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Category: 'Age'
A.M. Homes book Things You Should Know
Age, Gender, Animal
Two of the short stories in this collection - "Raft in Water, Floating" and "The Weather Outside is Sunny and Bright" - feature a shapeshifter who takes a number of different forms. (Spoiler Text)
Action Comics #861
Age, Inanimate
===Inanimate/Age=== In this issue, Brainiac 5 reveals that he has someone on the inside spying on the Justice League of Earth. (Spoiler Text) ===Inanimate=== One of the members of the Justice League of Earth is Golden Boy, Klint Stewart. One of his powers is the Midas Touch (Turn things i ...more
Adventure Comics #356
On 30th Century Earth, it's the holiday Parents Day, where everybody spends time with their parents. Left on duty at the HQ of the Legion Of Super-Heroes are the only members who have no living parents: Superboy, Mon-El, Element Lad, Dream Girl, and Brainiac 5. The heroes are lured by a false emerg ...more
Adventure Time with Finn and Jake
Age, Inanimate, Size
Size (Jake's Shapeshifting), Inanimate (Magic Man episode), Age (Lich episode) Cartoon Network presents a new hit cartoon called Adventure Time with Finn and Jake, most commonly called Adventure Time! Finn the Human lives with his buddy Jake, a shapeshifting dog in a magical land called Ooo i ...more
Adventures in the Emerald City: Princess Ozma
Gender, Age
A little boy transformed back into a beautiful teenage girl named Princess Ozma A Russian Animated Cartoon (2000)
The Adventures of Pauline McPeril issue Unknown
In this newspaper comic strip drawn by Mad Magazine artist Jack Ricard, secret agent Pauline McPeril is sent to bring to justice the diabolical Dr. Shrinkman, who has invented a formula that turns government leaders and previous agents sent to arrest him into toddlers. Dr. Shrinkman tries to slip P ...more
AFK: The Webseries
Age, Race, Gender
AFK is a web series that follows the misadventures of a group of gamers who mysteriously wake up in the bodies of their online characters. Gender swapped, confused and out of their element, they must work together to survive in a hostile new world.
Age Before Beauty
Beautiful young models are suddenly dying of old age. Myka and Pete go to investigate. Its a camera which can transfer a model's youth and attractiveness from her to rich old women. At one point Myka sees a rich old woman staring hungrily at her. The old women do not become exactly like ...more
Ah! My Goddess episodes 25 and 26
Due to a system crash at Yggdrasil, Urd in episode 25 becomes a child, while at the end of 25 and into 26 Skuld grows into adulthood.
Ala... Dina!
Animal, Female, Gender, Inanimate, Male, Size, Were, Age
Spanish tv show about a female genie and a family... episodes of possible interest: ===Season 1:=== 01 - "Genio y figura parte 1" - Animal - boy into pig 03 - "Mascota familiar" - Animal - woman into parrot; man into raven 07 - "El estreno" - Age - boy into man 09 - "Cumplesiglos feliz" - ...more
All Gummed Up
A Three Stooges comedy short. To buy the building housing their drug store from skinflint landlord Amos Flint, the Stooges set out to develop a youth serum. And they succeed. They administer the serum to Serena Flint (wife of Amos, who just kicked her out of their home for being too old to look at), ...more
The All New Atom #16
Gender, Mechanical, Size, Age
Time Related Changes In this issue, there are several time related changes. A man calling himself Swami Vedah of the Center for Transcendental Consciousness is using the power of music to change people from normal people of the year 2007 to a hippy version of themselves from the 1960's. A morph pa ...more
American Horror Story
Among the strange characters the Harmon family encounters in their new, haunted Los Angeles home in the first episode is a woman who claims to be the maid for the house, Moira. When she first appears to Vivian Harmon, Moira appears to be a fifty-something woman (Frances Conroy). When Vivian intro ...more
An Old Fabio commercial Nationwide Insurance
In a commercial for the Superbowl they show a fake commercial for a new shampoo named after Fabio, he even was in the commercial. He was rowing one of those boats from Venice and he was with a woman. When they go under a bridge, Fabio is very old like 80 or something and the woman is shocked. Then ...more
"And The Children Shall Lead" episode of Star Trek
A group of children aboard the ship have the power to control the minds of the crew. They give Uhura the belief that she is an old dying woman.
