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New Body Swaps Movies
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From: guest (guest) , 44 months, post #1
I found some new bs movies wondering if anyone seen them any m2f in the films?

The Game / Deo ge-im (2008)

spuk im reich der schatten 2000 tv movie german found the movie on this website

Apocalypse, CA 2011

Bad Guy (2001)
The movie poster for this looks promising

If anyone could help Thank you

From: guest (him) , 44 months, post #2
Sorry but that Bad Guy does not sound like a bs, its about a dude whos making a woman a hooker.

From: Forestier , 44 months, post #3
In The Game, it seems to me the old man and the young one exchange bodies (for the old one to live longer).

From: guest (guest2) , 44 months, post #4
what's spuk im reich der schatten about?

From: guest (rush) , 44 months, post #5
I was just reading a review for Apocolypse CA and IT IS a tg movie.

From: guest (DC) , 44 months, post #6
rush, could you post a link to the review?

From: guest (Chris) , 44 months, post #7
Apocolypse CA is TG Movie. Good Movie 7 out of 10. I got an advanced copy and thought it was good.

From: guest (Guest2) , 44 months, post #8
Is it a bodyswap or a transformation? How is it related to the plot?

From: guest (Chris) , 44 months, post #9
It's a bodyswap M2F.

From: guest (be our) , 44 months, post #10
Fuller summary from a review I found for Apocalypse, CA. Looks like a pretty crazy film, might have to check this out:

The film involves a group of 20 something’s who are planning out their final days. There is an asteroid on the way to collide into Earth. We follow John as he is motivated by the disastrous events and decides to try and seek out his childhood love, Jacklyn. When that doesn’t work out like expected, he is visited by a mysterious pirate radio DJ to grant his wish of developing a relationship with Jacklyn. What happens when he wakes up is a body switch. Now, he must find a way to make this fleshy mixup right while still trying to accomplish his goal. You mix in some weird sexual situations towards the end with a buxom blonde, Renee and even a 300 foot woman destroying everything in her path and you get a pretty unique tale.

From: guest (tgmania) , 44 months, post #11
Bad Guy
any idea what the story about?

From: Quiksilver , 44 months, post #12
apocalypse, CA looks decent. that buxom blonde you speak of looks damnnnn hot!

From: guest (Guest2) , 44 months, post #13
This movie looks cool even without the Bodyswap. The reviews make it sound like more than just a hollow f/x film.

What I'm hoping is that the bodyswap happens early on and the character stays swapped for a majority of the film and that's why both trailers feature a lengthy, dialogue free montage after the initial setup.

The music in the trailer was really cool too.

From: guest (Smashy) , 44 months, post #14
Article on Apocalypse, CA:

What's really interesting is that it's directed by Chad Peter, who made Sex, Drugs & Natalie Portman, a very good bodyswap film.

From: guest (Guest2) , 44 months, post #15
The imdb page has the keyword "bodyswap" and the official website has a ton of links to reviews but I can't find rush's review that confirms John swaps with his high school crush Jacklyn. However, if you watch the trailers Erin Bodine (Jacklyn) looks down her shirt and then into a mirror. Plus, if you hit refresh on the official website their is a pic/background of the Jacklyn looking freaked at John sleeping.

I really wish this was up on iTunes. I really want to see.

From: guest (Guest2) , 44 months, post #16
Okay, this must be the site Rush read.

I'm also an idiot cause I didn't notice "be our" posted it already.

From: guest (DC) , 44 months, post #17
Don't see anything in the posted review about TG?

From: guest (guest4) , 44 months, post #18
Apocalypse, CA should be on iTunes in a week or two.

From: guest (guest2) , 44 months, post #19
Rent or Buy on iTunes?

From: guest (guest5) , 44 months, post #20
Pretty sure both.

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