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Category: 'Age'
Tales From the Crypt episode Only Sin Deep
A prostitute sells her youth to a pawnbroker who she thinks is crazy. Whith her money she ends up hooking up with a rich man, but within days she looks like an old woman. When the rich man finds her, he thinks she's a burglar and she kills him. She tries to redeem her youth, but then can't, as h ...more
Tales from the Crypt episode Staired in Horror
Clyde is a fugitive who holes up in a house occupied by an elderly woman. One night he finds an attractive woman upstairs, but he discovers it's the same woman. She tells him that a long time ago her spouse caught her having an affair and put a curse on the house. She must stay up stairs if she want ...more
Tales from the Crypt episode The Switch
Age, Male
An elderly millionaire asks a plastic surgeon to give him the body of a younger man to win the girl of his dreams. An old man is in love with a young woman. He pays a young man millions of dollars for his body parts (one piece at a time) until they have switched bodies. Ironic twist? The girl i ...more
Tayutama-Kiss on my Deity
Age, Animal, Gender
Based on the novel "lump of sugar". It tells the story about High schooler Yuuri Mito who is a desecendant of a legendary priest named Yachimata, who in the past sealed away evil spirits called Tayutai in a relic. In an attempt to purify the relic, he accidently ends up releasing them all, along w ...more
Teen Titans episode "The End"
Raven is used by her Demonic Father Trigon to form a porthole to enter the mortal world and make it hell on earth, when done with her he takes her powers and regresses her to about about 4 or 5 years old, off screen. (Spoiler Text)
Teen Titans episode "How Long is Forever"
Starfire is sent ahead 20 years in the future, where she sees older versions of Robin (now Nightwing), Beast Boy (as a balding circus freak), Raven (dressed in a white cloak), and even an aged Cyborg. Before the end of this episode, Warp (the episode's villain) becomes younger and younger until he ...more
Teen Titans episode "Revolution"
Mad mod, an old English blimey bloke with a tricked out cane, attacks the city, hypnotizing everyone to think America is still under English rule. In the opening of the show, Robin fights Mad Mod. They both are holding the cane, Mad Mod then pushes a button on the cane giving Mad Mod Robin's youth ...more
Age, Age
(2001) A 49 old cosmetic surgeon finds himself after an occult experiment in the body of a 19 year old guy. He enjoys his new life till to this moment, where his daughter is head over heels in loved to him. I still haven't seen this flick. Link to the flick A frustrated plastic surgeon, w ...more
Tekken Tag Tournament 2
Male, Mythical, Age, Female, Animal
This is the sequel to Tekken Tag Tournament and the storylines for the following characters have transformations involved: Heichachi - The opening story has him drink a serum that makes him younger and also stronger and the ending has him drink a serum that transforms him into a bear. Jun - ...more
Tenjou Tenge Episode 25
A young girl named Maya Natsume, who is dressed in a kimono, transformed herself into a voluptuous chick, which is an adult version of herself.
Terry England book Rewind
Peaceful aliens that have been visiting Earth for some time decide to leave, but before they do, they transform a group of people by making them children again -- about five to seven years old from what I rememeber. That's the initial premise of the book, which follows the lives of the people tha ...more
Terry Pratchett; The Last Continent
Age, Animal, Inanimate
There are many transformations featured throughout this book. The Librarian (an orang-utang) has a magical cold throughout the book, so that whenever he sneezes he turns into a different form - either inanimate (deskchair, book, table, armchair, matress) or as a different animal (penguin). Late ...more
"The Thaw" episode of Star Trek: Voyager
When the Voyager finds a planet, they discover that the people of the planet, who had been nearly wiped out by a catastrophic shift in nature. The remaining inhabitants placed their minds in stasis, complete with artificial environment. (Spoiler Text)
The Amazing World of Gumball episode "The Job"
Age, Animal, Female, Male, Gender
In the episode The Job the dad gets a job and it upsets the universe so much a bunch of things get changed around town as he goes by. (Spoiler Text)
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
This is a movie about a character named Benjamin Buttons. He was born a child to look like an older man and as years go by when he ages, he grows younger and younger to look like a young man and then dies as an infant (a kid or baby). In others, instead of growing into an old man when he ages, he g ...more
The Flash episode The Trap
Age, Male
Barry, Caitlin, Cisco, and Joe form a plan to confront Dr. Harrison Wells, and to force a confession. The plan is going well, as Dr. Wells shows up and Cisco is able to activate the shield to protect himself, but then it falls apart because Dr. Wells is able to walk through the shield. (Spoiler ...more
The Flash episode Who Is Harrison Wells?
