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Head Swap Stories
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From: guest (Kid) , 95 months, post #1
Any good Head Swap Stories on FM?

From: guest , 95 months, post #2
Most interesting headswap stories I've ever read are at a different CJ's web site:

From: guest (m13) , 95 months, post #3
Hmm... Here are a few headswap stories that I know of on Fictionmania:

'Survivor' by Island Riter is one of my favorites

The 4 part incomplete 'Randal the Magnificent' by Randal S. also has a great headswap in it.

'All Lined Up' by JackHalf00 is also fun but incomplete as well.

'Presto Chango' by CJ Wenhurst has a good one.

'The Accident' by CJ Wenhurst is the first headswap story I've seen and still a classic.

'A Head of the Situation Part 1' by Another Ardvark is incomplete but nicely done.

-Those are the ones I know of offhand... If I think of more, I'll list them. Can anyone else think of some others?


From: guest (kid) , 95 months, post #4
Thanks, this is great.

From: guest (swapper) , 95 months, post #5
Thanks for all the suggestions, M13!

From: guest (aras) , 95 months, post #6

not at fictionmania, but a good f2f

From: bob , 95 months, post #7
just read those two. I think saying they are good is an overstatement.

From: guest (m13) , 95 months, post #8
Not Fictionmania as well, but a lot of magic stories deal with head and body swaps. Especially since you can saw and divide people into various parts. Check out this link:

Some favorites of mine that deal with M2F headswaps are:

A Lad's Night Out by Vaughan - adult themes at a bachelor party and deals with rearranging body parts through genders... Kinda brief...

Haunted House PART II by Vaughan - A couple undergo various magic tricks. Briefly involves swapping heads.

The rest of the stories (under the BODY PARTS SWAP category) are headswaps or waist swaps between F2F, but are written well and quite amusing. I think some of you will enjoy them...


From: guest (m13) , 95 months, post #9
The 2 previous stories can also be found at THE MAGIC STORIES UNLIMITED website under author Vaughan.

There are a lot more stories here.

One additional TG headswap story I remember is PETER AND LISA: PART 14 - BIRTHDAY GIRL by pwatson1974. Again, very brief at the end and adult themes, but entertaining...

LIVING MASKS by Korith 2000 has a brief scene where faces are exchanged briefly.

I'm sure there are many more, but I need to hunt a little more.. If anyone finds more TG swaps, please list them here...
-until then...

From: guest (Misc T) , 95 months, post #10
While we're on the subject of headswaps, anyone know of any good Headswap Videos?

From: The Gambler , 95 months, post #11
Tales From The Crypt .37. (3x13) - Spoiled
Psi Factor - 207 - The Warrior
And there's one episode of The Outer Limits(1990s) that have head transplants to save life.

From: guest (m13) , 95 months, post #12
I think we had a thread like this earlier. I'll mention the same ones I know of that are easily accessible on youtube and such: (I assume you mean TG headswaps...)

mad scientist switches heads of his cheating wife & boyfriend from Tales of the Crypt

Transporter malfunction w/ Kirk & yeoman for British power commercial

Bald man superimposes his head onto a woman and feels hmself up (ADULT-duh)

After Effects where a guy and girl switch heads.

Then of course there's the classic I WANT YOUR BODY
Excellent headswap between Antoine De Caunes and Veronica Zemanova
(My understanding is that this sequence "I want your body" has been done with several models and busty women like Monique Sluyter, belly dancer Olfa, Adriana, Victoria Silvstedt, & Rachel Ter Horst - If anyone has these, please post them!)

-Frankenhooker (brief at end) -Not that convincing
-Don't have a video for this

-Mars Attacks
-woman (Sarah Jessica Parker) and chihuahua swapped heads

A long video but beautiful women in bikinis with the same guys face superimposed on al of them... Kinda scary!

3 guys faces on dancers with hot bodies (and also superimposed on various TV shows from the 70s)

Brief headswap towards the end with lead singer and model (wished she wore something more revealing...)

B-52's - "Debbie"
Very brief where heads, bodies, and legs slide around like a slot machine.

(I think it's on youtube)
Where Dale switches heads with Gadget

Brief scene where girl and guy take their heads off. Girl puts her head on guy's body to go into the men's bathroom and girl hangs on to guy's head...

Hmm... that's all I can think of for now... Hope this helps...

From: guest (Guest) , 95 months, post #13
Here's a good one from Nifty's Archive...

From: guest (Guest) , 95 months, post #14
Hot off the press...

From: guest (DoorsOfDoom) , 95 months, post #15
That gender-studies one was good, but got twisted
toward the end.... Anyone got any more? Not trying to
sound like i am being ungrateful, but there has to be
something on the similar level as that one... Could you imagine?
Only swapping skin and hair? Bizarre, and interesting at the same time...

From: guest , 95 months, post #16
The Scrambler is a personal fave of mine... though it's a little short after the change. There's skin/ body part / body hair swapping

From: guest (m13) , 95 months, post #17
A lot of people may know of ths site already, but check out Fiction Branches @ Sapphire's Place. It's great because 1) people add on to stories & 2) You can search by key words.


Anyhow, search through the story lines from YOU ARE WHAT YOU WISH. Go to the ? SEARCH THIS STORY FOR EPISODES CONTAINING THE PHRASE and type in "head swap" "headswap" "switch heads" etc... From there you can jump around and find some great stories. (There are many!)

-Happy hunting

From: guest (Swapper) , 95 months, post #18
Which part of Gender Studies did you find too twisted, Doors of Doom? Was it the hair/skin thing or something else?

I liked that it not only featured a head swap, but that it showed both halves of that swap (and all the other swaps, too), since most head swap stories pretty much begin and end with guy's head on girl's body.

From: guest (DoorsOfDoom) , 95 months, post #19
I think toward the end, it wasn't necessarily twisted....
but rather, i think the ending was messed up slightly...
no one looking to go back to normal or anything,
"girls" primarily looking to be lesbians etc... would have
seemed entirely more fitting if the "Dr" was caught. I dunno.

although, i found the hair and skin thing strangely erotic.... especially
during the 'Ashley' and 'Dimitri' part at the beginning of the story.

From: guest (swaper) , 95 months, post #20
I see what you're saying, though I think the idea was that the borrowed body parts were doing a lot of the "thinking" for people (i.e., girls with dicks being interested in other girls), and by the time everybody had a chance to switch back, they had been like this for so long -- and in some cases been more successful than they ever would have been if they had stayed normal -- that they just got used to it.

But the skin stuff was cool, too, I thought.

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