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Review: Arachne and Athena
Arachne and Athena
This is a legend from ancient Greece. A woman named Arachne considered herself the greatest weaver of all, even greater than the goddess Athena. But when she beats Athena in a weaving contest, she is turned into a spider.
From: Dale Ribbons , 180 months, post #1
In the version I read, Athena beats Arachne, who commits suicide by hanging herself with one of her own tapestries.It is at this point Athena turns her into a spider.

From: D.B. Cooper , 180 months, post #2
You're probably right, Dale. The version I read was a children's tale, and they probably took the suicide out.

From: Indiana Jones , 180 months, post #3
The way I remember the story, Arachne lost the weaving competition and hung herself. The goddess who beat her became angered at her arrogance. For thinking that she could beat a God, she transformed Arachne into a spider 'cursed' to forever 'hang' from a web.

From: Gamemaker1 , 117 months, post #4
Funnily enough, I've read both versions of the myth. In one she withers away into the spider, in a matter of seconds. In another she hangs herself, half rots, and then she turns into a spider.

From: guest (mythfanatic2101) , 101 months, post #5
According to, the contest is not judged, since Athena throws a fit and destroys Arachne's work when she sees that Arachne has woven a canvas that depicts the gods in an unflattering fashion, showing their weaknesses and flaws. Then, Athena fills Arachne with guilt, and Arachne hangs herself. However, after that, Athena feels sorry for her, and changes her into a spider.

From: Bisected8 , 101 months, post #6
All the versions I've heard state Athena turned Arachne into a spide because she was either angry at being beaten or because she was insulted by her pattern (which was offensive to the gods).

From: guest (Kris) , 53 months, post #7
Arachne is a drider creature in Hercules: The legendary Journeys (with Kevin Sorbo as hercules). He and Iolaus rescue some people who were slaves on a ship. The ship they were on crashes on Arachne's island, where she captures several men, and ties them up in her webs, then proceeds to lay her eggs in their bodies. Hercules and his companions escape by burning the webs with torches and eventually confront Arachne.

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