of artists that feature transformations in their Art.
The Devil and John Hoag Reddick
I read the story a long time ago in a local newspaper. It's old Pennsylvania folklore about a man who enjoys gambling on horse races so much that he makes a deal with the devil to win the races he bets on, the price being his soul of course. Thinking himself more clever than the devil, he builds a p ...more
Devil Summoner 2: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. King Abaddon
Animal, Gender, Male
System: Playstation 2 Release: 2009 Publisher: ATLUS You play the role of Raidou Kuzunoha, a Devil Summoner who uses the aid of Demons to help him with his daily operations as a detective. During the early parts of the game, Raidou must use one of his Demons' innate abilities to physically t ...more
Dexter's Laboratory episode Changes
Animal, Gender
Dexter's newest invention can turn people into random animals. The episode revolves around Dexter and Dee Dee fighting over it. They get turned into a rabbit, tiger, goat, penguin, bear, rooster, dinosaur, snail, tortise, walrus, and all sorts of toher things. Finally they get turned into each othe ...more
Dexter's Laboratory episode Chicken Scratch
Dexter wakes up to find that he has red bumps all over his body. Deedee tells him that they are chicken pox and that if he scratches the bumps he will turn into a chicken. Dexter trys his hardest but he still scratches the bumps. Deedee then gets a knock on his bedroom door, opens it, to find De ...more
Dexter's Laboratory episode DeeDee's Tail
DeeDee, after getting feed up with being a human, decided to make Dexter change her into a Pony. Into the machine she goes and BAM! She's a pony. It takes her a bit to get used to walking on all fours, but after a few laps around the lab, she sees she is a natural. Now as a pony, she needs to st ...more
Diablo 2: Lord Of Destruction
In this expansion pack for Diablo 2, a new druid class is added. The druid has the power to transform into a werewolf or into a bear.
Diana Wynne Jones book Castle In The Air
A sequel to 'Howl's Moving Castle.' Abdullah, the hero of the book, and his ally the Soldier are briefly turned into toads. In addition, their cat companion, Midnight, is revealed to be Sophie, the heroine of the last book. While in the form of a cat, she gave birth to a kitten, Whippersnapper, who ...more
Diana Wynne Jones book Howl's Moving Castle
Female, Age, Animal, Inanimate
Sophie, through a magic power she didn't know she had, accidently brings to life a scarecrow. However, this scarecrow is more than he/it appears to be. There is a dog running around in the book who turns out to be a man bewitched by the Witch Of The Waste. Young Sophie meets up with the evil and c ...more
Diane Duane book Deep Magic
Second book of her 'Young Wizards' series, the two main characters must help some whale wizards perform a ritual. In order to help, they must turn themselves into whales.
Dianna Wynne Jones book Aunt Maria
A young girl called Mig goes with her mother and brother to babysit their old aunt. Apparently the old aunt is a witch who rules over the town. The brother, names Chris, keeps having these nights where a ghost comes to him. He figures out whats going on and goes to confront the aunt. The aunt turns ...more
Dianna Wynne Jones book Dogsbody
The male Dog Star Sirius is punished by being reincarnated as an earth dog. The book is designed for juveniles but it is high quality Sci Fi!
Dick Gackenbach book Dog for a Day
child becomes a... dog for a day intended for the very young market
Die Märchenbraut (orig. : Arabela) episode (see in the description)
This is a kind of a fairy tale in 13 episodes (made in Czechoslowakia and Germany, 1979-1981). It tells about several figures from fairy tales who visit the "human realm" and cause a lot of trouble there. In several episodes there are people being changed into an animal by a wishing ring from the f ...more
Dilbert issue Unknown
Dilbert goes on a blind date with a witch, who turns him into a frog. He has to put on a fake nose and go to England to get Princess Di to kiss him to change him back.
Dino Squad
Dino Squad is an upcoming animated television series by DiC Entertainment about five teenagers, each with the power to turn into a respective dinosaur. They use this power to fight the villainous Victor Veloci, who is intent on returning the world to the age of dinosaurs by turning humans into new ...more
Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency
Animal, Gender, Male
Based on the Douglas Adams book, this series in part revolves around a transference machine through which souls are swapped with animals and other people.
