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Category: 'Animal'
Babe in the Woods
Female, Furry, Animal
Park rangers at Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee are really intelligent animals from another dimension. Their job is to keep humans from finding the portal to that dimension within the park, or else their existence would be erased. One unlucky teenage boy, Cody, stumbled onto the ...more
Bad Mojo
Computer game where main character (player) is transformed into a cockroach and then has to explore a building and recover his lost memories in order to become human again. Full of great details, weird perspectives and difficult puzzles that have to be solved from a cockroach's point of view.
Bahamut Lagoon
A tactical RPG by Square, never released in English or outside of Japan Eventually, you get to a battle with a strange rabbit enemy. They use an attack that is called something like "playtime" which changes your characters into rabbits.
Bart simpsons tree house of horrors issue 10
after bart incinerates the bully at his school by breathing fire out of his mouth he finds out that his father was really the lead bass guitar of kiss, who was really the god of thunder and bart has his powers. He then goes on a rampage and turns all the kids at his school animals including lisa wh ...more
Basement Jaxx- Where's your head at
Contains the faces of the band members superimposed on the bodies of monkeys and a dog.
Batman #579
A pretty realistic and well drawn Orca morph.
Batman: The Animated Series episode Tyger Tyger
In the episode a scientist gets his half human half ape man servant to kidnap catwoman so he can turn her into a half cat like creature for his genetically created son who is a cat person
In this SEGA game, the main character has a variety of animal forms she can transform into as part of her attack modes. Panther for accelerated ground speed, Butterfly for extra height, what appears to be a hawk form for flying, and exploding into a swarm of bats for evasion. All of these trans ...more
Beast Boy #1-#4
Animal, Female, Gender
The Beast Boy mini-series from DC was the debut of Gemini, a shapeshifter who claims to be the daughter of the late Madame Rouge of the Brotherhood of Evil. Gemini frames Garfield Logan a.k.a. Beast Boy for murder in the first issue, and actually assumes his form (and various animal forms) in the ...more
Beastmaster TV episode Veil of Death
Dar protects a white tiger, which embodies his long lost sister, Lycia. In one of the scenes when Dar comes to this land of dead or spirts or somethin, Dar see this white tiger coming towards him and the white tiger slowly morphs into his sister, Lycia. Pretty decent TF. Ive been looking for it f ...more
Beauty and the Beast
A prince is turned into a beast by a witch and most win love in return in order to be turned back to normal- disney animated film.
Bedknobs and Broomsticks
Furry, Inanimate, Mythical, Size, Animal
An apprentice witch, three kids, and a cynical conman search for the missing component to a magic spell that would be useful for the defense of Britain. (Spoiler Text) Excellent movie but not for it's transformations.
Beetleborg Metallix episode Unknown
The Beetleborgs gain a new ability. The ability to morph into "real" beetles ( as opposed to the borg transformatiion ). They stumble upon this ability while searching an old magic spell book looking for a spell to cure their melting phasm friend.
Beetleborgs episode Buggin Out
A bug-like monster with razor sharp teeth and the ability to shrink is sent after the heroes, it's name is Combat Gnat. Flabber the phasm brings a drawing of a teleporter to life, and decides to test it out but when his genes get mixed with Combat Gnats, he starts transforming into him - he ...more
Bendito Machine
This movie is done in a shadow theater style. A man minking a pin~ata and make a drink from this milk. He then sells a milk and becomes rich. But when milk in a pin~ata ends, the structure to which it attached comes alive and zaps the man. He falls to the ground and changes into a deer. As a dee ...more
Betsy Haynes book Little Pet Shop of Horrors
This is an entry in the "Bone Chillers" series, obviously launched to compete with "Goosebumps". It's not bad: a girl named Cassie longs for a dog of her own and makes the mistake of prowling around in a strange old pet shop, whereupon she's changed into a dog and sold to a hunter. The ending is n ...more
The Beverly Hillbillies episode Unknown
Ellie May is dating a scuba diver. Granny is convinced that he turns into a frog every time he gets wet. She dreams Ellie May marries the frog man, and when she kisses him at the wedding, she turns into a frog.
Bewitched episode The Catnapper
Endora changes one of Darrin's female clients into a cat. Samantha later changes a private investagator that is trying to blackmail her into a mouse.
Bewitched episode A Chance on Love
Serena briefly changes one of Darrin's clients into a parrot.
Bewitched episode The Horse's Mouth
To talk to a horse, Samantha changes her into a woman.
Bewitched episode Alias Darrin Stephens
A misworded spell changes Darrin into a Chimp.
Bewitched episode Daddy Comes to Visit
Darrin is briefly turned into a dog.
Bewitched episode Daddy Does His Things
Samantha's father changes Darrin into a mule.
