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Category: 'Age'
Magical Fairy Persia episode Unknown
A young girl is given magical powers so that she can bring spring back to the frozen land of dreams. One of her powers is the ability to change into an adult. In the first episode she becomes a police officer when she gets lost. There is also a strange gender transformation tied to her powers. I ...more
Magical Project S episode Baby Sammy
Magical Project S is a spin-off of the Tenchi Muyo series that focuses on Sasami, who has the magical ability to transform into Pretty Sammy, a defender of Earth. In this episode, her teacher, Washu, conducts an experiment that's supposed to age her. It turns her into a 15-year-old at first, but w ...more
Mamotte Lollipop (U.S. dvd title: Save Me, Lollipop!)
Furry, Age
A crystal pearl is needed for young sorcerers to pass a test from a magical world. Nina, a normal girl, accidentally swallows the pearl and finds herself in the middle of quite a few magical plots to obtain it. The gender switch is actually a body swap. All the transformations are the poof varie ...more
Margaret Peterson Haddix book Turnabout
A juvenile fiction book in which two old women are given an experimental treatment that reverses the aging process. Many years later, they story picks up again when they have become teenagers and are facing the possibility of growing younger until they become helpless children and perhaps then die. ...more
Married... with Children episode How Bleen Was My Kelly
Gender, Male, Race, Age
The episode features a morphing montage when Kelly is testing various Bleen antidotes on Bud (as well as its' backing instrumental) are references to the classic music video Black & White by the late Michael Jackson from 1991.
Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., "Inescapable"
FitzSimmons are trapped in their own minds (long story, don't ask). In the beginning, Simmons regresses to her seven-year-old self, much to Fitz's annoyance.
Marvel's Avengers Assemble episode Head to Head
Gender, Male
MODOK takes S.H.I.E.L.D. hostage with a mind-controlling stone called the Mind Stone. When trying to destroy the Avengers he causes them to switch bodies. Hulk ends up in Falcon's body, Falcon ends up in Captain America's body, Cap ends up in Iron Man's body, Iron Man ends up in Hawkeye's body, Ha ...more
Marvelous Melmo issue Unknown
Her talent was metamorphosis; she could change into an adult and back into a child when she ate candy and could also transform herself into various animals
Mauvais Esprit
French comedy about a man named Simon who has his architectual design stolen from him by a man named Porel. To make matters worse, Porel accidentally hits him with his car. But Simon is reincarnated as Porel's baby and does everything in his infant power to make life miserable for Porel. There's ...more
Mean Spirit
Mega-powered architect Porel and his duplicitous trophy wife Chrystele are expecting their first child. When Porel is in an auto accident that kills a man the same day that Chrystele gives birth, the victim of the accident is then reborn as Porel's vindictive son. Original title "Mauvais esprit". Fr ...more
Messieurs les Enfants
NOTE: This movie is in French with NO ENGLISH SUBTITLES OR DUBBING. On a magical night, a number of children, roughly eight to ten years of age, living in a small French town find themselves engaging in various conflicts with adults. Then, as if to teach everyone involved a lesson about the matte ...more
Microsoft commercial Xbox: Life Is Short - Play More
I was surprised to see that this was not in the archives. So here goes. An ad for the Xbox gaming system featuring a woman giving birth, but she pushes to hard (I assume) and the baby boy goes flying through a window, into the sky. The boy now matures while still flying above the landscape, chang ...more
Gender, Age
This is a movie based off of the Misfile webcomic, about a teenage boy that accidentally gets misfiled in heaven as a teenage girl. There is also a minor age change with one of the other characters.
Gender, Age
A webcomic about a teenage boy that accidentally gets misfiled in heaven as a teenage girl. There is also a minor age change with one of the other characters. In 2015, a Misfile movie was made, based on this webcomic.
