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The Villans of Valley View S01E01
Colby uses his newly-found powers to shapeshift into Hartley.
The Coconut Chick
Race, Female
A casually racist white girl who learns what it's like from the other side when she inexplicably changes her ethnicity into a Filipino girl. THE COCONUT CHICK - Full Short Film (2017)
Quantum Leap (2022)
Female, Gender, Male
A remake of the classic 1989-93 series where Dr. Ben Song leaps into other peoples bodies. Episode Paging Dr. Song - Gender Leap. Die. Repeat. - Gender, Male Family Style - Gender A Decent Proposal - Gender Ben Song for the Defense - Gender The Friendly Skies - Gender
Quantum Leap (2023) S1E13 "Family Style"
Ben takes over the body of an Indian woman whose family restaurant is in trouble due to an unscrupulous landlord and the stubbornness of her mother. *Quantum Leap welcomes Back a Major Voice
Quantum Leap (2022) S1E11 "Leap. Die. Repeat."
Ben leaps into a series of people in an elevator on their way to see a military nuclear demonstration. It's like "Groundhog Day" except with different bodies. The bodies include a General and a female officer. There's a disaster, and Ben must solve the mystery before he runs out of people to leap i ...more
Race, Female
Dolly discovers that the ring she inherited possesses magical powers that allow her to change her appearance to look like anybody! Being a total slut she decides to use the power of the ring to change her into other people's lovers so she can have sex with them!
Heaven and Hell: Soul Exchange
An ambitious detective in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department's violent crimes unit, Ayako Mochizuki is determined to make a name for herself as one of the unit's best detectives. Driven by a strong sense of justice, Mochizuki has worked hard her entire career a fact that has not gone unnotice ...more
The Dead Zone episode "Symmetry"
After Johnny is attacked, he begins to experience visions of his attacker's life and the life of one of the attacker's victims. *The Dead Zone S5 ep7 - M2F Morph
Sex Machine
Female, Male, Gender
As a result of the chemical experiments she has been involved in, bitch queen Nina can change herself from a beautiful blonde into a well built, muscular stud, or any other person. She also has the power to seduce anyone she desires. First there’s her male pick up who is sent packing after their ...more
Quantum Leap (2022) S1E10 Paging Dr. Song
Ben leaps into a black female physician (resident) in Seattle, and finds herself having to deal with victims of a train crash.
Star Trek: Prodigy episode Masquerade
While at a star port in the Romulan Neutral Zone, the crew of the Protostar encounter Geneticist Dr. Jago who informs Dal that he is a human hybrid experiment, augmented with 26 other species. (Spoiler Text)
Star Trek: Prodigy episode Mindwalk
The Protostar crew knowing they cannot use ship to ship communications with Starfleet, try to reach out instead with telepathy using Zero, a Medusian, and Dal R'El, an augment with multiple species DNA, to contact Vice Admiral Janeway. (Spoiler Text)
Star Trek: Prodigy
Star Trek Prodigy is an animated Television series that continues on from Star Trek: Voyager. It features a new ship, the USS Protostar, and a new crew of kids. It also includes the return of Katherine Janeway as both a Hologram advisor aboard the ship and as Vice Admiral in Star Fleet. The origina ...more
She-Hulk: Attorney at Law episode The People vs. Emil Blonsky
Female, Gender
Walters' former colleague, Dennis Bukowski, approaches GLK&H with a case involving his ex-girlfriend. He thought he was dating Megan Thee Stallion, but learns it was actually (Spoiler Text)
She-Hulk: Attorney at Law
She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is a comedy Television series based on a re-imagined origin of Jennifer Walters transformation into She-Hulk. It focuses on Jennifer's first transformation after being exposed to the blood of her cousin, Bruce Banner/Smart Hulk. Unlike her cousin, Jennifer is fully control ...more
R.I.P.D. 2: Rise of the Damned
Gender, Race, Female
Set in 1876, Sheriff Roy Plsipher is is shot and killed, but given a second chance after joining the R.I.P.D. (Rest In Peace Department). He and his partner, Jeanne, are tasked with stopping a literal gateway to hell. However, when sent back, no one sees Roy as a white man anymore, instead both ...more
Harley Quinn episode Batman Begins Forever
Harley replaces Robin in one of Bruce Wayne's memories where Robin and Batman fight The Joker and Harley Quinn. In a Quantum Leap style - we see Harley in Robin's costume. The Joker and Harley see her as Robin. *Harley Quinn - 3x08 - Batman Begins Forever
Big Mouth episode F**ked Up Friday
Nick Birch, Andrew Glouberman, Jessi Glaser, Missy Foreman-Greenwald and Jay Bilzerian all have a Freaky Friday switch with Nick McGregor Grandfather, Mary Glouberman, Baby Glasser, Nathan Fillion and sharing a body with Coach Steve.
Quantum Leap (2022) S1E4 - A Decent Proposal
Ben leaps into a female bounty hunter, and finds herself pursuing a drug runner.