Bewitched episode Going Ape
Samantha changes a chimp into a human to find out where he belongs. Note, in Bewitched, changed people or animals can only be changed back if they want to.
Bewitched episode I Don't Want to Be a Toad, I Want to Be a Butterfly
Tabitha changes a kindergarten classmate into a butterfly.
Bewitched episode Long Live the Queen
When Samantha is selected to be the new queen of witches, A Warlock changed into animal by the last queen is asked to be pardoned. Darrin is also breifly turned into a goose.
Bewitched episode Nobody but a Frog Knows How to Live
A frog that was changed into a human tries to get Samatha to change him back into a frog. Later Sam changes the frogman's frog girlfriend into a woman.
Bewitched episode Playmates
Tabatha changes a bully into a dog.
Bewitched episode Samantha's Pet Warlock
A worlock changes himself into a dog to play a game on Darrin.
Bewitched episode Samantha, The Bard
Endora changes Darrin into a goat, brief at end.
Bewitched episode Serena Strikes Again
Serena changes one of Darrin's female clients into a monkey.
Bewitched episode Tabatha's First Day at School
Tabatha changes a bully into a frog.
Bewitched episode Twitch or Treat
A warlock changes a black cat into a beautiful woman.
Bewitched episode Where are You? Mrs. Stephens
Serena changes Darrin's mother into a cat.
Bez bebek
Age, Animal, Gender, Mythical, Inanimate
Turkish tv show that is, as it seems, about a doll-girl who lives in a toy-world but doesn't want to be married to a jester so she moves to the human world, where she works as a nanny. She transforms randomly into a doll until episode 72, then she turns into a cat sometimes. She also can perform ma ...more
Big Wolf On Campus - Cat Woman episode Unknown
In this episode a hot exchange student named Carole changes into a cat and back to herself.
Bill Brittain book Devil's Donkey
An old shopkeeper's 14-year-old nephew whom he is raising pokes fun at the town's superstition. One day, the nephew accidentally damages a tree which belongs to Old Magda, a witch. Being the tree had also cut the boy's foot and drew blood, somehow the boy now "belongs" to the witch. The boy refuses ...more
Billy the Cat
The entire series is about a bratty boy who abused animals. He was found by a magician who loved cats, and decided to swap one of his cats and Billy's bodies. Oddly enough, even though the first episode showed Billy as a brat, once he's a cat for the rest of the series, he's timid and kind. In t ...more
This is one of Bjork's lesser-known videos. In it, it shows her (bald and nude), singing and gradually transforming into a polar bear. The bear is computer animated, and it looks somewhat crystaline... also, she makes it appear as if she's trying to hold back the transformation. She is completely ...more
Black Canary and Zatanna - Bloodspell
Female, Gender, Inanimate, Animal
The main villain is a witch who is possessing women and men in a murderous spree. Z and Canary must rush to save those affected before the witch can finish them all off. Comic book crossover featuring many transformations, all of which are temporary except the last one. Men in goldfish Wom ...more
Black Swan
Animal, Female
Natalie Portman plays a ballerina, cast as the lead in Swan Lake, who slowly loses her mind. The transformations in the movie are all in her head, but shown vividly. At some point there's a scenario of her developing feathers as she dances, until she has wings like the swan she's playing instead ...more
Blackadder III episode Ink & Incapability
In this episode, there is a dream sequence Edmund Blackadder is having where Dr Samuel Johnson confronts him. Dr Johnson tells Blackadder to burn his dictionary, much to Edmund's relief. Edmund then turns round to his dogsbody, Baldrick, only to discover he has a dog's head. "Baldrick, who gave you ...more
Bleach Episode 41
Animal, Gender
This is a duplicate entry, has been merged, and is now Marked for Deletion - cj 2007aug08 Yoruichi the cat tells ichigo that he rescue him after the battle. Ichigo asks how could a cat lift me and carry me all the way to a hidden room under the mountain. Yoruichi tells him I have never shown my ...more
Blinky Bill Song a Song episode Magic, and Mayhem Music
The magician turns blinky's arms into bat wings. he also turns nutsy and blinky into elephants.
