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Category: 'Body Swap'
A Chinese Odyssey Part Two
This is listed at the IMDB and a number of other sites offer reviews. has used copies on occasion. This is a copy of a review that explains the body swapping. "The subtitles can kill you here, more so than in the first film. They flash by so quickly. In addition to the obtuse subt ...more
About Monday by Sydney Laine Allan
Jenny Brown isn't a millionaire, nor is she model-perfect or a member of MENSA like her coworker Monica Starke. That is, until she makes a wish one Monday night and wakes up the next morning in Monica's French lingerie. Somehow they've traded bodies and lives. And all it takes is twenty-four hours ...more
Action Comics #424
Animal, Male
Gorilla Grodd, a gorilla with mental powers, switches bodies with his enemy, Solovar, the ruler of Gorilla City, while he's making a speech at the U.N. and forces him to go on a rampage. However, the scheme is discovered by Superman who forces Grodd to return to his normal body.
Mystery in Space #71
Adam Strange's girlfriend, the beautiful Alanna, has been body swapped by a criminal alien crystal being. The plan is for the the police of the alien world to kill the humans in the aliens former bodies.
The parents are clueless, refusing to believe any attempt to convince them of what happened. They have to live in each other's home and learn to get along with strangers who are now their new parents, all the while learning to cope with living as the opposite gender and trying to blend into new liv ...more
American Dragon: Jake Long episode "Switcheroo"
An enchanted mirror switches the bodies of Jake and Haley (his sister) for a day, and forces them to comically experience life as each other.
American Dragon: Jake Long episode "Dragon Breath"
It's at the very end. After everyones souls are returned(you have to watch it), Jake comments that he is glad everyone is back in their right bodies, then it shows his best friends in each others bodies, still with their original voices. My favorite comment: "dude, I could have sworn I was a dud ...more
Amy by Any Other Name, by Maureen Garvie
It is not like being a teenager is all that easy to begin with. But when 15-year-old Amy wakes up in a hospital bed, terribly injured from a dive onto hidden rocks in a quarry, she must contend with something unbelievable. True, her body has been shattered, but that is not the worst of her troubles ...more
Apocalypse, CA
With only a few days left to live, John goes on a mission to find a childhood crush before it's too late. Instead, a genie of sorts grants him a wish and he body-swaps with the girl from his childhood. What results is an interesting tale of sexual identification set amongst the landscape of a pre ...more
Are You Afraid of the Dark? episode "The Tale of the Chameleons"
A young teenage girl named Janice Robinson (played by Tia Mowry) is bitten by a new breed of chameleon in a pet shop. A young boy nearby smiles evilly and says "Bite you once, bite you twice, a little water, and pay the price." The chameleon follows her home. Janice gets bitten again and has a nigh ...more
Are You Afraid Of The Dark, episode "The Tale Of Many Faces
A struggling model goes to her new employer after losing a modeling competition, she finds out that her new employer runs a theater and steals her employees faces, she makes the girls work for her since they can't go out into the world without their faces.
Atashin' chi
Mikan and his Mom were simultaneously struck by lightning and switched bodies. In the following days, while his Mom enjoys being a student again, Mikan fights with difficult house chores. Meanwhile, his sister, Yuzuhiko, and his dad are busy looking for a way to switch them back.
