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In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it is established that Hank Pym was an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. back in 1963 as the original Ant-Man. Using the Pym particle, and the technology he created, Pym is able to shrink down, as is his wife, Janet van Dyne the Wasp. (Spoiler Text) In present day, Darre ...more
Sidonia is one of several spaceships that have left Earth centuries ago to escape monstrous aliens called Gauna. Medical advances have made it possible to compensate for the loss of population in previous wars. Humans now photosynthesize for reduced dependency on food, regrowing of body parts in th ...more
Elder Scrolls Online
Female, Male, Were, Gender
In the MMO game, there are multiple instances in which the player character's form is transformed. At the begining of the game, the player chooses which race they will be. Aside from your typical human races you have multiple elf races, the Kahjiit (a feline race), Orcs and Argonians (a reptilian r ...more
Yamada Kun and the Seven Witches
Female, Gender, Male
Yamada, a troublemaker, learns that he is able to swap bodies with people by kissing them, there is a F2M, M2M, and F2F throughout episode 1 and 2.
The main premise of the show was about our protagonist, Yuuta. After some unfortunate events, his soul managed to get detached from his original body, and he must prevent himself from getting excited from seeing panties, or else the world will end. In episode 4 (Spoiler Text) In episode 6 A ...more
The Cobbler
Gender, Male
Anytime Adam Sandler wears someones shoes, he turns into them. Has several MtM and a sort of MtF transformation. No actual transformation, just an illusion that is convincing enough to those around him that he actually is the person whose shoes he's wearing.
Batman '66 #23
Monster, Gender
===The Groovy Grave of Solomon Grundy=== *Also Available as digital Batman '66 #58 *Cover Date: April 15, 2015 The story begins by telling the origin of Solomon Grundy, a man, Cyrus Gold, that has died and was brought back to life by a magic potion. ===The Final Form=== *Also Available ...more
Green Lantern: The Lost Army - Sneak Peek and #1
Gender, Female
Xrill-Vrek is a new character and member of the Green Lantern Corps. Xrill has the power of "morphic empathy", which means she can assume not just the form but also take on the thoughts and mindset of species she encounters. Her powers seem to be directed not just be her own will, but by her proxi ...more
Onegai my Melody Episode 24
A girl named Kanou wanted to make herself look more beautiful with the help of Zona's magic. She asked Zona to switch body parts with any person that she catches eye on so she make herself look more like a supermodel.
Tenjou Tenge Episode 25
A young girl named Maya Natsume, who is dressed in a kimono, transformed herself into a voluptuous chick, which is an adult version of herself.
"Rizelmine" Episode 14
Size, Age
On this Episode ("Venture! Hafuun! The First Date With Danna-sama!") of Rizelmine, a little girl named Rizel runs out of capsules to use for her date with Iwaki. So she infiltrates a science lab to look for the Cellular Growth Pills, which will turn her into an adult. She found two capsules. One is ...more
Rizelmine Episode 13
Animal, Age
On this Episode of Rizelmine ("Hafuun! The Transformation With "Adult Goods"!?"), Rizel tries to open up a ball (or a capsule) as hard as she could and when she finally opened it up, POOF she turned into an adult version of herself and looks like a cat girl.
Twelve Forever pilot episode
A pilot episode featuring a new cartoon from CN. Boy transforms into a mom. Link
Miss Hanafi
A sexist man receives an accidental sex change operation on his wedding night in this 1954 Egyptian film.
Batwoman Annual #2
Gender, Inanimate
Clayface has been working with Batwoman and her team. They find themselves in a Medieval Gotham City, and need to blend in, so Clayface becomes a robe and fan to help disguise Kate while she goes out for food and supplies. Part of their conversation Kate tells Clayface to keep his eyes on her, and ...more
Archie's Weird Mysteries
In the episode "Me Me Me", Veronica unwittiingly wishes that everyone were just like her in the presence of a magic idol her father acquired. As a result, the citizens of Riverdale -male and female alike - slowly transform into exact copies of her...starting with Pops.
Machete Kills
Gender, Inanimate, Male
Machete Kills features a character called The Chameleon, who is constantly changing appearance from a white guy to Cuba Gooding Jr, to Lady Gaga, to Antonio Banderas. (Spoiler Text)
Bücür Cadi
Age, Gender, Inanimate, Animal
Turkish TV show about a little witch girl and her mother, who really like to punish bad people by transforming them. episodes of interest: 02 - TF: man into duck and back 03 - GENDER: man into woman, TF: man into duck and back, man into bird 04 - TF: bird into man 05 . TF: men into dogs, GEN ...more
Papa To Musume No Nananokan
Age, Gender
Father and high school daughter swap bodies during an accident and are forced to live each other's lives for one week.