Disguise commercial David Beckham/Scooby-Doo
In a Commercial for something sold for David Beckham, It has three unmaskings: The first is when the Scooby-Doo gang reveals that the Medieval Ghost is really David Beckham. The second is when they reveal that David Beckham is really Scooby-Doo. The third is when they reveal that who they thought ...more
Disney: Silly Symphonies, episode Babies in the Wood
In this version of Gretel & Hansen Witch says that all children has to be changed into bats, rats, cats or spiders. She changes Hansen into spider, then tries to make Gretel a rat and misses. Gretes runs away and gnomes defended her. When battle in air starts, she uses potion to make all animals ch ...more
Do You Keep a Lion at Home?
Entertaining, Czech-made children's film with a number of fantasy elements, including an evil magician who turns the two boy heroes into dogs for awhile.
Doctor Who
Age, Animal, Female, Furry, Gender, Inanimate, Male, Mechanical, Size
British science-fiction television program about the adventures of a Time Lord and his companions, who travel through space and time in what appears outwardly to be an old, blue, police call-box called a TARDIS. ===Actors who have played the Doctor=== First Doctor - William Hartnell (1963&#821 ...more
Doctor Who episode Tooth and Claw
In the upcoming episode of the new series (season 2 episode 2) the Doctor and Rose travel to the past to visit Queen Victoria and find that theres a actual werewolf on the prowl.
Doctor Who, episode The Eleventh Hour
Animal, Gender
The escaped prisoner zero, a snake like creature, is psychically linked to its victims to shape change to take the victim's form. It's a multiform that will appears as two or more persons or animals. It appeared as repairman and his dog, mother with 2 girls, and the Doctor and his latest companion, ...more
Dog and Scissors
Dog Days
One day, a rich family accidentally swapped their baby girl with baby puppy. So, a girl grew thinking she is a dog, and becomes the top pet model. A puppy raised as human, failed manager career and started to play pop-star. One day, they meet and their real species discovered, so they become reject ...more
A man is hit by lightning while walking his dog and they switch bodies. They are able to communicate with each other, and they teach each other how to act in the body thery're in. At the end of the movie, the woman that the man-in-dog's-body had his eye on and the dog that the dog-in-a-man's-body ha ...more
"Don't Go To Asleep" by R. L. Stine
Animal, Age, Male, Monster, Size
In this book, Matt (the main character) decides that it is high time that he moved out of his tiny bedroom an into the larger guest room. Against his parents wishes, he sneaks out of his room and into the empty guest room to sleep for the night. When he wakes up, he finds that he is in a totally ...more
Donkey Cabbages
A classic Grimms Fairy Tale involving a huntsman, a witch, a wench, and a fair maiden. The witch persuades the other two women to filtch the huntsmans valuables (a magic birds heart he had swallowed, and a magic cloak that allowed him to travel anywhere he wished). In retribution, the huntsman dis ...more
Doodlez episode Wer-Dood
Dood were bitten by werewolf and changes into wolf. Very cute! Link to complete copyrighted works removed - cj
Dora and Friends: Into the City episode "For the Birds"
One of Dora's friends, Emma, and a little bird magically swap bodies.
Doraemon - Identity Swap Ring
Nobita wants to try living as a cat, so Doraemon uses this "Identity Swap Ring" to help him swap body with a cat. After experiencing some unhappy inccidents, Nobita finds it actually not so enjoyable and wants to swap back. But now the cat begins to like being human and doesn't want to swap back, wh ...more
Doraemon issue Volume 34
Another item Doraemon has is the 'Changing Potion'. Nobita transform into a horse but was a bit too late to transform. So he drank all the potions in the box. Now he change by thinking or automatically. He transform into a rabbit,an elephant, a lion, a black panther, a gorilla, a cat, a crocodile, a ...more
Doreen Dugdale
One of the very best transformation stories I've ever read. In rural England, a brutal thief who has just scored a big robbery is fleeing from both the police and his former partners in crime, whom he has doublecrossed to take all of the cash. He is more afraid of his compatriots than the law. He ...more
Dougal Dixon book Man after Man
This illustrated book covers possible paths of future human evolution. There are many descendant of humans - predators, grazers, sea mammals, even parasites and cosmic space dwellers. Book contain illustrations, but I can't find them except this: ...more
Douglas Adams book The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
For a brief period the character, Ford Prefect, is transformed into a penguin when the spaceship's 'infinate improbablility drive' shuts down