Batman Beyond episode Out of The Past
This episode goes back into the Batman history and bring back Ra's Al Ghul. Though out the episode his daughter, Talia, who hasn't aged convinces Bruce to return to the Lazarus Pit and bring back his youth. (Spoiler Text)
Beelzebub chapter 111
The Main Hero And The baby devil swap bodies. ===LINKS===
Bleach episode 335
Soul Reapers (Shinigami) are ghost-like entities in the Bleach universe that typically cannot be seen by regular humans. In order to interact with the human world, they need to possess artificial human bodies, known as Gigai, which are perfect replicas of their spiritual bodies. In an omake at the ...more
Bodyswap: The Boy who was 84 by L. P. Howarth
When Will' body is stolen from him by a strange old man called Hornbeam he's determined to get it back, even before news of the windfall that should have made him a millionaire, being old is no fun. Paperback: 204 pages Publisher: Catnip Publishing Ltd (27 Mar 2009) Language: English IS ...more
"The Boone Identity" episode of Dresden Files
This weeks episode had a thung released from Prison using an ancient egyption artifact to transfer himself into other bodies. He had to kill himself to person the exchange. He had orginally swapped into a Billionaires body. But Dresden had figured it out and had him trapped so he swapped into th ...more
"Cartomancy" by Michael A. Stackpole
Gender, Mythical
There are two significant transformations within this book: one concerning a long-running villain and the other, one of the main characters. 1. Villain - Body Swap/Gender (Spoiler Text) 2. Protagonist - Mythical (Spoiler Text)
"Club Masquerade" by Kevin J. Anderson
Gender, Male
This is prequel set in the same universe as "Identity Crisis" where mankind has somehow evolved the ability to seperate their personality from their physical body and "Hopscotch" into another body. This is a coming of age story involving 2 of the origianal protagonists and 2 of their friends. Most ...more
Daphne in the Brilliant Blue Episode OVA 2
Female, Gender
This episode begins with Maia and Gloria swimming under to a docking port. When Maia and Gloria surface out of the water, Gloria explains what they are doing at a wreck docking port. Gloria tells Maia that she is doing a side job for some extra money. Gloria tells Maia that she came to kill a crime ...more
Deadpool the Game
Female, Gender
During the fourth chapter of the game, Deadpool encounters Rogue. Rogue is a part of the X-Men and has the power to take another persons power through physical contact. At the beginning of the level, Rogue gets kidnapped. Deadpool eventually finds Rogue and saves her. When Deadpool gets a ...more
Dog Days S 2 Ep 11 "Change My Heart"
As the Union Festival goes on, Sink and Millhi pay a visit to Yukikaze. When Millhi discovers the egg of a mystic creature, the egg hatches and both the three and the hatchling end up switching bodies. As the creature runs away in Sink's body, the others join forces to corner it and return everyone ...more
Dollhouse episode "Belle Chose"
Topher (Fran Kranz) accidentally crosses Echo (Eliza Dushku) and Victor’s (Enver Gjokaj) imprints while there are on different assignments. From guest In the episode a killer who has kidnapped 5 women has been hit by a car and is in a coma. His rich uncle wants the dollhouse to help solve where ...more
Eerie Cuties, Sisterly Love
The young vampire girl Nina uses a magic vase to switch bodies with her older popular sister.
Eureka - "Jack of All Trades"
If everyone in Eureka does not have enough problems as they are being audited by a person who has he power to fire them all. Lawman Jack Carter starts swapping bodies with others, first Fargo, then Zane, then Allison for awhile hey try and keep it a secret. A funny moment is when Jo the sexy de ...more
Excalibur #5
Female, Male, Gender
Arcade uses mind switching device to swap all of Excalibur with their villainous counterparts. Female Shapeshifter ends up in a man's body.
Specialized computer software for photographic body swapping with skin tone matching. The site also has all of these body swaps people have made. *Only usable on PCs.
Fantastic Four #11-#12
Male, Female
The Invisible Woman,along with the Thing and the Human Torch,are 'body jacked, by the villain Crucible. Sue's mind is placed in the body of Farisa Mansour,while her mind occupies the Invisible Woman's body. The heroes escape,find Reed Richards, and convince him of their true identities. Reed and ...more
Fifth Grade Magic book by Beatrice Gormley
A fifth grader by the name of Gretchen is devastated when she doesn't get the lead in the school play. Instead the part goes to a pretty blond new girl named Amy, who has very little acting talent. In Gretchen makes a desperate wish to a strange fairy god mother who appears to her later. The fairy ...more
Flip by Martyn Bedford
One December night, 14-year-old Alex goes to bed. He wakes up to find himself in the wrong bedroom, in an unfamiliar house, in a different part of the country, and it's the middle of June. Six months have disappeared overnight. The family at the breakfast table are total strangers. And when he l ...more
"Fox Eyes" by Mordicai Gerstein
One of two books from Mordicai Gerstein with common themes - the magical Old Country, music and ability of foxes swap with humans when they look into eyes of animal long enough. In the "Fox Eyes", a boy exchanges with the fox, and they spent a day in each other body. But his grandma forces to ch ...more
Franken Fran Chapter 4 "Cosmetic Surgery"
The boy tries to help his relationship with his girlfriend, wherein his girlfriend has fear on men, so he asks Fran to make his body of a woman, but what he doesn't know is that the body used to convert his body was his girlfriend's and that his girlfriend wanted to help to so she want to become a ...more
Freaky F***ing Friday
Description from DVD: Japanese girl switches bodies with black guy. Japanese, but one of the narrators is speaking English with Japanese subtitles.