Animaniacs: Buttermilk, It Makes the Body Bitter
In this short 58-second commerical-like clip, Slappy the Squirrel is publisizing a buttermilk drink. She first appears as a young squirrel (kind of like Skippy), then a kind of pre-teen version, then a tall, curvaceous version, and finally her old, crabby, decrepit self that we all know and love. ...more
"Anywhere but Here" episode of Sabrina, The Animated Series
Sabrina is tired of being treated like a child - curfews, school, small allowance, no admittance to PG-13 movies - so Salem gives her an enchanted watch that makes her an adult and transports her into a world where she is a grownup. There Sabrina learns of the hassles of grown-up life - adult resp ...more
AR Archive
The best age site EVER! story chat images links it has it all!
Animal, Age, Were, Gender, Mythical
the artist Arania from transfur homepage that has alot of transformations that are not seen on
Archie & Friends issue 7
Aunt Hilda tries out Sabrina's teen formula facial and suddenly is a high school teenager again! 5 page backup story.
Asatte no Houkou episode All episodes
Asatte no Houkou episode Whole series
Karada is an elementary school girl. She lost her parents in the accident, and she has been living with his big brother. Because she doesn`t want be a burden on her brother, she hopes to grow soon. On the other hand, there is a woman named Shoko. She used to be called "genius", and she always mi ...more
"Audrey Parker's Come And Gone" episode of The 4400
An old woman (not a 4400) has taken the drug permissine that gives people 4400 powers (the drug is illegal) and she says it allows her to be young again. We dont see the ar but we see clips of her younger self in the present enjoying life. It turns out she can project herself young like an outer bo ...more
Autumn Bay
Age, Animal, Gender
There are a number of transformations in Autumn Bay. Many of them have to do with the cosmic trickster entity known as Nesariel. (Spoiler Text) Andrew Chapel is changed as part of a "fantasy" into a cat The author has promised that transformations of various types will be a recurring ...more
Awesome Man issue Unknown
From astonish comics released late 2003, early 2004 2 issues so far Awesom man is a young boy who wakes up on the last page of issue one and he has the body of Awesome Man! In Issue 2, he discovers his new adult size. AM is supermuscular and flies. Can a boy do a super man's job and save ...more
Bad Girls of Valley High
A 2000 movie originally titled "A fate totally worse than death" and based on the book by the same name. The teen horror-comedy BAD GIRLS FROM VALLEY HIGH is based on the acclaimed young adult novel by Paul Fleischman entitled A FATE TOTALLY WORSE THAN DEATH. It marks the feature filmmaking deb ...more
Baffled! episode Unknown
AP, AR, man disguised as woman(the face mask stunt) A manor, old woman in wheelchair, a famous actress and her very young daughter, a race car driver(Leonard Nimoy) with visions he can't explain, a female reporter wondering what the visions all about. All of them come to the manor for a reason un ...more
Banana man
Every time Eric eats a banana, he turns into Banana Man! Eric is a schoolboy (between the ages of 12 and 14) and every time he eats a banana, he turns into a superhero that the world knows as Banana Man!