Douglas Adams book The Long Dark Tea Time Of The Soul
A British fighter jet and its pilot are transformed into an eagle by Thor the Norse God when the pilot sees Thor flying over the North Sea. The eagle has circles on its wings and tries to follow Thor around much as possible. However gets trapped inside the main character, Dirk's, kitchen. When Thor ...more
Dragon BallZ episode Frieza's Boast
In one episode, Bulma, the dangerprone friend of Goku, is body swiched with a villian named Captain Ginyu, who body switched with a frog. So she spends a long time as a frog until the other find a way to get Ginyu to switch back. This is the 2nd of Three times Bulma was transformed into something ...more
Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation
Animal, Gender, Inanimate, Monster
===Monster to Human or Monster=== Several mirror type monsters (Devil glasses, Haunted mirrors & Infernal panes) can cast the spell of Morph which changes their appearance to look like someone in the heroes active party. ===Human to Monster/Dragon=== Amos, an optional party member, has a sp ...more
Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King
Gender, Male, Animal
Not going into how it happens, play the game to find that out. This still may be a spoiler to some, so if you are going to play the game, do so before reading this... (Spoiler Text) There's also a major spoiler involving the game's villain. About halfway through the game, you fight the ...more
Dragon Warrior II
The Princess of Moonbrooke/Moonbrook that joins your party was cursed and changed into a Dog when Hargon's forces destroyed her castle. You need the Mirror of Ra to transform her back to normal.
Dragon Warrior III
Animal, Female, Male, Monster, Gender
===Monster=== The King of Samano is been acting very strange. He killed many people, and imprisoned the rest. After you sneak into his room at night and use the Mirror of Ra on him, it is revealed that he is a Boss Troll in disguise. The actual king was imprisoned long ago, but is freed when you b ...more
Dragon Warrior IV
Animal, Female, Male, Monster, Gender
Dragon Warrior/Dragon Quest IV has many different changes that occur throughout both the original game, and some new ones that are exclusive to the enhanced remake. ===Animal=== In the Prologue chapter of the enhanced remake, the Hero's friend Eliza shows off her new spell 'Morph'. This chapter ...more
Dragon Warrior VII
Gender, Monster, Animal
There are several instances in this game that contain transformations: ===Monster=== When you are playing the quest to get your stolen abilities back from the fake Dharma Temple priest, there is a scene in which a female character, Neris, is captured and is replaced by a monster in disguise. Yo ...more
Dragonball episode The Kamehameha Wave
In the episode in order to get the dragonball from a burning castle the teenage girl bulma promises master roshi to go on a date with him. Master roshi gets the dragonball and reminds bulma about their date, Bulma grabs the shape changing pig oolong and tells him to take her place for the date, oolo ...more
DragonHalf issue Unknown
In this spoof or D&D RPG (anime and manga) mother of hero Mink is an Amcient Red Dragon, which can change into human by will. So she does many times. Mother of anti-hero was a Slime, which becomes human by drinking magical PIDO potion. TF's are (Poof!) type, but movie is good. A mercenary knight k ...more
Drawn Together episode Spelling Applebee's
Foxxy competes in a spelling bee and Captian Hero tries to work a relationship with Princess Clara whom is only into Hero because she loves car crashes. At one point, Clara tells Hero that it isn't working out and Hero sulks off. Xander tries to cheer up Hero by taking him out to try on wedding ...more
Dugald Steer book Wizardology
A book on Merlin and other wizards. It contains several spells including a whole section on transformation spells. It has a few good pictures and a detailed description of a man to donkey tf. I will post the spells later.
Dynamo 5 #22
Animal, Gender
F.L.A.G. Agent Augie Ford tells the scientists in the lab he needs to bring the Dynamo gun to Washington at the director's orders. But "Augie" is really... (Spoiler Text) Later, as Dynamo 5 fights a formidable villain, Myriad injects himself with a drug he's been taking to increase his speed ...more
Dynamo 5 issue 2
Animal, Male, Gender
The five (illegitimate) children of recently deceased superhero Captain Dynamo each inherited one of his five powers. Spencer Bridges, a black man, earned the codename Myriad for gaining the ability to shapeshift. In issue 2, he uses his ability to mimic the son of a former supervillain in the mi ...more
Explanation of the category 'Animal'

A person changes completely into a different species of natural animal.

So, a change into a catgirl (furry) or a Pegasus (mythical) is not an animal transformation.

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