Age, Female, Gender, Male
A woman robs a bank, but swears she was with her husband at the time it happened. Later, a man is seen trying to sell the jewelry that was stolen from the bank. On his way out, he touches a woman, and (Spoiler Text) A new metahuman is on the loose. (Spoiler Text)
The Golden Years All Episodes
An old man, due to an accident with a truck carrying radioactive materials begins to age in reverse. He tries to keep it secret from his wife by redying his hair back to grey. As far as I know, the series only went three episodes or so before being cancelled
The Hit Girl
Age, Gender
THE HIT GIRL tells the story of a hit man named Bill, who while on a mission encounters a magical statue that transforms him into a teenage girl. Renamed Jessica by his timid, movie quoting niece Suzy, 'she' must now rely on Suzy's help in dealing with both the problems that come with being a teena ...more
The Last Witch Hunter
Gender, Age
The protagonist enters a decrepit cellar covered in runes where he finds a disheveled and scared young girl begging him not to come near her. As he approach she turns her back to him and pulls out a dagger. She suddenly spin around trying to slash him while changing back into her real form, that of ...more
The Librarian: The Curse of the Judas Chalice
Bob Newhart steps into the fountain of youth and becomes a little boy. The effect wears off when he steps out.
The Sex Trip
Age, Gender
A shallow womanizer Eddie Greenleaf (Marc Crumptom) refuses advances from a old witch's request (Eve Sigall) for a kiss and then wakes up the next morning to discover that he's now been changed into a woman, and calls himself Edna Greenleaf (Jade Ramsey). As she learns how to live her life as Ed ...more
The Sims 3 Store Item
Age, Animal, Gender
If you buy this item and put it in a house, you can contact the Grim Reaper. One of this things you can ask him to do is reincarnate a dead sim. (You'll have to have the Sims tombstone.) The sim will have some of its skills and maybe will remember some prior relationships. It may change some aspec ...more
The Smurfs Movie (2011)
Gargamel visits a salon in New York, thinking it is an alchemy shop, and discovers an older woman with the owner. After refuting the salon's claims to make people younger and insulting the owner's mother, Gargamel then takes a hair sample from a younger woman and casts a spell upon the older wom ...more
The Sword's End series of books by Lowell Ellington
Age, Animal, Gender, Inanimate
Plagiarized description text removed. Set in a 3 book trilogy, the series follows a band of adventurers as they inadvertently awaken an ancient evil long thought gone from the world. The story involves too many acts of transformation to list and would reveal too many spoilers. Though some transf ...more
The Umbrella Academy
Animal, Gender, Male, Age
Number Five travels through time and grows about fifty years younger, returning as a pre-teen boy. Luther was injected with a serum that saved his life, but gave him the body of an ape. Ben possesses his brother Klaus, and later his sister Vanya.
The Unbirthing: An Age Regression Novella
Gender, Age
Trevor is a handsome, arrogant college guy who's grown bored of hooking up with sorority babes and longs to meet a sexy older woman. When Maggie enters Trevor's life he thinks his cougar fantasies are finally coming true, but Maggie isn't quite who (or what) she appears to be. She lures Trevor into ...more
The Vision of Escaflowne episode Reaction of Fortune
Those wierd cat women finally have whats coming to them. By using the luck thing they turn old.