"Mommy's Bosses" episode of The 4400
The was the season finale of season 2 in which most of the 4400 have a virus. This has nothing to do with the tf, but at the end Lilly and Richard's (both 4400s) baby daughter Izable mysteriously disapears, then the next shot shows a full grown woman walking into Shawn's (another 4400) office, and ...more
Monster Girl
Age, Monster
There is a character in Image's Invincible comics line called "Monster Girl." A beautiful and spoiled young woman attending a private school in Europe, she was cursed by a witch whose grandson she had been having an affair with. Later, on a flight home, she turned into a yellow skinned (and appar ...more
Mortal Kombat 2011
Age, Gender, Male, Mechanical, Size, Were
In the new MK game, Raiden sends a mental message to his past self in order to prevent the events of Mortal Kombat Armageddon. The game contains various transformations. Age: Babalities, a finishing move where you turn your opponent into a baby, make a return. (Spoiler Text) Size: One of ...more
Mortal Kombat II
Age, Age, Mythical
Liu Kang, after defeating an opponent, can transform into a dragon and bite them in half. In Mortal Kombat I, Shang Tsung is an old man. In part two, his master changes him into a young stud. In response to public outcry over the gory 'fatality' moves you can finish off your opponents with, the d ...more
Mortal Kombat: Conquest episode "Immortal Kombat"
I remember in this episode that there was an old Witch/Sorceress that Kung Lao had to go see to get an reverse-aging potion to help his 2 friends, Taja and Siro from dying from rapid aging which Shang Tsung gave them (it was meant for Kung Lao so he wouldn't be able to compete in a tournament). Wh ...more
Mortal Kombat: Deception
Age, Male, Gender
===Gender/Male=== The game includes a mode called "Konquest" in which you play the life of a "warrior" named Shujinko. It is a series of level mode where you practice, do missions, and free roam everywhere like GTA. (It's suppose to be a game but plays more like a long tutorial with side ...more
Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks
Gender, Age
===Age=== In the middle of the game, you run into Shang Tsung still the same age as MK1 and then he absorbs some of the souls he has collected and then he transforms into a younger version of himself which he stays throughout the game. ===Gender=== During the game intro, Shang Tsung morphs ...more
Mother / Son swap stories
Gender, Age
This is a test and temporary place to list any net-fiction stories with the common theme: Mother - Son swaps
Moya lyubimaya vedma
Age, Female, Animal
Russian version of "Bewitched". Episodes of interest: Ep03 - TF: man into dog Ep18 - TF: cat into a woman and back Ep27 - TF: man into ape Ep35 - AGE: man regressed to boy Ep36 - TF: man into horse Ep44 - TF: man into dog EP50 - TF: woman into frog All spells are reverted during their ...more
My Babysitter's a Vampire episode "Three Cheers for Evil"
Two boys discover their new friend is a Vampire, and help her fight other supernatural phenomenon around their school. There are other vampires at the boys' school. One of the boys has special psychic powers inherited from his grandmother, who is a witch. In one episode, a new cheerleader na ...more
"My Brother's Keeper" episode of Danny Phantom
Danny, trying to fight a ghost (Spectra's henchman), trashes her office. She's posing as a counselor at Danny's school and feeding off kids' misery to keep herself young. Jazz thinks Danny is depressed so she makes him go see Spectra, but Danny can't sense her because her office is so cold. Feeling ...more
My Gym Partner's A Monkey - episode: The Two Jakes
In this episode Jake and Adam decide to create clones of themselves because they think it would make life easier for them. But the clones of them are mischevious troublemakers and age more quickly (E.G they start off as young ones in the middle, teenagers in another part, adults near the last part ...more
My Hero episode Big
Gender, Inanimate, Age
one of the character in this show is a talking baby (talking babies are never a good thing) one episode is about the baby (Ollie) rapidly growing due to health problems, we see him at 6 months, 7 years, 10 years and 17 years. due to the medicine, Ollie also changes sex and becomes Oliva for a short ...more
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 3 "Magic Duel"
Gender, Age
The Great and Powerful Trixie (Kathleen Berr) returns from her exile to challenge her rival, Twilight Sparkle (Tara Strong) to a magic duel. Trixie gained possession of an artifact known as the "Alicorn Amulet", which enables a unicorn pony to gain spells more advanced then they can learn through ...more
My Parents Are Aliens
Age, Female, Gender
A British children's Sci-Fi comedy about 2 Aliens who crash landed on Earth and adopted some children in order to learn more and blend in.
