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West Coast Avenger 2018 #3-#4
Animal, Female
A group of women were transform into giant kaiju-like monster by B.R.O.D.O.K
Animal, Male, Gender
Gender The dictator finds a genie of his own and ask for his help seducing the princess. The genie proposes trying to make her jealous of the dictator's attention by transforming into a woman played by Noemie Lenoir. Male To infiltrate the palace Aladdin played by Kev Adams needs to disguise a ...more
Tito and Birds
In this Brazilian cartoon, the city falls to Outbreak - a strange epidemic which slowly turns people into stone. The only cure was known by father of the hero, 10-yerst old Tito, who disappeared some years ago after experimenting with pigeons to decode their language. * IMDB: ...more
Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel Episode Monster Mix-Up
A group of monsters lead by Versix are trying to escape their court date so he uses his power to (Spoiler Text)
Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel episode Happy To Be Me
Tynamon uses his magic to steal (Spoiler Text)
Rævefælden (Fox trap)
Picture tale about a boy who tried to avenge a fox for killing his rabbit. He kills a fox but woas not sure he killed the right one, so he decide to kill all foxes. After a while, he changes into a fox himself (looks more like a werefox) then starts to raid chicken farms. Hunters catch him and put ...more
Les Emmerdeurs
Male, Gender
French Youtube Originals Synopsis: November 1942: France is divided in two. In the occupied area, a brave resistance fighter is tasked with recovering a revolutionary serum that gives powers that could end the war... If were to fall into the wrong hands.... Transformation aspect: Manu, one ...more
Wynonna Earp episode The Other Woman
Female, Gender
In this episode the team learns that they need to get a book that was last held by Maeve Perley. She is a witch, that was burned at the stake, and is now a fire witch that can only take the form of fire. She uses her power to posses people and starts with (Spoiler Text) Note: (Spoiler Text)
Plastic Man #3
Plastic man uses his transformation powers and changes into (Spoiler Text)
Filatov & Karas - Satellite (Official Video)
Video begins with a woman clad only in a man's shirt. We found out how she got that way. Video
Black Clover Episode 45 The Guy Who Doesn't Know When to Quit
After Defeating a member of the eye of the midnight sun the black bull member grey is drained of magic and reverts into his true form a young blue haired girl. Transformation is revealed at 18:06
Vivident Blast I am your Mother
Inanimate, Gender
In this Italian commercial, An old man shows his Breast Implants to his son. His son pulls off his skin to reveal he is a puppet.
The Twelve Kingdoms (Anime)
Animal, Mythical
The Anime characters with blonde hair, who pick the person to be the king/queen (or ruler) of the kingdom of their land (out of 12 kingdoms), have the power to transform into a mythical Japanese creature called the "Kirin".
Red Stripe commercial The Inner You
In this commercial, the spokesman stands in front of a small, corrugated-tin shack. He then says "Red Stripe, It's Beer! Beer that celebrates the inner you!" and then asks by a man next to him "What's the inner you?" to the spokesman's overacted surprise, the man's "inner you" turns out to be a Jam ...more
Revoltoso Ice cream commercial
A boy eats an ice cream called "Revoltoso" and transform for a moment into a weird monster. His friends are impressed, but when they are about to do the same the commercial ends.
Act Like Nothing's Wrong (1976 album)
On the album cover, the singer's head (Al Kooper) is attached on a naked woman's body.
魔法少女 俺
One day Saki learns that her mother was a magical girl and is asked to become her successor. To transform she has to confess to the one she loves. But although the transformation puts her into a frilly pink dress, she is now a muscular boy. (Spoiler Text) * AniDB entry * Anime at Crunchyroll
Alignment You! You!
A Demon Girl has vored (or sucked) a teenage boy in her mouth and swallowed him all the way down in her stomach and then she started dancing by doing a body dance and shaking her bottom. After that, she vomited the boy out her of her mouth and the boy turned into a girl.