The Witch Switch by Anne Harler (c) 1987
Wendy is a grade-school-aged girl who is jealous of her baby sister, how she gets so much attention and has no chores or responsibilities. Wendy is lucky, though: She is in a family of witches. One day she takes her baby sister aside and casts a spell to swap bodies with her, and - presto! - now We ...more
ThunderCats episode Thundercubs
Several of the ThunderCats are regressed in age.
At the end of the film Rose, an old woman, returns to the Titanic and to her love Jack as she was in her youth. This is a minor age transformation, perhaps only a dream, or perhaps it's upon her death. Whatever the cause it makes me cry everytime I see it :)
Toopy and Binoo episode Baby Toopy
Toopy (a large, talking rat) wants to play baby with Binoo (Toopy's living plush cat), with Toopy being the mommy, and Binoo being the baby. But Binoo wants to be the mommy, so he puts a pacifier in Toopy's mouth, turning him into a baby. He remains a baby until the end, when he drinks a bottle of ...more
Totally Hidden Video episode Unknown
This aired in the late 1980s. It was a rip-off of 'Candid Camera.' In one epsidoe, grandfathers would take their grandkids to the park and 'discover' a booth that said 'fountain of youth' or something. They'd go in, and a little boy would come out, claiming to be the grandfather. Those kids look ...more
Totally Spies Season 6 episode 18 Totally Switched Again!
Animal, Gender, Age
The villain who previously switched the personalities of Jerry and Clover as well as a few others, escapes from prison (in Jerry's body) and starts switching the entire city around.
Touch book by Claire North
Age, Gender
Bodyswitching novel by Claire North. Protagonist becomes a body switcher when his body is murdered. Lots of switches.
Gender, Age
Art LaFleur plays McNulty, a rough and tough trooper (cop) from the year 2247 who doesn't get along with the movie's hero, Jack Deth. Jack is sent back in time to stop a criminal (Whistler) from killing the ancestors of a group of council members who lead the future society, effectively erasing the ...more
Trancers 2
Gender, Female, Age
This sequel to the movie Trancers takes place six year later and brings back the original cast members. Art LaFleur once again portrays the gruff older (male) cop, and Alyson Croft reprises her role of McNulty in 1991 Los Angeles -- but this time she's all grown up into a healthy young teenage girl. ...more
Female, Male, Race, Age
Movie about an elderly German couple that transfers (hence the title) their minds into two young African bodies. Not only has the couple to cope with going from white to black, but they are also not in full control of these new bodies. Because each night when they go to sleep, the minds of the orig ...more
Transformation Stories
Age, Animal, Gender, Inanimate
Transformation Stories is a "social content network" based on coRank. It's a place where people submit, share, vote and promote stories with various transformation themes.
Age, Gender
This entry is now marked for deletion. It is a duplicate entry. The original entry is entryid=2021, Siren Productions Siren Tales is now in the making of the most Elaborate Feature to date. "Transformed" a suspenseful Action Sci-fi, with humor, advanced level Martial arts, Sexy women and of ...more
Gender, Age
Siren Tales is now in the making of the most Elaborate Feature to date. "Transformed" a suspenseful Action Sci-fi, with humor, advanced level Martial arts, Sexy women and of course Transformations. Old to Young, Male to Female...and many other surprises. From the folks who brought you "The Catal ...more
Transformers Generation 1 episode Forever Is a Long Time Coming
The main human female character marissa fairbourne is regessed to an infant due to time altering effects.
The Triangle episode Part 1
In the beggining we see Columbas have a run in with the Burmuda triangle in which him and his crew see a 21st century cargo ship, one of the crew I guess gets affected by time and ages or something, it looked like he was aging. But the true ap came in the middle. An airplane runs into navy planes ...more
Troll 2
Age, Mythical, Inanimate
Contains a lot of transformations. Goblins are horrible man-eating vegetarian monsters. In order to eat, they disguise themselves as humans in the city of Nilbog and then feed people poisonous food which turns them into green goo or trees or whatever. Also, a character transforms from an older woma ...more
Troop 37
Age, Gender
This is the story of twelve year old boy named Jimmy who was transformed into a sixteen year old girl also named Jimmy. Troop 37 is an experiment is collaborative storytelling. Each page is written and drawn by a different artist and anyone can submit a page provided that it is PG in content a ...more
Twilight Zone
One of the shorts is a remake of the TV series episode 'Kick the Can'. Although the remake differs in that we see want happens after the adults become children.
