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Category: 'Alien'
Ala... Dina!
Animal, Female, Gender, Inanimate, Male, Size, Were, Age
Spanish tv show about a female genie and a family... episodes of possible interest: ===Season 1:=== 01 - "Genio y figura parte 1" - Animal - boy into pig 03 - "Mascota familiar" - Animal - woman into parrot; man into raven 07 - "El estreno" - Age - boy into man 09 - "Cumplesiglos feliz" - ...more
Amanda and the Alien
Male, Gender
A paralyzed former marine is subjected to an experimental process allowing him to exist in a genetically engineered biological body - alongside the blue three meter tall ammonia breathing alien species called a Na'vi on the planet Pandora. His mission is to settle and exploit the planet's resour ...more
Awfully Generic
A group of friends living in a nameless town have various adventures of a magical nature. One of the girls in the group is actually an alien disguised as a human to study earth culture (and a MALE alien, at that).
"Bounty" episode of Stargate SG-1
After a SG-1 mission, Lt. Col. Cameron Mitchell went to a high school reunion. The whole SG-1 had a contract on their head, and all sort of bounty hunters came to Earth to collect on the bounty. One of the alien knocked out a guy attending the high school reunion, then using a scanner and assume hi ...more
Candy Stripers
Alien craft crashed near small California town at night, and took over car crash victims when they try to stop to investigate. One female crash victim was taken to nearby hospital, and the aliens inside her, the banana slugs kind, took over the female candy striper that was assigned to look after h ...more
Crusade episode "Appearances and Other Deceits"
alien possesses attractive nurse
CSI episode "Leapin' Lizards"
Several key characters transform from human to lizard-like alien beings. Most are full transformations, but there is at least one partial transformation. (Spoiler Text)
Dany et le transmutant
Dany and his friends find a classroom. An old teacher comes and starts to shout. Then, he morphs into an alien (transmutant). Dany give it a Danone's Dany (yoghourt) and the alien becomes a beautiful blond teacher. Picture : TV commercial : ...more
Dark Intelligence by Neal Asher
Due to a deal gone wrong with an insane A.I., Isobel Satomi is slowly transforming into a large, carnivorous alien. More than a quarter of the book is dedicated to the process of her transformation as she slowly loses her body and mind in an attempt to hunt down the A.I responsible. Appears to b ...more
Decoys: The Second Seduction
3 aliens needs to reproduce their kind, so they disguised as beautiful women in college campus covered in snow in dead of winter, try to find men that are willing to become frozen stiff and carry alien offspring. The aliens can change back and forth to their female human forms, so it looks like ...more
Deep Space 69 episode Herman
Female, Animal
Hamilton, the talking koala sidekick, adopts a furry alien pet which he names Herman. That doesn't sit well with Jay, as a pet cramps his style with the ladies. But the pet is about to go through a few changes in just a week's time... (Spoiler Text)
District 9
Movie is about this fictional compound in South Africa where mysterious space aliens (who resemble prawns) have landed and sought refuge. The people and government eventually grow tired of said aliens. Movie is shot in a pseudo-documentary-like format with the main character trying to force thes ...more
Doctor Who
Age, Animal, Female, Furry, Gender, Inanimate, Male, Mechanical, Size
British science-fiction television program about the adventures of a Time Lord and his companions, who travel through space and time in what appears outwardly to be an old, blue, police call-box called a TARDIS. ===Actors who have played the Doctor=== First Doctor - William Hartnell (1963&#821 ...more
"Dominion" episode of Stargate SG-1
The SG-1 team hatches an elaborate plot to capture Adria by using Vala as bait, but Baal has a sinister plan of his own to steal her away from SG-1 which could prove deadly for all involved. (Spoiler Text)
G.A.A.K: Groovy Ass Alien Kreatures
A group of Goonies-like misfit teens try to save the world from kooky aliens from outer space who've come to conquer the earth and meet the original cast of "Star Trek".
Game Over
Gender, Animal, Inanimate
A mini-TF short created by the makers of "Wand Of Change" and "The Last Piece Standing", Three Degrees off Center and Mako Pictures. Jay & Bob decide to square off playing a popular computer game, and reveal that a certain spell (curse of the skin) in the game can go beyond just transforming the ...more
Green Lantern Corps issue 7
Guy Gardner and his rookie partner R'amey Holl go to an ice planet to give a message to Green Lantern black ops leader Von Daggle, a shape-shifting Durlan, but things don't go as planned. When they are attacked by Daggle and left for dead on the planet's surface without their Lantern rings, Gardner ...more
Green Lantern: The Lost Army - Sneak Peek and #1
Gender, Female
Xrill-Vrek is a new character and member of the Green Lantern Corps. Xrill has the power of "morphic empathy", which means she can assume not just the form but also take on the thoughts and mindset of species she encounters. Her powers seem to be directed not just be her own will, but by her proxi ...more
Housewives From Another World
3 aliens came to Earth and possessed 3 women in order to stop a satellite to be built. The aliens were in shards and only able to possess those women when in close contact when they pick it up or wearing them. A quick transformation when the mission was completed, the lead alien trying to show the ...more
Justice League: Doom
During the animated movie there is a scene where Martian Manhunter's opponent, Ma'alefa'ak, poses as an attractive blonde woman in a bar where "John" is with his co-workers. This alien is presented previously as a male alien and eventually reveals himself, though only to J'onn's Martian vision. ...more
Mastermind's Mutants
Animal, Female, Furry, Monster
A time-traveling super hero, shape-shifting actress, and telekinetic friend use a magical crystal to open portals to other worlds -- searching for a way to stop a mind-controlling super villain from turning everyone on Earth into mutant slaves. Along the way, they discover an ancient alien secre ...more
Not Like Us
Two aliens needs to kill and skin humans to hide their real, hideous appearance and to live among human in a little town. Including both male and female skin/bodysuit.
Explanation of the category 'Alien'

A creature or being that is not from planet Earth.

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