Monyet Cantik
Indonesianmini series about a young girl who occasionally becomes a monkey girl. She transformed into a monkey girl because a monkey clawed her arm when she was at the zoo.
The Elfmaid's Curse
From Amazon: Warrior is trapped in body of a beautiful elfmaid. In the whole trilogy he is trying to get his old body back.
Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again #3
Throughout the series, a "Joker" character keeps appearing, but several times he has been killed. (Spoiler Text)
Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again #2
Gender, Inanimate
Plastic Man is part of the team of heroes Batman recruits. When they first release him, he changes into the form of a car, and then changes into the form of a woman. Very brief. Of note, this image of Plastic Man as a woman appears on the back cover of the Graphic Novel reprint.
The Flash episode The Trap
Age, Male
Barry, Caitlin, Cisco, and Joe form a plan to confront Dr. Harrison Wells, and to force a confession. The plan is going well, as Dr. Wells shows up and Cisco is able to activate the shield to protect himself, but then it falls apart because Dr. Wells is able to walk through the shield. (Spoiler ...more
The Flash episode Who Is Harrison Wells?
Age, Female, Gender, Male
A woman robs a bank, but swears she was with her husband at the time it happened. Later, a man is seen trying to sell the jewelry that was stolen from the bank. On his way out, he touches a woman, and (Spoiler Text) A new metahuman is on the loose. (Spoiler Text)
The Flash
The Flash is a Television series based on a reimagined origin of Barry Allen, the Flash. It focuses on Barry's early years in Central City. Many of the familiar faces from DC Comic and Movie mythos appear in this series, but many have new origins. Along with the TV Series, there is a Comic Book ...more
EDEKA TV-Spot “Inkognito” mit Steffen Henssler
A blond girl is asking for EDEKA's (supermarket chain) secrect spices of the lamb filet. After the girl found out all the secrect ingredients she left the meat counter. Between some shelves she then reveals her real face by pulling of a mask. Surprise, it's Steffen Henssler.
Totally Spies Season 6 episode 18 Totally Switched Again!
Animal, Gender, Age
The villain who previously switched the personalities of Jerry and Clover as well as a few others, escapes from prison (in Jerry's body) and starts switching the entire city around.
Avenged (2013)
Spirit of an Apache warrior takes possession of a young woman who has been murdered by a gang. Starring Amanda Adrienne
Once Upon a Time, "Heart of Gold"
(Spoiler Text)
The Flash episode Tricksters
In flashbacks in this episode, more is shown of the night that Barry's mother was killed by the man in Yellow. It is revealed that after the attack, the man in yellow ran off. (Spoiler Text)
An adult film in which a married couple, Kim and David (Stormy Daniels & Michael Vegas) switch bodies. They remain switched for about half the movie, but there's only one sex scene with the switched characters, when David in Kim's body has sex with the David's boss (Dani Daniels).
Spooksville - Season 1, Episode 9, the Wicked Cat
After a supernatural were-cat begins to terrorize Spooksville, Sally is found transformed into a kitten. Adam and Watch seek help from Ann to conjure up a spell to save their friend from being a feline forever.
Todd and the Book of Pure Evil
Todd and the Book of Pure Evil is comdedy/horror TV show available on Netfilx. The aforementioned Book grants wishes and then evil commences. There are various transformations throughout the show. Episode 6 "Fisting Fantasy" from Season 2 has mtf and ftm.
Star Trek: The Next Generation - Season 5 episode 15 Power Play
An away team is possessed by the disembodied members of a 200 year old ship that crashed there. An entity claiming to be Captain Bryce Shumar possesses Troi (Marina Sirtis), and two other male officers also possess Data and O'Brian, who then stage a mutiny. Eventually it turns out that the entities ...more
Gender Bender DNA Twister Extreme
An upcoming game where all the playable characters have their genders switched at the start of the game due to an explosion at the lab they work at. Primarily Male to Female but there are two Female to Male characters as well.
A boy was so afraid of dogs, he wishes to change into a dog himself. When his wish fulfills, he becomes a big and strong dog, but his phobia switches too: now he is afraid of little boys. *Amazon:
Perkawinan Nyi Blorong (1983)
In one of longest TF scenes that has ever been shown in a movie (more than 4 minutes) a man turns slowly into a crocodile. Then he kills a woman and quickly turns back, while the dying woman changes into a crocodile herself.
The Land of Many Perfumes (1968)
Asian fantasy movie featuring the famous Monkey King. Furry: A monkey man and a pig man (who is later turned into a turtle man) Animal TF: A snake and a giant scorpion-beetle turn into women and at the end back. A woman turns herself into a parrot, and another woman is turned into a parrot and c ...more
Keong Mas
Indonesian movie. During the last half hour a girl is turned into a golden sea shell, but returns to normal soon.