The Basil Brush Show episode Double Trouble Two
The Episode starts with Basil, Molly and Dave in jail. But they are soon joined by cousin Mortimer. After Basil and the gang recap everything that has happened. (They accidently clone 2 mr. stevens, the real one is fired for being bad, the new one a genius has been captured for testing in a secret g ...more
Beetleborgs Metalix episode The Old Grey Flabber
This episode starts with the eeevil nukus plotting to destroy the beetleborgs , les draws a well detailed portrait of flabber, as soon as flabber recives this portrait, he takes an instant glace at it (to look at his beautiful self), little does he know that the picture is sucking the life out of ...more
Bernard and the Genie
When down and out Bernard meets a genie around Christmas, he decides to share his good fortune with the local children. They take over the Santa post at the local store and grant the children's wishes (such as for a real live Ninja Turtle). One child enters as a little boy and comes out a full gro ...more
Bernard Waber book You're a Little Kid with a Big Heart
Octavia's dearest wish is to grow up fast! At least it was until her wish actually comes true and she finds her 7 year old self in a 39 year old body! It's a children's book written a decade or two back. I only have the advertisement for it from the new york times. It was published by Houg ...more
Bewitched episode Junior Executive
When Samantha wonders what her childern will be like, Endora changes Darrin into an eight year old. Note, young Darrin is played by Will Robinson.
Bewitched episode Just a Kid Again
Tabatha changes a department store salesman into a child.
Bewitched episode Out of the Mouths of Babes
Darrin gets into an argument with Endora and is changed into a ten year old boy.
Bewitched episode Samantha's Old Man
Endora changes Darrin into a old man.
Bewitched episode Serena's Youth Pill
Larry takes a pill that makes him age backwards.
Bewitched episode Trick or Treat
Endora changes into a little girl wearing a gypsy custom to put a werewolf hex on Darrin. Trivia, the young Endora is played by the same girl that played Marcia Brady.
Bez bebek
Age, Animal, Gender, Mythical, Inanimate
Turkish tv show that is, as it seems, about a doll-girl who lives in a toy-world but doesn't want to be married to a jester so she moves to the human world, where she works as a nanny. She transforms randomly into a doll until episode 72, then she turns into a cat sometimes. She also can perform ma ...more
A young boy gets his wish to be big.
Big John Little John episode Unknown
A grade school teacher, after drinking from the fountain of youth, transforms at random times into a 12 year old boy. The series didn't have a long run.
Big Top Pee Wee
Pee Wee Herman developes a tree which growns cocktail weiners which transform adults into children (I know, I know, that plot's been done to death). Pee Wee feeds them to the town fuddies to get them to allow the circus to come to town.
Big Wolf On Campus episode Interview With A Werewolf
A florist sets Merton up on a date with her niece Violet, whoever she doesn't really have a niece, she is Violet - and she uses a special charm with water inside it to retain her youth and she begins sucking the life out of Merton, as a result of this Merton starts aging and turning into an o ...more
Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey
Gender, Age
When Bill and Ted go to hell, they are turned into little boys to relive childhood trauma. Rufus diguises himself as an attractive women to fool Bill and Ted into thinking that he is their manager.
Birthday World
This animated direct-to-video was made available at McDonalds restaurants. The Hamburglar is sad because he doesn't have a birthday present to give Ronald McDonald. A sinister figure gives him free passes to "Birthday World". At Ronald's party, Hamburglar gives Ronald the tickets and the whole gang ...more
Black Cat
Age, Were
Were: When the Chronos numbers are assaulting Creed's castle, Creed sends a man who transforms into a werewolf. Age: (Spoiler Text)
Black Lagoon Omake
Age, Gender
One omake features the main characters genderswapped, while another regresses their ages by several years. Present in both the manga and anime. The anime omakes are numbered 04 and 06.
Bleach Episode 192
Age, Female
After Ichigo defeated Espada #6, Grimmjow in a battle, Grimmjow was still alive but when Espada #5 Nnoitra shown up, he attacked Grimmjow off-guard and finished off so Nnoitra will fight Ichigo and finish him off himself. When Nnoitra started to break Ichigo’s arm, the intensity of Nel’ ...more
Bodyswap: The Boy who was 84 by L. P. Howarth
When Will' body is stolen from him by a strange old man called Hornbeam he's determined to get it back, even before news of the windfall that should have made him a millionaire, being old is no fun. Paperback: 204 pages Publisher: Catnip Publishing Ltd (27 Mar 2009) Language: English IS ...more
Boy grows up too fast commercial Nationwide Insurance
In a comercial during the super bowl a father was pushing his son on a swing. He pushed and pushed, each time the son goes off screen. Then after the third push his son comes back as an adult. Then they say "Life comes at you fast
Break Me
Gender, Female, Age
Jewel morphs into a male soldier and an old black man. The men sing with Jewel's voice.
