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Comment: To Save a Princess
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To Save a Princess
A short homemade video about a some people playing Dungeons and Dragons. We see the people both playing the game and as their characters running around the woods. There is a gender transformation near the end of the video.
From: magicmaximus , 109 months, post #1
I've submitted this link. Its a link to get a hires version of this video, very good quality, 4x better than the youtube version. I've also asked the author a bit about the video. Seems this is actually condensed from its original filming in order to meet specs of the contest, I've asked if he might put together a longer version. Overall this is a very good short film as far as the TG aspect goes, its hard to say much about it without spoiling it but the irony of the ending make for a really good tg moment.

From: magicmaximus , 109 months, post #2
Forgot the link, hopefully this will get added though I have no idea how long link will actually last but download while you can anyway.

From: guest , 109 months, post #3
How would I download from that link? I've tried right clicking

From: magicmaximus , 109 months, post #4
The links and all went down for the D&D movies not too long after I posted that link. Hopefully they will be back soon, if not I have the hires version I will upload if they do not. But since it is a contest I figure the links will be back working soon. Basicaly go to that link and there will be a place to download the video from just give it time to get back working.

From: cj , 109 months, post #5
The links seem to be working right now.

If you enjoyed the video, please vote for it... if it wins, the guys & gals who made it apparently win a professional editing system, and promise to give us more video to watch.

From: guest (DC) , 109 months, post #6
Okay, So I don't understand the ending.
Can someone please explain

From: guest (Duup) , 109 months, post #7
Instead of rescuing the princess, the one character gets turned into one himself.

From: guest (Bisected8) , 109 months, post #8
What point (in Min:secs) does the change happen?

From: magicmaximus , 109 months, post #9
I take it the story works kinda like this, and beware spoilers here. 3 people set out playing dungeons and dragons, they go through severeal places, whole time the show small clips or images of this blonde princess waiting in a dungeon as if the goofy guy is imagining her the whole way. After one falls and the other two make it to the cursed forest, they quickly are being chased by the dragon, the goofy guy says he has a scroll that is the dragons weakness. After he opens the chest the other person runs away leaving him to his own, he puts on the belt and suddenly poof he dissapears from playing the game, so from this point on he isn't just imagining what's happening, now he's actually there. A transformation starts with several put together shots nicely done and a good reaction scene, as he becomes the very blonde princess he ways imagining the whole way. His sword even becoming a crown. Scene switches to where now he is the one in the pink dress wearing the crown as the very princess he imagined, trapped in the dungeon as he sees the other princess the one that he was setting out to save there with him.

From: MissPinky , 109 months, post #10
To Bisected:

The TG is in the last minute or so, but is very well-done.

From: dante , 109 months, post #11
he remove the video in the youtube video.:(
I can't download the movie in the other movie

From: guest (gyuy) , 109 months, post #12
can someone make a new one so others can DL it.

From: guest (maine02) , 108 months, post #13
I'll get right on that gyuy

From: dante , 108 months, post #14
how do you get the files from the guys?

From: cj , 108 months, post #15
geez... to download the file... CLICK on the "wmv" part of <span style="font-color: yellow">"Download: wmv"</span> .

It's that simple folks. And if you're doing that, I sure hope that you're giving the creator(s) a good rating - so that we can see more stuff like this in the future.

From: guest (DC) , 108 months, post #16
Ok, I give everytime I have clicked on the download it always returns a 404 error.

Did anyone actually get the download to work?

From: guest (DC) , 108 months, post #17
Sorry I wasn't clear.
I was wondering who the other girl was, since we had seen the princess he turned into earlier in the film.

I assumed it was supposed to be the original princess but was not sure since we had not seen her before.

From: The Gambler , 108 months, post #18

Voting is stopped for the moment, due to problems. Will resume next week, according to the gamevideos website annoucement.

The download part isn't working, the movie viewing isn't working, and god knows how many times I tried that download button, always got the hateful 404.

Though, I did watched the youtube version, and managed to save it from my browser's cache, but had to rename the file, changed the file extension to .flv, download a special watch .flv files, and few other steps.

From: magicmaximus , 108 months, post #19

The way I seen it was the other princess you see at the end was the actual princess they were going to save, the blonde the same one he become was just his fantasy princess he was imagining he was going to save. So it is sort of irony the he become his own fantasy. What made the scene all the more sweeter is that through most of the video they are imagining it all while playing the game, at the end though he is pulled into the other world and is actually there then. Its suppose to be the girdle of masculinity/femininity, only for some reason it changes his sword to crown as well and later he is in the dress yet we don't know how he took his clothes off since he can't remove the girdle, so I guess the crown became magic as well and dressed him.

From: guest (cf) , 108 months, post #20
dear Lord!...its just a video, maybe there is no secret underlyings to it....sheese

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