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Trots and Bonnie
Race, Gender
In a cartoon in the 'National Lampoon,' Bonnie's friend Pepsi earnestly prays to become a man, so she will no longer face sexism, harassment, the glass ceiling, etc. Her prayers are answered, but she becomes a black man, inheriting a whole new set of problems.
The Genie Family (Hakushon Daimaō) - Episode: 32
On this Episode of "The Genie Family", Kanchan, Daimaou, and Akubi went out fishing at the sea. Kanchan thought he got a fish but it turns out to be a clam. He threw on his boat and when it opened, it turned out to be a treasure map. They went under water at the bottom of the sea/ocean, they found ...more
Crackanory episode "Becoming Zoe"
Keith the Postman is a very bland fellow. One day out on his route, he spies a young woman named Zoe as he is just too plain and ordinary to be a viable boyfriend for her, he decides to learn more about her. He needs to be interesting to her and becomes intimately familiar with the things she's int ...more
A womanizer Sam (Brock Harris) goes to his buddies bachelor party, and leaves early in a very drunken stupor. On his way home, he accidentally wanders into a Curiosity Shop, and speaks with the store owner who offers him some tea, and some insight into women. (Spoiler Text)
Robot Chicken episode Choked on Multi-Colored Scarves
Seen in the brief skit called High Caliber Euthanasia, after She-Ra "accidentally" breaks Swift Wind's legs and decides to euthanize him, Swift Wind turns the tides by tricking Castaspella into switching their bodies. After the switch, Adora (Swift Wind) cuts Swift Wind's (Adora) head off with her ...more
Mike Diva Great Farm parody
A dead car thief turn into Jenna Marbles (originally with a black hoodie, later in a grey dress), then the Great Farm agent also turns into Jenna Marbles. *Great Farm (State Farm parody feat. Jenna Marbles)
Yonderland episode Careful What You Wish For
A tree with golden apples grants wishes. A group of men wearing period clothing are standing around the tree as one of them says that "I wish I was a woman" In a quick cut, the actress is wearing the same clothing as her male counterpart. *Yonderland S02 - Ep08 Careful What You Wish For HD Watch
2047: Virtual Revolution
In a future mega city, where most people spend most time hooked up to a virtual world, an agent, employed by a corporation supplying virtual reality, is busy tracking down killers/terrorists, both in the virtual and real world. Available on Amazon Prime. MTF: (Spoiler Text) FTM: (Spoile ...more
Tales From the Loop
"A discovery in the woods gives two teenaged boys an opportunity to step outside their lives and learn everything is not as it seems." In an alternate timeline where (apparent) alien technology has crashed in a small Ohio town and is being studied in an underground laboratory known as The Loop, ...more
Attack of the Graveyard Ghouls (Goosebumps), 1998
Animal, Male, Gender
A middle school boy and girl must fight ghouls who are trying to steal their bodies. They boy ends up possessing another boy while the girl ends up possessing a dog. The book ends with the ghouls defeated, but the boy is now in the girl's body and vice versa.
Jumanji: The Next Level
Animal, Female, Male, Race, Gender
A few years after the events of Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, everyone has gone their separate ways. While home for Christmas break from college, Spencer gets overwhelmed and decides to try and rebuild the console, but it is not working quite right. The others (Becky, Martha and Fridge) go to ...more
The Archies - Sugar, Sugar (Original 1969 Music Video)
Sabrina the Teenage Witch (who got her start in cartoons way back when) turns Reggie in a frog and back again, Archie into a rabbit and back again, and Hot Dog into a human clown and back again.
Supergirl episode Stranger Beside Me
Age, Gender
Mallory (Spoiler Text) continues to use morphing powers to take on multiple forms. Throughout the episode, forms use include Alex and Kelly, sometimes right next to the real one. At one point, while in the form of Alex, there is a fight with Supergirl.
Supergirl episode Legion of Superheroes
While Supergirl is recovering from her injuries, Kara has been missing from work for too long. Her boss Lena gets suspicious, and James accidentally blurts out she has the flu. To cover for Kara (Spoiler Text)
Supergirl episode Event Horizon
Age, Animal, Gender
A group of young girls are on tour through all of the new Kryptonian Artifacts on display. Mallory stays behind, and looks very curiously at the pod Superman was sent to Earth in. (Spoiler Text)
Supergirl is a Television series based on a reimagined origin of Supergirl. It focuses on Kara's time in National City. Many of the familiar faces from the Superman and Supergirl family of Comic and Movie mythos appear in this series, but have new origins. This show started on the CBS network ...more
A Witch for a Third Roommate - GEICO Insurance
Two roommates compromise by choosing a witch named Griselda to fill their third room. The witch then cooks them both a "meal" which turns one roommate into a cat.
Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree's Woe and the Blight Below
Gender, Male
In the game you have the choice of playing as Luceus(male) or Aurora(female). Both characters are the Children of Light, so are special. At some point during the game, the other character is captured by the enemies. (Spoiler Text)
Dragon Age 2: Legacy
Gender, Male
In this DLC for the game Dragon Age 2, your character first encounters Corypheus. Towards the end you must choose to side with either Larius or Janeka. (Spoiler Text)
Attack of the 50 Foot Wallflower, Christian McKay Heidicker
In a parody of 1950s horror movies, an awkward girl named Phoebe grows to gigantic size.
Widget the World Watcher (Intro) - Episode: Intergalactic Garage Sale
Inanimate, Animal
This classic cartoon shows that a 4-foot tall purple alien transforms into anything he wants. In the intro (opening theme song), he transforms from a purple horse into a purple rhinoceros (with his two young human friends riding on his back).
Kimi no na wa
The film's plot follows a high school girl in rural japan named Mitsuha Miyamizu along with a high school boy in Tokyo named Taki Tachibana. For what at first appears to be for no reason, the two begin to switch bodies unexpectedly. The switch happens on completely randomized days, beginning once t ...more
Captive Wild Woman
A mad scientist transplants human glands into a gorilla, turning the ape into a beautiful young woman (Acquanetta). However, a severe emotional jolt soon reverts her back into her primitive self with disastrous consequences.
Where I End & You Begin
Ezra Slevin has had a crush on Imogen since the fourth grade. Now a high school junior, as he's trying to work up the courage to have a conversation with his dream girl, let alone ask her to prom, something strange happens. On the night of a solar eclipse, Ezra swaps bodies with Imogen's BFF, Wynon ...more
Captain Marvel (2019)
In issue 6, The Enchantress has a vision of her getting defeated by Doctor Strange, with help from Black Widow and Captain Marvel. In Order to prevent it she (Spoiler Text) It lasts until the end of issue 7.
Spitting Image - I'm Perfect
Michael Jackson briefly transforms into Diana Ross. Spitting Image - I'm Perfect
Lady Valiant
Free WebComic about a body swap between a teacher and a student, the teacher alter-ego is Lady Valiant a superhero, Tom the student, finds himself trapped in her body after a fight versus a villain, the villain is also body swapped with a woman. The comic is ongoing and you can find it in his own p ...more
The Sex Trip
Age, Gender
A shallow womanizer Eddie Greenleaf (Marc Crumptom) refuses advances from a old witch's request (Eve Sigall) for a kiss and then wakes up the next morning to discover that he's now been changed into a woman, and calls himself Edna Greenleaf (Jade Ramsey). As she learns how to live her life as Ed ...more
PDI Historical Compilation: Morph Reel
This compilation reel features the famous racial gender face morph scene from the late Michael Jackson's 1991 music video Black or White. PDI Historical Compilation: Morph Reel
Multigrip e commercial
A bald man takes his ascot of to reveal himself that he was actually a woman. The bald man returns as another woman wearing a bikini on the beach. Multigrip e
Elevenia commercial
A male gas station attendant reveals himself to be a woman. Elevenia
The Good Place, Janet(s)
Gender, Female
Team Cockroach enter Janet's void. Unfortunately, the humans' (Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani, and Jason) bodies dematerialize and reform in the form of Janet's body, giving D'Arcy Carden a chance to showcase her acting abilities! At one point, Eleanor-Janet pretends to be Jason-Janet in order to talk to C ...more
Harley and Ivy Meet Betty and Veronica
In this mini-comic series crossover with Archie Comics co-written by Harley co-creator Paul Dini, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy are accidentally body swapped with Betty and Veronica, respectively due to intersecting spells from Sabrina and Zatanna. The swap lasts about two and a quarter issues.
Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., "Inescapable"
FitzSimmons are trapped in their own minds (long story, don't ask). In the beginning, Simmons regresses to her seven-year-old self, much to Fitz's annoyance.
Good Omens
Animal, Gender
The male angel Aziraphale is temporarily trapped in the body of Madam Tracy, an aging prostitute/psychic. The demon Crowley can transform into a serpent.
Avengers: Endgame
Minor spoiler: (Spoiler Text)
Credit Karma, "New Flat"
Animal Woman checks credit and things get better. Living situation improves. Messy Roomate turns into neat roommate, then into dog.
Socorro, Virei Uma Garota!
Nerdy unpopular boy wishes to be most popular person in school. He wakes up in a world where he was born a girl and is very popular. Trailer
The Umbrella Academy
Animal, Age
Number Five travels through time and grows about fifty years younger, returning as a pre-teen boy. Luther was injected with a serum that saved his life, but gave him the body of an ape.
Saturday Night Live episode 865
In the sketch "The Impossible Hulk", Dr. Bruce Banner (Idris Elba) turns into an "emboldened white lady" (Cecily Strong) when provoked.