No Name
Tensai Bakabon is the tale of a child prodigy and his "philosophical" father. Bakabon‘s father has his own philosophy and he leaves no stone unturned in his quest for answers. Despite his ability to trouble Trouble, for some reason, Papa Bakabon is regarded as "The Great Philosopher," and is so ...more
Princess Holy Aura by Ryk E. Spoor
Stephen Russ is just a normal guy, but one day he is given the chance to be a hero and save the world. The only catch is that he must do it as a 14 year old magical girl called Princess Holy Aura. The first section is on the publisher's website. ...more
Ant-Man and the Wasp
Size, Gender
===Gender/Possession=== Scott Lang is under house arrest following his involvement in the events of Captain America: Civil War. One night he has a weird dream where he sees a little girl hiding in a wardrobe, and when he looks in the mirror (Spoiler Text) Scott contacts Hank, and later Hope and ...more
Lady into Fox
Sylvia Tebrick, the 24-year-old wife of Richard Tebrick, suddenly turns into a fox while they are out walking in the woods. Mr. Tebrick sends away all the servants in an attempt to keep Sylvia's new nature a secret, although Sylvia's childhood nurse returns. While Sylvia initially acts human, insis ...more
The Flash
The Flash is a spinoff of the Arrow and part of the CW DC Comics TV Shared Universe known as Arroverse. Starting with the event outlined in Arrow episode "Three Ghosts" (December 11, 2013), an accident occurs at Star Labs particle accelerator that creates metahumans in Central City. ===Origi ...more
The Flash episode Lose Yourself
Gender, Male
Team Flash finds the last bus Meta, Edwin Gauss. They bring him to Star Labs, and using his powers they are able to break into DeVoe's pocket dimension. Doing so is exactly what the Thinker wants as he sneaks into Star Labs to take the powers of the final 3 bus Metas. Clifford DeVoe is still in ...more
Mickey Mouse, episode "New Shoes"
After an encounter with Pegleg Pete, who gives them a huge wallop, Mickey, Donald and Goofy switch bodies, with Mickey in Goofy's body, Donald in Mickey's body, and Goofy in Donald's body.
Avengers: Back to Basics #3
Gender, Female
A baseball game Iron Man and Captain America are watching at Yankee Stadium is interrupted when Captain Marvel crashes onto the field. Another Captain Marvel was the one who knocked her out of the sky. At first it seems clear who the impostor is when one appears to be a Skrull, and the other demo ...more
Ready Player One
In the future, people spend a lot of time in the virtual world of The Oasis, where they can use any avatar they wish. (Spoiler Text)
The Flash episode Subject 9
Gender, Female
Team Flash finds the 9th meta from the bus, Izzy Bowin, Fiddler (Miranda MacDougall). Clifford DeVoe is inside Rebecca Sharpe's body, but her body is breaking down to fast. He tracks down Izzy (Spoiler Text)
Paul Takes the Form of a Mortal Girl, by Andrea Lawlor
Gender, Male
What is Paul? Man or woman? Gay, straight, lesbian, bi? Actually, pretty much all of the above. Paul is a shapeshifter spending his college years in the early 1990s being all things to all people. His base form is male, but he can change his look and gender in order to appeal to whomever he fanc ...more
The Flash episode Don't Run
Male, Race
In this episode Clifford DeVoe / Thinker (Neil Sandilands) uses his chair (Spoiler Text)
The Flash episode True Colors
Gender, Male, Race
===Male/Race=== In this episode Ralph Dibny (Hartley Sawyer), aka in the comics the Elongated Man, has a run in with an old friend. While relating the encounter to Team Flash, he changes his form into that of the friend, and learns he now can use his powers to shape-shift. He later uses this power ...more
The Ancient Magus Bride Episode 17 Look Before you leap
A fairy named ashen eye has kidnapped a boy named Ethan from his sister Stella. Stella asks chise for help in locating her little brother. They keep searching until they come upon ashen eye who gives them a challenge to find Elias and Ethan before sundown. Chise uses the Fox skin from a previous en ...more
Cadenhead, MacKenzie, SLEEPER
Female, Male
An experimental sleep drug allows two teenagers to possess other people's bodies.
Robot Chicken episode Toy Meets Girl
In this brief segment called "Sam Leaps into Paris" (which in turn is a spoof of Quantum Leap) Sam becomes a blonde girl.
Kambing Genit
Indonesian mini series (6 episodes) about a teenage boy and girl who turn half-goat sometimes.
Penyihir Cantik
Indonesian mini series (18 episodes) about a teenage witch and some not so friendly other witches. In several episodes an older witch turns herself into a cat, but also a raven, and in episode 11 into a bat and a giant snake. In episode 13 and 17 the young witch also changes herself into a raven. E ...more
Pangeran Lutung
Indonesian mini series featuring a boy who can turn half-monkey and his half-goat friend protecting a teenage witch. In episode 1 another ugly teenage witch turns beautiful and loses her nice appearance again in episode 12.
Cantik Cantik Magic
Indonesian mini series (19 episodes) about a teenage girl with clairvoyant powers. She has a guardian angel who can turn into a cat (ep9,11,14) and is occasionally attacked by an evil witch and her minion, an old hag who can turn herself into a raven (ep7,9,12). In episode 14 the witch punishes h ...more
"The Legend of Ruai Bird" (Indonesian Folklore)
The king's beautiful young daughter (the young princess) turned into a beautiful bird at the end (or close to the end) of the story.
The Real Ghostbusters - Episode: "Poultrygeist"
Animal, Were, Monster
Egon Spengler transforms into a giant werechicken after he has been bitten by a little werechicken.