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Category: 'Age'
Jack is a ten year old boy who grows four times faster than a normal person. He has the body of a middle-aged man and the mind of a kid.
Jan Stirling
Warrioress Alzira and her husband Velops are hit with a mystic spell by his brother who wants to steal Velops' throne. The spell causes him to grow younger and her to grow older every day, The couple are saved by Feric, a wizard, and Terion, another warrioress and Feric's wife. In the end, the broth ...more
Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius episode Grumpy Young Men
Jimmy and his friends want to buy a violent video game, but unfortunately, they're too young for that. Meanwhile, Jimmy invents a gadget called the Metabolic Accelerator which will make you older if you step through it. But his plan works too well; he and his friends become elderly!
Jules Feiffer book Tantrum
A middle-aged man with two teenaged children is tired of the pressures of adult life, so he literally wills himself back to two years of age. A series of hilarious misadventures ensues, with the family taking the man-turned-baby to a doctor (who thinks they're playing a stupid trick on him), the reg ...more
Furry, Age
Towards the end of the movie, two adults are regressed to grade school children. The boy grows monkey fur and a tail for attempting to cheat.
Jump The Shark
On the 'Puberty' page of the website, it features a pictue of a young boy morphing into a mid-twenties man
Junket Custard commercial Unknown
Advertising itself as "the growing up dessert," Junket illustrated that by having three children of ascending age by a table. The youngest boy eats some of the custard and appears to grow taller nd older. "He's growing!" says the older girl next to him. She eats some custard too, and also appears to ...more
Jupiter Ascending
One of the older royal women fully immerses herself in what appears to be a large bath basin. Some lightning like effects later and she emerges with a younger, and different looking body. (Spoiler Text)
Justice League Unlimited #33
Age, Gender
Stargirl and Crimson Avenger are both arguing about the fact that she's young and brash, and he's old and careful. They both get caught up in a spell Morgaine le Fey is doing in order to make her son Mordred young again, and get their bodies switched. So they are forced to walk a mile in each oth ...more
Justice League Unlimited episode Kid Stuff
In the above episode a Sorceress and her "young" son find the "amulate of first magic", in hopes of making her immortal son ruler of the world but the boy tired of being told what to do by his mother banishes her and all adults to another dimension. To stop him the Sorceress regresses Batman, Superm ...more
keroro gunsou episode 94
Kim Possible
The villans gain acess to a time machine. They travel back in time to try to rid the future of KP. They use Draken's jouvinator to become preschoolers.
Kino's Travels episode Episode 4
In episode four of the anime it goes into flashback about where the main character originated from. It turns out she was from a country (more like city-state) where on every child's 12th birthday they are taken away to the hospital on the hill where overnight a machine ages the child to an adult (an ...more
Kirikou and the Sorceress
"The Knight in Screaming Armor" by R. L. Stine
During one of the scenes in the book, the main characters find themselves in a clock room. The main character decides to turn one of the clocks hands backwards. He was only tring to turn back time a few hours, but the clock doesn't stop turning. The three characters start to turn into babies, bu ...more
Kolchak: The Night Stalker episode The Youth Killer
Helen Certes is the owner of a singles dating service. She is also the legendary Helen Of Troy. The dating service is her way of finding perfect physical specimens to offer as sacrifices to the goddess Hecate. Helen's spell keeps her young and beautiful, but causes her victims to age to death, going ...more
Kool-Aid commercial Unknown
A group of children are enjoying Kool-Aid in what looks like a picnic in someone's back yard. The announcer talks about "The Kool-Aid you enjoyed as a child..." as the scene focuses on a little girl in a red dress pouring herself a glass. As she drinks it, the announcer continues, " the same Ko ...more
Age, Gender, Animal
Krypto the Superdog episode Puppy Problems
The Dog Star Patrol are turned into Puppies.
Kung Phooey.
A comedy in which the hero, Art Chew, an apprentice monk of shur-li Temple, must set out to find the "ancient peach", which is a fountain of youth of sorts granting whoever eats it eternal youth. no tf is shown, but the evil owner of a chinese restaurant, helen Hu (who is obsessed with wanting to lo ...more
Inanimate, Age, Animal
Also goes by the name of Mahou Tsukai Kurohime. The story revolves around Zero, a young boy who is saved from death by Kurohime who is well renowned for being the most powerful witch in the world wielding a magic gun. His admiration and love for Kurohime leads him on the path of a gunslinger an ...more
Explanation of the category 'Age'

A type of transformation where the character's age changes in an unnatural way. Can be either age-progression (getting older) or age-regression (becoming younger).

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