Twilight Zone episode The Self Improvement of Salvadore Ross
A man finds he can trade or buy characteristics from other people. He sells his youth to an old business man and then buys it back a year at a time from a kid and his friends.
Twilight Zone episode A Short Drink From a Certain Fountain
A wealthy man in his late 50s finds that he cannot keep up with his gold-digging trophy wife, who is in her early 20s. So the man pressures his scientist brother into giving him an experimental youth serum. The serum works, turning the man young enough that "I may be drafted." But the serum continue ...more
Twilight Zone episode The Trade-Ins
In the future, you can buy the body of your dreams. An old couple want to become young again, but only have enough cash for one of them.
The Twilight Zone episode Kick the Can
A group of senior citizens decide to play a game of kick the can. At the end all of the adults that join the game turn into kids and run off.
The Twilight Zone episode Our Selena Is Dying
A young doctor "inherits" an old and moribund patient from his father's practice and finds her near death. Also living in the house is a beautiful and cruel young woman and her senile "mother", supposedly the dying matriarch's sister. Another niece is summoned to take care of the near-dead woman, ...more
Twilight Zone(1985 series) episode Aqua Vita
Fountain of Youth sold in bottle waters that return your youth to you. Starts pretty cheap, but the more you order and drink, the higher price you'd be charged. The moment you stop drinking it, it age you. An anchor woman in her 40s risking loosing her job to younger reporters found out about the ...more
Twisted Metal II
The driver of Warthog is a 105 year old soldier. If he wins, he asks Calypso to give him the body of a 20 year old man. His wish is granted. Too bad he didn't ask for a twenty year old head as well.
Twisted Metal III
Age, Inanimate
Several transformations in this game: (Spoiler Text) (Spoiler Text)
Twisted Metal: Head On
In Mr. Slam's storyline he is a ghost. He appeared in the second game and wished for him to be able to build the tallest building ever. So high it reaches space, but when it was almost done he fell to his death so in the game he is a ghost. If you beat the game with him, you find out that since ...more
A young women is transformed into a man at least two times during the video...
Ugly Americans episode Better off Undead
Age, Gender
Foolishly taking Leonard's advice Mark allows himself to be transformed into a duplicate of Randall's ex-girlfriend Krystal in order to save him from a zombie cult. Unfortunately the spell is actually a curse and Mark would visibly age into an old woman for the next week only to die of old age. . ...more
Ugly Americans, episode Wet Hot Demonic Summer
Age, Gender
In this episode, the wizards gather at Mt. Magic with their apprentices and get them circumcised before they become full-fledged wizards. This is demonstrated when a naked wizard boy with a turban gets circumcised and ages rapidly. Later, Satan's demons invade the mountain and the Wizard of Copyr ...more
Ultra Maniac episode R&B
Maya, Nina, Ayu and Yuta turn into thier 20 year old selvies to go into a disco to hunt for holy stones
Unending BE Addventure
Age, Animal, Female, Male, Mythical, Size, Gender
This site features an unending story with characters who often find themselves being transformed in many ways. The most common stories feature men becoming women in awkward situations. All of the stories are written by people who visit the site. I'm afraid my description doesn't do this site any ...more
After biting into a strange fruit, you (It's a first person game) age at the rate of 1 year a second. This is just one of the many ways to die in the game.
Upload S01E05 "The Grey Market"
Age, Gender
A series where people can choose to have their minds uploaded to a virtual reality "Heaven" after they die. One character is Dylan, an 18 year old who died when he was a child, and still retains his child's body. He desperately wants to grow up, mainly so he can hook up with women. (Spoile ...more
Explanation of the category 'Age'

A type of transformation where the character's age changes in an unnatural way. Can be either age-progression (getting older) or age-regression (becoming younger).

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