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Category: 'Age Regression'
Sugar Sugar Rune: Episode 36 "Stop the Old Man! Baya's Secret Mission"
A magical girl anime about two young witches named Chocolate and Vanilla who are competing to rule the World they come from by winning the hearts of teenage boys, but unexpectedly turn into the best of friends. In episode 36 Chocolate's Grandfather comes to the Human World for a visit but ends up ...more
Bioshock 2
There are several instances of age regression and gender change in the video game Bioshock 2, both of which come near to the end of the game. (Spoiler Text) The second instance of transformation comes in the ending sequence of the game, and whether or not it occurs depends on the player's cho ...more
Buick Super Bowl 2017 Commercial Pee Wee
Gender, Male
A Pee Wee football game is going on. Two parents watching see a car pull up, and one comments that it is a new Buick. The other states if that is a Buick, he is Cam Newton's father. (Spoiler Text) At the end, the quarterback comments when a second Buick pulls in, and the coach in disbelief t ...more
Dollhouse episode "Haunted"
When Adelle's friend, Margaret, is murdered her last wish was to have her recorded consciousness implanted into an active's body, which in this case was Echo. Margret, well past middle-aged, is pleased to find herself in a sexy young body. And since it is only a temporary swap, she decides to use ...more
Dollhouse episode "Omega"
===Female/Age Regression=== Alpha kidnaps Echo and later a young woman named Wendy. He uses a makeshift system to implant Echo's former personae, Caroline, into Wendy's body. He then uses the same equipment to implant all of Echo's templates into her body like had happen to him before. (Spoi ...more
Jekyll's Daughter
A continuation to the original Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Henrietta Jekyll recreates her father's formula 25 years later with unexpected results. ***Note: You can read the prologue for free. The remainder of the website has character sketches, a historical overview, a couple of Flash transformatio ...more
Ouran High School Host Club
Episode 13:"Haruhi in Wonderland!" (Fushigi no Kuni no Haruhi). Haruhi has a trippy, Alice in Wonderland-esque fantasy dream, with characters from the series in the various roles. In the scene with the caterpillar, Nekozawa, a teen-age boy and Kirimi, his little sister, eat from the mushroom tha ...more
Wizards of Waverly Place - Meet the Werewolves
Max casts a spell on his parents' food, turning Jerry and Mrs. Russo's minds into kids, then ages them up to teenagers through an aging spell on cookies. Also, Alex and Harper transform into Werewolves to attend Mason's parents' werewolf celebration, as Mason doesn't want his parents to find o ...more
Wizards of Waverly Place episode "Three Maxes and a Little Lady"
Age, Male, Gender
In order to get the Wizard's Competition moved so Alex and Justin can study (Max is ahead due to Justin and Alex failing Prof. Crumb's test to determine whether or not the Russos would or would not expose magic to the mortal world), Alex changes herself into her brother, Max. She heads to the Wi ...more