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Category: 'Age'
Fable II
Animal, Gender, Age
===Fairfax Castle (gender)=== After completing the main story of the game a few new buildings become available for purchase, one being castle fairfax which can be purchased for 1 million gold. On purchasing the castle a new quest begins and requests that you sleep in the master bedroom. After do ...more
Fairly Odd Parents episode The Big Problem
When Timmy gets annoyed about all of the things that grownups can do, but he can't, what's next but to wish to be a grown-up. But when Cosmo and Wanda grant his wish, finds out that being older isn't all it's cracked up to be. He's stuck with disgusting back hair, a $265 check before remembering t ...more
Fairly Odd Parents episode The Switch Glitch
Tired of his babysitter, 16-year-old Vicky, bullying him, Timmy asks his fairy godparents Cosmo and Wanda to turn her into a five-year-old so HE can boss her around. But Timmy overlooks that, as a little girl, Vicky is entitled to fairy godparents of her own! The chief fairy appears and reassigns ...more
Fairly Odd Parents episode Apartnership
On their anniversary, the Fairly Oddparents have an argument and Cosmo returns to their native land. Wanda follows him to his mother's house and continues the argument. At one point Cosmo yells, "I am not a mam's boy!" Wanda waves her wand and replies, "You are now!" Cosmo turns into a baby, wear ...more
The Fairly Odd Parents episode Baby Face
When Timmy wishes for Vicky to have a fish head so she can't babysit, Timmy is sent Flappy Bob's Learnatorium. The problem, however, is that Francis is also there. In order to hide from Francis, he wishes he was a baby and turns into a baby. But, he can't turn back because babies cannot talk, an ...more
Fairly Odd Parents episode Unknown
Timmy cannot ride the best ride in the amusment park,because he is too short, so he wishes he had a body of a 16 year old. watch the video clip i found here...
The Fairly OddParents
Age, Animal, Gender
Ten-year-old Timmy Turner is an only child, and he is often babysat by a mean teenage girl, Vicky. His world gets brighter when two fairy godparents, Cosmo and Wanda, are assigned to him by Fairyworld. Their job is to make him happy by granting all his wishes.
Fallout 3
Age, Animal, Gender
SPOILERS: At one point in the game you arrive in a simulated reality known as tranquility lane. In it, you are now a young boy (or girl if your character is female). The scientist who created the simulation likes to mess with those in it, and is in the body of a little girl when you arrive. ...more
Family Guy episode Perfect Castaway
In this episode, Peter and his friends are shipwrecked. They find an island and Peter comments about his ancestor who found the Fountain of Youth. He walks into it and comes out with a baby's body. Frickin Hilarious! lol
FamilyGuy episode The Perfect Castaway
Peter and his friends have been cast adrift after "Hurricane Rupal" sinks his fishing boat, (worth a gender mention right there LOL) as they see an island Peter muses that he feels just like his explorer ancestor. We then cut to a short bit where a version of Peter dressed as a conquistador standing ...more
Fancy Lala Tv Series
One day, nine-year old girl Miho Shinohara is given two stuffed dinosaurs by a stranger. The stuffed dinosaurs come to life and present her with a magic sketchbook and pen. Within limits, and subject to varying degrees of control, she can draw in the sketchbook and bring the drawings to life. Miho ...more
Fantastic Four and Power Pack #3
Age, Male
In this issue, we learn that Doctor Doom has employed one his favorite old attack methods, by switching bodies with young Franklin Richards (Reed's son), leaving the pre-teen Frank paralyzed in Doom's metal encased older body while Doom, as Franklin, infiltrates the FF in the concluding issue!
Farscape episode Vitas Mortis
D'Argo assists an aging Luxan Holy Woman in the traditional Ritual of Passing (she is dying) but midway thru the ceremony she decides instead to tap D'Argo's life energy in an effort to rejuvinate herself (the Ritual of Renewal). She succeeds in becoming young and vibrant again, but at a price...
Father / Daughter swap stories
Gender, Age
This is a test and temporary place to list any net-fiction stories with the common theme: Father - Daughter swaps
Fei-Fei - Flying Daggers
Age, Race, Gender
A music video that starts with a (rather attractive) woman creating some kind of potion in her apartment, then using a squirt-gun to douse a group of elderly women at a bus stop, causing them to change into hot young Asian girls, armed with similar squirt guns. The remainder of the video follows t ...more
Final Fantasy IV
Age, Animal, Gender, Monster, Size, Inanimate
===Age=== One of your characters, Rydia, is only 7 when she joins your party, however, when she gets accidentally swallowed by the monster Leviathan and taken to the Land of summoned monsters, She begins to age rapidly due to the difference in the flow of time there, By the time she returns to y ...more
The Fountain of Youth
Stories and Morphs of men regaining their youth, or sometimes losing it.
Freaky Friday (1976)
Age, Female
Mother and daugther switch bodies. Mother and daughter swap bodies on a friday, 13th and have to live the other live for a whole day.
Freaky Friday (1995)
Age, Female
Mother and daughter switch bodies.
