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Category: 'Adult Movie'
The Adult Version of Jekyll & Hide
Angel On Fire
This film centers on a man who does not treat women well. A woman who loves him gets pregnant and he kicks her out of his apartment - telling her that he doesn't want to see her anymore. He later gets hit by a VW Bus and goes to heaven. An angel says that he has to go back to Earth as a woman to ...more
Attack of the 60' Centerfold
a young model played by J.J.North is criticized about her looks during a photo shoot by a fellow model while they are competing for the title of plaything of the year after taking an accidental overdose of the beautification serum that her Dr. has given her she grows to the height of 60' and when he ...more
Bad Girls from Mars
More of a B comedy than a porno, it's revealed at the end that the sexy female murderer used to be a man.
Being with Juli Ashton
When an aspiring pornographer finds a portal that slips him into the mind of whoever is having sex with Juli Ashton, he experiences a world he never thought possible. Excited about his discovery he convinces his wife to take the plunge and do Juli, too. So begins the quest of who does Juli best.
Bikini Girls From the Lost Planet
Women from the planet Aquaterra capture men by transforming them into packaged action figures. Apparently, the women are in need of Earth males in order to breed. Method of transformation is via ray-emitting vibrating dildos.
Body Transfer
What is the ultimate sexual experience? Kenichi and his classmates, Konomi, Miho and Hikaru are about to find out. When a magic energy field forms around their school, they find themselves unable to leave. Not only that, but the magic lets them feel each other's sexual pleasure and switch bodies upo ...more
Borrowed Bodies
Gender, Female
A sex therapist consults 5 women about their sex lives. She is confronted by a strange faceless man that tells her the only true way to help them is to be them. She becomes 3 of the women in her class. It is done Quantum Leap style and looks the same until she looks in the mirror. She is unable to " ...more
Bridgette's Hellions
This movie has a Washington D.C. senator being transformed into a woman by a minion who serves the devil.
Brothers Grime II - Offenders of the universe
One of two women transform themselves into a guy to seduce the other girl. aka Cream Lemon episode 10 Star Trap
Brothers Grime III - Pandora
During the last a three cartoons. A woman uses a robot to lure a guy into a trap and transform him. Brief a the end.
Carnal Possessions
"Beetlejuice" spin-off. At the end, a "Beetlejuice" type character turns himself into a woman and has sex with the new male owner in an attempt scare him off.
The Chameleon
Chameleons Not The Sequel
Female, Gender
The title is verbatim; but still another arty affair, similar to The Chameleon. The story centers on two jaded, world weary shape-shifters who may or may not be related to the Chameleons in The Chameleon (with Tori Welles). Unlike the shapeshifters in The Chameleon, their powers are vampiric. Th ...more
About a couple who can turn themselves into other people.
Race, Female
Dolly discovers that the ring she inherited possesses magical powers that allow her to change her appearance to look like anybody! Being a total slut she decides to use the power of the ring to change her into other people's lovers so she can have sex with them!
Dead Weekend
Race, Female
Because of a DNA-altering illness, an alien female vacationing on earth changes her constantly changing appearance. Amelia initially appears Asian, but then becomes a lithe black woman, a brunette Frenchwoman, a blonde, and then a redheaded Southern gal. And all of them have sex with Stephen Baldw ...more
A spin-off of the movie "Switch". A womanizer is reincarnated as a young girl to experience things from the other side of the fence.
Double Exposure
Guy changes sex after orgasm. (a patched together rip-off of Unnatural Phenomenom)
Dr. Jeckel and Ms. Hide
Ashlyn Gere portrays the female version of a scientist who is transformed from man to woman by a potion he creates (not the intended effect). He switches between male and female form at random periods without control until quaffing a potion to stabilize his transformations -- purposely locking himse ...more
Dream Story
Gender, Gender
Upon making a wish with a magical jar, a woman and a man change bodies and the woman becomes a man and the man becomes a woman. The couple are shocked after finding our what had happened but get the most of it by exploring their new bodies. The man trapped in a woman's body plays with herself maste ...more
Dream Story 2
This is the second part of Dream Story. The saga continues as the switched couple explores more of their new bodies.
Earth Girls Are Sleazy
Man and woman unwillingly swap bodies. They then proceed to try to make each other jealous by having sex with others. At the end, a man and two women all swap bodies by mistake, Brief.
Emmanuelle 2000
Gender, Female
It is the beginning of the various movies played by Holly sampson, the main topic of all the series is the transferring the mind of a person with a device (Headband), while the other one is in "stand by" in the body of the other one. In this series: Emmanuelle pie; emmanuelle is a corresponden ...more
The Fruit Is Swelling
An Asian movie about an eight year old girl who suddenly grows ten years overnight.
Glen and Glenda
A man envisions himself in his own mind as a beautiful blonde woman. There are a couple of creative sex scenes where he swaps sex back and forth, including one where he imagines himself as a woman having sex with a bunch of crossdressers.
Heaven Sent
I got this movie tonight and I rather enjoyed it. For the most part it is a typical porn movie, pretty awful acting and not the greatest of plots. However it has some of the stronger tg elements I have seen in a porn movie. I should warn those that are sensitive that this movie is quite fr ...more
Hot Shower
The movie is entirely in Japanese. An asian couple fall down a hill together and switch bodies. The woman (now man) hates her new body, but the man (now woman) seems intrigued. She explores her new body and then they have sex with each other. They go back to the same hill and fall down it again ...more
In Deep With The Devil
The devil gives a guy a mirror that will allow him to turn into anybody. He turns himself into a woman to get his secretary into bed.
It's in the Jeans
A couple swap bodies with the aid of a monkeys paw.
Explanation of the category 'Adult Movie'

A movie that contains mature content, intended to be kept away from the view of children.

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