Bloody Roar: Primal Fury
This is a fighting game that I have personally own so I know it exists. This game centers on about 10 invidules who (I beleave) got into a nuculer or some other accident and now have the ability to transform back and forth between animals. Scince they have this ability the decide to have a fighting ...more
Bloom County issue Unknown
Oliver dreams he has an accident with the transporter he invented, and is now slowly changing into Bill the Cat. When he wakes up, Steve is there. "I had an accident with your transporter," he says. He now has Opus the Penguin's body. In another episode, Donald Trump is crushed by the anchor o ...more
The story of a boy, who changed into a marlin because he is bored with his everyday life. After his change is complete, he escapes to the sea. *
Blues Brothers 2000
This is the sequel to the Blues Brothers (1980), but in this one Elwood is all by himself because of the death of his partner Jake (who much like Belushi, the actor who played him....passed away), but in one scene he goes into his pub and meets Mack (played by John Goodman) who he hires to be the n ...more
Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django
Animal, Furry
This is a Game Boy Advance game, the sequel to Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand. In Boktai 2, at a certain point you are bitten by a vampire and as a result, gain the ability to turn into a mouse, a bat, and a wolf. The mouse and bat are for getting into small openings, and the wolf form, when us ...more
Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-Chan episode Episode 1: "I'm the Club-to-Death Angel! Do
In the 1st episode, Dokuro-chan (an angel) turns the class president of her room into a poorly animated monkey. (real pictures used for head, rest of the body is animated normally.) He's not only changed in appearance, but also has the mind of a monkey. In a later episode, Dokuro-chan turns another ...more
Books of Magic #21
After being forbidden to see Molly by her father, Tim Hunter turns himself into a cat in order to sneak in to her house and see her. Also, the mysterious woman Circe turns Daniel(who had caused trouble for Tim and company before) into a puppy.
Booster Gold #36
Animal, Furry
Blue Beetle, Ted Kord, is left on a planet with the queen, and tells her that he is the leader of the party that saved her planet. She shows her appreciation for his efforts by sharing her bed with him. After several rounds, Ted is getting ready to leave, but the Queen informs him that he is her ...more
Booster Gold #8
Animal, Furry
Green Arrow reveals that Pantha, one of the "Freedom Fighters" was once a woman named Rosabelle Mendez. Maxwell Lord, as head of Checkmate, changed her into a Panther/Woman hybrid. The change is not shown, just the result, of her being a Cat Woman.
The Bouncer
Kaleea Orchid is one of the characters from the game, one of her special abilities is "Shape-Shift" which allows her to transform into a black panther. She is only a playable character in multiplayer mode but needs to be unlocked in the game.
The Brass Bottle
Animal, Size
Burl Ives plays a genie in this movie. In one brief scene, he shrinks and transfers an entire comittee of men into a pitcher full of water to prove that he IS a genie. This comic fantasy stars Tony Randall as a contemporary architect who buys an ancient brass bottle which contains genie Burl Ives. ...more
In a sneak preview of the "Genie Magic" the Bratz movie, two guys crash the party when the genie is still there and one of the Bratz girls wishes that they would "totally croak". The genie then turns both of them into frogs. There is currently a "sneak peak" of this TF on the Bratz website: ht ...more
Brave (2012)
(Spoiler Text)
Bronx Zoo Commercials
A series of commercials by the animator DancingDiablo which features kids turning part way into animals and then going off to play, then a reminder to go and visit the Bronx zoo for whatever event is being advertised at that moment. TFs included: *Wallaby *Reindeer *Butterfly *Lemur *Seal
Brother Bear
Disney's latest animated film is about a young man transformed into a bear. The movie has the same "feel" as the Lion King and will recount the bear's journey as he seeks to be restored to his human self. The movie preview is now being shown in the USA at theatres and on television (try Nickelodeon ...more
Brother Bear 2
Nita, Kenai's girlfriend, gets transformed into a bear near the end of the movie; she and Kenai are married.
Bruce Elliott: Wolves Don't Cry
A wolf in a zoo inexplicably transforms into a human male. After spending a lot of time as a human, he finds a book of magic that shows how to become a werewolf. He uses it to return to his normal form and life.
Budweiser Commercial "Psychic Friends"
Three girls visit a fortune teller in order to find out about their past lives. As they were the formerly famous Budweiser frogs (i.e. "Bud", "Weis" & "Er"). Even the blonde sticks out her tongue in order to catch a fly on her crystal ball.
Buffy the Vampire slayer episode Gingerbread
Amy, along with Willow and Buffy, are arrested by the parents of Sunnydale for being considered the cause of the death of two children and are to be burned at the stake. Amy escapes by transforming herself into a rat. She remains this way for a few seasons, unable to change back.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode Teacher's Pet
Miss Natalie French, the sexy substitute teacher, is really a giant man-eating preying mantis.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered
In this episode, Xander is dumped by Cordelia on Valentine's Day and seeks vengeance against her. He turns to Amy and blackmails her to perform a love spell. But she warns him that love spells need to be pure, and since he is doing this out of vengeance every girl falls in love with him except Cord ...more
But I'm A Cat Person
Female, Gender, Male, Size, Animal
A chance encounter with a stray dog leads to recent college graduate Bianca Washington becoming the new Master of a "Being", a virtually immortal intelligent animal who lives to fight other Beings and serve his/her Master faithfully. Beings can change their human forms at their Masters' whims and ...more
Explanation of the category 'Animal'

A person changes completely into a different species of natural animal.

So, a change into a catgirl (furry) or a Pegasus (mythical) is not an animal transformation.

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