Freaky Friday (2003)
Female, Age
Very funny and basically well done - a much better last thrid than the others. The girl does a better job than Jaime Lee but both are good. The son is excellent. Very funny scenes in the chinese restaurent between the chinese mother & daughter there - which intiates the swap! Some good scenes are w ...more
Freddy v. Jason
In the movie that had the razor clawed Freddy Kuger (Nightmare on Elm Street movies) take on the hokey Mask wearing Jason (Friday the 13th) to have bragging rights of who was the best. In a battles that took place in Jason's dream (Freddy kills people in their dreams). Freddy uses Jason's fear of wa ...more
Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhatton
In the 8th movie of the friday the 13th series. Jason follows a whole bunch of teens on a cruise headed for New York. After killing most of everyone on board, the survivors finally land in New York and Jason is still following them. In the end the surviving teens have a final battle with him in the ...more
Frosted mini-Wheats commercial Unknown
Promoting that it's nutricious for the adult and sweet for the kid in you. The series of commercials shows people becoming children to enjoy the "sweet side" of the cereal.
The Fruit Is Swelling
An Asian movie about an eight year old girl who suddenly grows ten years overnight.
Full Moon Wo Sagashite issue Unknown
Mitsuki is turned into a 16-year old girl whenever the need arises. Thus begins the story of Mitsuki's double life as a sick and weak 12-year old girl, and as the beautiful 16-year old idol singer "Full Moon."
Futurama Comics #26
Animal, Female, Age
===Animal=== After Bender recieves alot of fire arms while trying to get an 'alien firearm' degree he acidentally fire an animal transformation gun at Lela, Fry, Amy and Zoidberg which turns them into an octopus (Lela), a giraffe (Fry), a cat (Amy) and a hippo (Zoidberg). They all change back in ...more
Futurama episode Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles
An accident at a spa turns Leela, Bender, Fry, Hermes, and Zoidberg into teenagers. The professor becomes 53 again. Brian
G. I. Joe: Glamour Girls
Madame Vail agrees to sell her youth transference machine, which makes people young (and beautiful), in return for kidnapping some of the world's top models, who's youth and beauty will be transferred to the machine's user. One of these models is Low Light's sister, Una. Low Light and Dial Tone he ...more
G.I. Joe episode Grey Hairs And Growing Pains
Cobra steals a secret age changing formula and uses it on the Joe's. One group including Flint is aged into seniors, another group including Lady Jay is turned into 7 year olds.
G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra
Age, Mechanical, Male
Rex "The Doctor" Lewis (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) uses a new technology, nanomites, to perfect the NEO Vipers and other MARS (later COBRA) troopers. One of his latest tests is using this technology on Zartan (Arnold Vosloo) , the master of disguise. (Spoiler Text) Rex also uses this technology ...more
Galaxy Angel A episode Super-Spicy Kid's meal
After Ranpha finds a box of Uirou (rice jellies) which is really a lost technology after Cocomo and Malibu leave it on a desk without a note warning anyone about after th galaxy angel team eat the Uirou it turns them in to toddlers and babies it is then up to Cocomo and Malibu to try and catch ...more
Gargoyles episode City of Stone 3
In order to save his family, MacBeth trades his youth to an aged Demona.
Geraldine McCaughrean book Peter Pan in Scarlet
Age, Gender
In this licensed sequel to the orignal book, the original lost boys are having very dangerous dream about Neverland. Every time they wake up, a memento of Neverland is left in their beds. They head for neverland after captuing a fairy and borrowing their children's clothes. Because of the magic ...more
Get Smart, Age Before Duty
A photographer named Felix is hired to take CONTROL agents' file photos. But Felix is a KAOS agent and practitioner of voodoo who has developed a special gray paint (called Dorian Gray) which, when painted onto photos, causes the person to age rapidly. When all of the CONTROL agents suddenly get ve ...more
Ghost Sweeper Mikami
A 2D side-scroller for the SNES in Japan based on the manga of the same name. You take the role of a short-skirted redhead who uses her cane/whacking-stick/whatever-it-is to repel ghosts. Several of the stages are generic ones but it does have some uniqueness to the stages. One stage has your charac ...more
Ghost Whisperer episode Melinda's First Ghost
Getting close to her birthday, Melinda begins to see a ghost of an 8 yr old girl which at first she doesnt reconize. Later she has flashback dreams of when she was 8 and at school learned that a classmate had died and she is confuse because she sees the girl in the classroom and we learn when she sa ...more
The Glow
derivative movie of a young couple lured into a house. The old people there suck the life out of young people to stay alive & younger. The 'donors' look like mummies. Spoilers the young wife at the last minute defeats them & they are arrested.
The Golden Voyage of Sinbad
The evil magician Koura (Tom Baker of "Doctor Who" fame) tries to thwart Sinbad's search for a mystical treasure and capture the prizes for himself. But the more he uses his dark magic, the older and weaker he grows. His life force almost gone, Koura deposits the first of three golden tablets into a ...more
Goosebumps book Haunted Mask 2
A boy puts on an old man mask and feels like one.
Goosebumps episode An Old Story
An old lady turns two teenaged boys into old men with some prune cookies
The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy episode Halls of Time
Billy, Mandy and their friend Irwin are regressed to babies.
Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy episode Mommy Fiercest
Billy's mom and dad are tuened into kids.
Explanation of the category 'Age'

A type of transformation where the character's age changes in an unnatural way. Can be either age-progression (getting older) or age-regression (becoming younger).

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