Nancy Krulik book Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo series #3: "Oh, Baby"
SERIES PREMISE: In book #1, eight-year-old Katie Kazoo wishes on a falling star that "I wish I could just be someone else!" She should have been careful what she wished for, because now every time a special wind blows by Katie switches bodies with someone near her! THIS BOOK: When Katie visits he ...more
Naruto Shippuden episode 422 - 423
Age, Gender
In a two part flashback episode, Naruto returns home and teaches Konohamaru new ninja skills, including rasengan and shadow clone. Konohamaru repeatedly uses his "sexy technique" to master the new skills but realizes he has to step up his game. Another character, Udon, assumes the form of a domin ...more
The Nation side website has a rollover on their web page from one of their ads that shows a young girl and then her again but older wearing the same outfit. The Caption reads "daddy's little girl" then Daddy's little handful"
Nationwide Insurance commercial episode Fabio commercial: Life comes at you fast
They will be showing a commerical during Super Bowl XL (40) during the 3rd Quarter, featuring Fabio. He is in a Gondala in Venice, Italy, rowing while a woman is sitting, enjoying his company. Fabio then passes under a bridge and hands her a rose, then it shoes Fabio as an older man! the tagline f ...more
Negima! Volume 13
Male, Gender, Age
Ku:nel Sanders uses his Artifact to turn into Gateau, Takamiechi's sensei (male, age (older)), Eishun, Konoka's father (male), Negi's cousin, Nakane, (gender, age (younger)), and then Anya, this one little girl from Negi's past (gender, age (younger)). (Spoiler Text)
The New Age Magic
New Age Magic site to replace the one that got deleted. Main site for all genres of female AP.
New Mutants issue New Mutants Annual
Trying to save their missing teammates Sunspot and Wolfsbane, the New Mutants are captured and transformed into mindless adults, save Cypher and Warlock who escape. They run into Captain Britain, who has been regressed to childhood. When Magma regains her free will, she too is regressed. In the e ...more
"A New World" episode of The 4400
In the season premiere, after 4400 baby Isable aged to an adult in the finale we learn that Lilly (her mom) had aged from 29 to 75 in between seasons. (Spoiler Text)
Night Court episode Unknown
Just before he gets married, Bull signs up to have his virginity restored. Roz and Dan think it's a scam until Bull is transformed into a bald ten year old. Since it involves sex, Dan has himself reduced to a boy too.
Nightmares & Dreamscapes: From the Stories of Stephen King episode You Know They
A couple on vacation get lost on the road and are in the middle of no where. On a road they see there is a tree stuck in the road and the husband goes out to get rid of it. While doing so the wife has an hullucination that he is now old, then when she looks in the car mirror her reflection is that ...more
Noah's Bark
Age, Animal
On a mission to the planet Canus Dogillia Atomic Betty's partner Noah makes a rather lame joke about the planet's anthro canine inhabitants the Dogillians. They respond by turning him into a dog as some way of teaching him how to think on his feet, err, paws. The regulars try to reverse the process ...more
Nothing But The Night
As with a number of entries, this flick could be comfortably placed in more than one category. Briefly, the plot involves a remote orphanage somewhere in England and the nefarious plot to give aging rich folks "new youth" by medically transferring their minds/personalities/souls into the bodies of ...more
Nowhere Man episode Forever Jung
Old nursing home able to turn old women into young sexy women, then implanted control unit into their brain and use them to kill other people on command. One of the old women turned into the wife/mistress of the Appellate Court judge and was ordered to kill him. In the end the male doctor pulled a f ...more
"Nursery Crimes" episode of Kim Possible
New villain Nanny Nane has a machine that can turn adult. into babies. Ron went through the machine, back and forth, turning between a baby and back to himself, about a dozen times.
Nutty Professor II: The Klumps
Buddy Love (Eddie Murphy) is turned into a toddler near the end of the movie.
Explanation of the category 'Age'

A type of transformation where the character's age changes in an unnatural way. Can be either age-progression (getting older) or age-regression (becoming younger).

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