Freaky Friday
A skit for campus outreach at the university of Georgia. A male student runs into a female student while playing football and they switch bodies.
G.A.A.K: Groovy Ass Alien Kreatures
A group of Goonies-like misfit teens try to save the world from kooky aliens from outer space who've come to conquer the earth and meet the original cast of "Star Trek".
Gilligan's Island episode The Friendly Physician
Gender, Male
In the famous TG episode, the mad doctor swaps Gilligan with Mr Howell among the M/F bodyswaps! Mad doctor switches castaway's minds around. The Professor swaps bodies with Mary Ann, Skipper is swapped with Mrs. Howell, and Ginger swaps with the mad doctor's hulking assistant Igor.
Goosebumps : The Barking Ghost
Two male criminals die and their spirits possess the ghost dogs. They eventually and are freed 200 years later and trick two kids, a boy and girl, into coming to the tree, which has ability to swap souls. Now the boy and girl become spirit dogs. They have to trick enemies to come into same tree ag ...more
Happy Endings S02E18 Party Of Six
At the very end of the episode in the final scene a woman curses all the characters of the show and they switch bodies. Brief.
Appeared in Jan. 2002 written by Michael Wallner Two women. Karo, a fat woman, afflicted by her unpurified skin, the other woman, Michaela is an attractive one. Karo decides to go into a beauty farm, there she gets a very extraodanery offer, to swap the body with Michaela Masur. At first Karo i ...more
Help, I'm a Boy!
There are two eleven year olds, a boy and a girl. The boy is lazy and mischievous, and the girl is industrious, and she is in strict training for a competitive swimming championship. The boy finds an old overcoat that actually belongs to a magician; when the boy takes it, he finds a book of magi ...more
Holiday Wishes
Britney, a rich, spoiled child, and Rachel, an orphan, switch bodies after a wishing on a star, sitting atop a Christmas tree. Each girl wakes up as the other - Britney in Rachel's foster home, and Rachel in Britney's family's mansion. (Spoiler Text)
Honey, I Shrunk The Kids episode Honey, You've Got Nine Lives
Animal, Gender
Wayne invents a neuron nudger and Diane accidentally turns it on and gets her mind put into Wayne's co-worker Bianca's cat and the cat's mind into her body. Wayne accidentally switches his mind with family dog Quark's. Near the end, Wayne got his body back, but Diane is in family dog Quark's bo ...more
"Hopscotch" by Kevin J. Anderson
Upcoming novel set in the future when characters may swap bodies.
"Identity Crisis" by Kevin J. Anderson
In a Future where people can voluntarily swap bodies, the protagonist makes a living by becoming people who require unpleasant or unwanted things to happen to their bodies. The major TG involves an old woman switching with the male protagonist before some major surgery which she may be too fragile ...more
IF I KNEW THEN.....A Nightmare becomes reality
It's very TG. I have just skimmed through it so far and it had some comments on what happened to some men who tried to escape being guinea pigs for this mind transference project. One was swapped into a 500 lb obese woman and sold to a freak show, one was sold to a Turkish brothel, and one was sole ...more
If I Were You
Mal and Jill Rodale wake up in each others' bodies in this new 2007 play by well-known comic playwright Ayckbourn.
It's A Boy Girl Thing
Nell (Samaire Armstrong) and Woody (Kevin Zegers) go to the same high school, live next door to one another and have parents who used to be friends – but now they are sworn enemies. Nell’s basically a big dork and Woody’s the football champion until something freaky happens at a m ...more
Explanation of the category 'Body Swap'

Two or more characters are placed into each-other's bodies or into the body of another character of the story.

Requires a trade or swap of physical forms, not a possession of one's body by another.

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