State Bank All in One Australian TV Commercial
Male, Gender
Various men and women morph into each other. *State Bank All in One
Exiern: Dark Reflections
A barbarian tries to rescue a princess from an evil wizard, but unfortunately for him things don't go as planned. Set in an alternate universe to the original Exiern story where things play out differently at a critical point in the rescue attempt ... but ultimately still less than ideally for ou ...more
TurboTax Live Super Bowl 2022 TV Spot, 'What If?' Featuring Jason Sudeikis
Male, Gender
During Super Bowl LVI, a TurboTax Live user poses a suspiciously specific "hypothetical" to her matched tax expert: Can she help a freelancer who just bought a new home-slash-office? "That's Right." Encouraged to keep asking questions, the user takes off her mask to reveal a man who invests in cryp ...more
Gillette commercial Transformation
At a bar, a guy sees three of his male best friends have begun digitally morphing into three beautiful women. Very brief scene.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012) episode Plan 10
In this episode the Kraang have invented a body switching device. Raphael and a Kraang swap bodies, and later April O'Neil and Casey Jones swap bodies.
Green Lantern: The Animated Series episode Reboot
While gathering his team, Hal Jordan discovers the Ship's Nav AI 'Aya' (a female living robot) has been replaced with 'LANOS' (a Male Nav AI computer). LANOS briefly ends up in Aya's body during this episode. (Spoiler Text)
Married... with Children episode How Bleen Was My Kelly
Gender, Male, Race, Age
The episode features a morphing montage when Kelly is testing various Bleen antidotes on Bud (as well as its' backing instrumental) are references to the classic music video Black & White by the late Michael Jackson from 1991.
Ultimate Ghosts n' Goblins
Animal, Gender, Size
Arthur can be changed into different forms: Small Fry, Beanpole, Skeleton, Chicken, Grasshopper, Moth, and an XL Woman *XL Woman- Arthur is turned into a portly female villager where he is unable to uses his magic powers, shields, double jump and pickup items. Also, the agility is reduced and t ...more
thesepeoplecomedy video Quantum Lapse
In this Quantum Leap parody, an Al Calavicci-like character messes up his communicator at the end when he gets out of a blue curtain, he becomes a girl by looking at himself wearing a gold circular necklace, green white dotted shirt, tight blue jeans and black boots he then say that "well, this is ...more
Quantum Leap Into Melania Trump
A part of a skit by Omaha Live, In this brief Quantum Leap parody, a bearded, short-haired guy in a silky leopard skin wardrobe playing as Sam Beckett becomes Melania Trump.
Budweiser Commercial "Psychic Friends"
Three girls visit a fortune teller in order to find out about their past lives. As they were the formerly famous Budweiser frogs (i.e. "Bud", "Weis" & "Er"). Even the blonde sticks out her tongue in order to catch a fly on her crystal ball.
Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane #106
Race, Female
Lois Lane steps into a body molder that turns her into a black woman (for a day) as she ventures into Metropolis' Little Africa in order to "tell it like it is" for the story.
Fantasy Island (2021) episode His and Hers / The Heartbreak Hotel
Two adventures named Daphne Madden (Odette Annable) and Zev Randall (Dave Annable) who's marriage has grown stale want to have the ultimate adventure together. They wake up in each others bodies. *S01:E102 - His and Hers/The Heartbreak Hotel
American Nightmares
A male radio host is transformed into a woman in order to learn a lesson about picking on women on his radio talk show. *American Nightmares 2018 Movie - M2F Transformation
Kung Fu (2021) episode Alliance
Kerwin tries to escape with Mia, but his father Russell Tan has his men stop them. After this, off screen, a change occurs. This change is discovered at the 31:34 mark. (Spoiler Text)
Star Trek: Strange New Worlds episode Spock Amok
While the Enterprise is under repair, Spock's fiance T'Pring comes aboard and after some relationship issues Spock suggests a meditation ritual called "Soul Sharing" to see each others innermost thoughts. For reasons they do not understand, this results in their minds swapping. After several fail ...more
This 2018 horror film stars a shapeshifter that takes on male and female forms to be with a woman he loves. The opening scene has a naked woman wake up next to her own corpse. Well-done.
Power Rangers Super Dino Charge Episode Freaky Fightday
A new monster, Professor Strickler, shows up. During a fight he swaps the rangers bodies so that (Spoiler Text)
Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode The Makeover
Animal, Gender
A new Sporix beast Boneswitch has the ability to swap the people's bodies. He first uses this power to swap the bodies of Mucus (a female mushroom monster) with Slyther (a male monster), and after a few minutes at the insistence of Void Knight, swaps them back. While swapped, the new body retains ...more
When I Woke Up, I Became a Bagel Girl!
Bong Gi used to have dreams of making something of his life. But now all that seems like a distant memory. He has become fat, lazy and unemployed. In the real world, people are grossed out by him. He has never had a girlfriend and he spends his late nights fantasizing about women. His own life appa ...more
Justice League Action episode Abate And Switch
After the Brothers Djinn use the power of their names to briefly remove both Wonder Woman's and Superman's powers, 4 of the JL members switch costumes and appearances (with Constantine's help) in order to confuse the Djinn. Plastic Man uses his shapeshifting ability to pose as Wonder Woman. He deve ...more