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Category: 'Alien'
"Observer Effect" episode of Star Trek: Enterprise
Two alien entities possess a number of crew members. While they appear to be 'beyond' physical things like gender, they do seem to possess both male and female crew members, sometimes going back and possessing the other person later, so in a way, they swap bodies with each other. It's just to ...more
Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode The Makeover
Animal, Gender
A new Sporix beast Boneswitch has the ability to swap the people's bodies. He first uses this power to swap the bodies of Mucus (a female mushroom monster) with Slyther (a male monster), and after a few minutes at the insistence of Void Knight, swaps them back. While swapped, the new body retains ...more
SeaQuest DSV episode Dreamweaver
Alien referred to as male possesses female crew member in order to track down and seduce another alien who is hiding in the body of a male earthling.
Shinzo episode "Battling Daku"
There was an insect enterran named "Katai" who is King Daku's most royal subject. He has the ability to disguise himself in anything he wants even a human. Just like how he disguised himself as a young girl named "Kiri" just lead Yakumo to King Daku's Castle in order to capture her.
New horror movie to be released in January 06 I have seen a trailer for a new 80s style horror film to be released next year. It is about an invasion of alien parasites that cause people to mutate in gruesome ways, one woman seems to expand into ball of flesh with her face piercing out of it's c ...more
Star Portal
Alien crash landed on Earth, took over female body. But it/she needs human blood to stay alive, while another alien is chasing after her on Earth. Think of it as female version of Not Of This Earth.
Star Trek: Prodigy episode Masquerade
While at a star port in the Romulan Neutral Zone, the crew of the Protostar encounter Geneticist Dr. Jago who informs Dal that he is a human hybrid experiment, augmented with 26 other species. (Spoiler Text)
A race of supervillanous aliens comes to Earth to conquer it. They comically attempt to fit in along with several darker moments where they dispatch those who may blow their cover. These include, shrinking and crushing them underfoot using their technology or beating their enemy to death with super ...more
Sym-Bionic Titan: "The Demon Within"
(Spoiler Text)
Team Galaxy Season 1 Episode 8 Miss Cosmos
Yoko enters an intergalactic beauty contest run by an evil slug queen that uses it to steal the contestants beauty and intelligence. After being targeted Yoko ends up looking like a cross between humans and the slug race.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012) episode Plan 10
In this episode the Kraang have invented a body switching device. Raphael and a Kraang swap bodies, and later April O'Neil and Casey Jones swap bodies.
The Brain Eaters
Aliens from deep inside Earth invade a small town, taking over human hosts by attach themselves at host's neck. This is a 1958 low budget sci-fi movie. But at least one scene that involving alien slowing moving toward the sleeping woman in her room, and took over her. She then walked out of the hou ...more
The Day of the Doctor
Animal, Gender, Male
The shape-shifting Zygons play an important role in the primary subplot of the episode. Though technically hermaphroditic, they are all portrayed in their natural forms by male actors. The Zygons end up mimicking: (Spoiler Text)
The Host
Human bodies are being possessed and controlled by alien beings.
The Planet of the Ood
The head of a corporation specializing in the surgical alteration and enslavement of an alien species to serve mankind is slowly drugged by one of his 'loyal servants'. Towards he end of the episode we see him transform into one of the aliens quite graphically after his attendant alien has revealed ...more
Transformation Video Clips @ YouTube, veoh, and Google Video
Furry, Gender
This is the place to add links to users who share transformation video clips. Do NOT include links to any user / page who is sharing a significant part of a complete copyrighted work (even if that work is broken into parts)
Ultraman Mebius and the Ultra Brothers
Alien Zarab has the ability to shapeshift and disguises himself as a female to poison one of the heroes
Voodoo #4
Animal, Female, Gender
Voodoo does multiple brief transformations in this issue, where she infiltrates the federal installation where the people hunting her are. (Spoiler Text)
Voodoo issue 1
A "New 52" retelling of the origin of original WildStorm character Voodoo. In the revamp, Priscilla Kitaen, aka Voodoo, appears to have the same background as the original Voodoo (a stripper from New Orleans), but it's probably just a cover as she appears to actually be 100% alien (or at least chan ...more
Voodoo issue 2
Female, Gender
At the beginning of the issue, Voodoo is still in the form of the male federal agent she killed and impersonated at the end of the previous issue... (Spoiler Text)
War of the Worlds
This show had many alien to human physical type body hop or possession. However it would eventually destroy the host's body and then they had to hop a new body. There was always a good special effect of the aliens absorbing into the new host bodies.
Xenosaga Episodes I through III
A fantastic series of sci-fi RPG's that have a plot so complicated it takes 3 games to go through the whole thing. I highly recommend them. There is a type of alien known as the Gnosis that is a huge threat to the star cluster, and you fight them often in the game. Apparently, anyone who isn't ...more
Young Justice episode Image
Race, Female
In this episode, we learn a bit more about Miss Martian and why she looks the way she does. She copied the appearance and personality of a character she saw on a sitcom called "Hello Megan." Her usual appearance is basically the green-skinned version of Marie Logan, the actress who played Megan o ...more
Young Justice Invasion episode Depths
Gender, Female
Prior to this episode, 6 members of the Justice League (including Superman and Martian Manhunter) have left earth. To keep up appearances during a press conference about a shuttle launch, Martian Manhunter appears to answer questions, and Superman is seen in the sky. (Spoiler Text) Later in the ...more
Zack Snyder's Justice League
Note: These scenes only in the Zack Snyder cut of the film, not the original 2017 release that was directed by Joss Whedon. Martha Kent (Diane Lane) visit's Lois Lane (Amy Adams) at her apartment to speak with her about needing to move on with her life in the aftermath of the loss of Clark. As ...more
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A creature or being that is not from planet Earth.

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