"Brian Of The Brownies" episode of My Parents Are Aliens
Gender, Age
In this episode, Brian change himself into a 10 years old girl, who learns how to send brownies.
brigadoon episode 15
after the main female character eats a chocolate from a tree she turns into a grown woman.Then she turns into a baby. We then find out that the fruit she ate was an illusion fruit.
The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants issue Unknown
Once Magneto attempted to create his own mutant with unlimited power named Mutant Alpha. In an encounter with the loose knit super team the Defenders, the already unstable Mutant Alpha unleashed his powers, reducing the Brotherhood to a state of infancy. Magneto was restored to adulthood by the Shi' ...more
The Brothers Grimm
The Brothers Grimm (Matt Damon and Heath Ledger) are a couple of olden days con artists fleecing townsfolk by pretending to fight monsters and ward of evil enchantments. They stumble into a town that is under a REAL curse however that will require REAL skill to overcome. Apparently the evil Q ...more
Brutal Paws of Fury
Furries figting what more can I say... it's funny :)
Budweiser Fountain of Youth, 1989
Two male tour guides are showing a bunch of elderly women the fountain of youth. When they get wet, they turn into hot young babes who start hitting on the guys.
Butterfly Effect
Age, Age
Ashtin Kutcher plays a man who can rewind his life to any part of his life and change things but each time he does he hurts someone else. He went back to being 7 and 13. There was an alternate ending (spoiler) where he goes back to right before he was born and kills himself with the umbelical cord s ...more
Caša Talentos
Age, Gender, Inanimate, Animal
Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter
A Vampire Hunter, his hunch back friend and Caroline Munro (Yummy) are on the trail of a strange type of Vampire that drains the youth from young women, who shortly there after die. The effects are done with a mixture makeup FX and use of similar older actresses. A Man also becomes younger when he l ...more
Captain Planet episode In Zarm's Way
Two children are kidnapped and sent to their own little world. They can have naything they wish. the little girl wishes for a dog and the little boy wishes for a cat. they start getting into numerous fights and each time they age, while their pet gets more monstrous.
Care Bears episode "The Fountain of Youth"
On this Episode of the Care Bears, Shreeky takes a drink of the water from the Fountain of Youth and she turns into a little baby.
Carefree Sugarless Gum commercial Unknown
Three elderly women are sitting in rocking chairs on a porch; the one on the left and the one sitting center are chewing on gum. The one on the left says, "This Carefree Gum has great, long-lasting flavor..." and the center woman says, "...but if this gum is sugar free, then we're the Dallas Cowboy ...more
Case Closed episode Unknown
I saw the first show of an animie series on Cartoon Network in which a 17 year old young man wouldbe detective is attacked and given a strange drug the regresses him into a little boy. It currently airs at 12:30AM and again at 3:30AM
Celebrity Death Match: King of the Lil' People
In the new episode of Celebrity Deathmatch episode King of the Lil' People. All the fights are between celebrities with Lil in the name. The card was: Lil Bow Wow v. Little Romeo Lil Wayne v. Little Flip Lil John v. Lil Kim Well anyway in the plot, there was a problem. Lil Romeo and Lil Bow ...more
Celebrity Deathmatch episode The Three Stooges vs The Three Tenors
The Stooges have a machine that will age/de-age people. They stick a tenor in there and age him a hundred years. He comes out all rotting and gross. Later in the match, Larry decided he could beat them if he were 10 years younger. He accidentaly sets the dial to 1910 and comes out a sperm.
Age, Female, Furry, Gender, Male, Monster
Some players of a game called 'Chaotic' can become anybody in Perim, a magical world
Chestnut tree
Furry, Age
In a dream, aduld lady recalls her childhood and becomes a girl, then plays with a cat and changes into cat. Then her mother changes into bear. When the dream ended, she becomes a grown-up again. A festival hand-drawn Korean movie 4 minutes long.
Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
Spoiler Warning: After the battle to save the Narnia, the kids become the Kings and Queens of the land. Years pass and they are now adults, they forget about their lives in our world until they find themselves where the portal back to their world is. When they re enter the portal and back to ...more
Chrysler ad commercial Unknown
A teenaged girl is driving a red car (I think it was a Chrysler) with her middle-aged, somewhat wrinkly mother in the passenger seat. Evidently, she starts driving fast enough that the mother's face starts getting stretched out, like she's in a wind tunnel -- we see two shots of her face getting ...more
Cinderella Movie (2015)
The Fairy God Mother appeared as an old lady and then she used her magic wand/staff to change herself into a young woman to make yourself young and comfortable before she helped Cinderella get ready to go to the ball.
City of Lost Childern
A strange surrealist story about a mad scientist is kidnapping childern for their dreams. Toward the end of the moive there is an interesting age progression and regression sequence.
Class commercial Children turning into adults
In a commerical for the upcoming new tv show Class. They show a whole bunch of kids playing on playground stuff (swings. etc). After a while they go off screen and when they re appear they are the adult actors who are playing them as adults. They are wearing the same clothes only bigger and are stil ...more
Age, Gender
In this movie Adam Sandler fast forwards to when he gets his promotion to find that his secretary has had a sex change and now works in accounting. Well, I only saw the teaser trailer of this movie starring Adam Sandler. The premise is that a workaholic architect, Michael Newman (Sandler), has ...more
Click (Theatre Trailer)
This is a duplicate entry, and is marked for deletion - 2007 jul 10 - cj Movie coming out soon with Adam Sandler as the star, involving a universal remote that affects time in the real world. In the trailer shown in movie theatres, they mention towards the end that the Adam Sandler character abu ...more
A science corporation creates a watch that can speed up the wearers making time freeze, but a side effect of the watch is if you wear it too long you begin to age rapidly, at the end one of the scientists thinks he can reverse the side effects and he turns into a teenager.
Codename: Kids Next Door
Age, Gender, Animal, Were
Numbah One, Two, Three, Four and Five are agents in a secret organization to defend kids from the tyranny of adults and teens.
"The Cookoo Clock of Doom" by R. L. Stine
Based on the Fox Tv. show a 12 year old boy tries to get his little sister in trouble by turing the head on his dad's cookoo clock backwards. this causes time to go backwords. he ends up going to his 12th birthday,6th birthday and eventually he ends up as a baby. Too bad he turns time around. OK.
"The Counter Clock Incident" episode of Star Trek: The Animated Series
The Enterprise is pulled into a universe where time runs backwards.
Cowboy Bebop episode Sympathy for the Devil
Early on in the episode we see that there is something unusual about a young boy playing the blues on his harmonica at a jazz club. It's later revealed that he's not as young as he looks -- a freak accident when he was a child left him immortal, but stopped the aging process as a side-effect. So he' ...more
Crash Bandicoot Warped
In the game Crash must go back in time and stop Neo Cortex. If you get all the crystals and beat the game you will get an ending where the two villians have been turned into babies, they dont show their tf but its funny
Criss Angel episode Screwed
Criss Angel transforms an 8-year-old girl into a 20-year-old version of herself.
Cristal Bier Party commercial Unknown
Age, Animal, Inanimate, Size, Mythical
A "wild west" fantasy webcomic loosely based on Native American mythology mixed with supernatural/spiritual elements from multiple religions. Characters undergo many supernatural transformations into animals or monsters, or cause other characters or inanimate objects to transform. (Spoiler Te ...more
The Curse of Monkey Island
Near the end of the game the main character, Guybrush Threepwood, is changed into a kid by the Demon Pirate LeChuck.
Explanation of the category 'Age'

A type of transformation where the character's age changes in an unnatural way. Can be either age-progression (getting older) or age-regression (becoming younger).

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