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"Supergirl" character Martian Manhunter
==="Blood Bonds" Season 1, Episode 09=== Cat Grant suspects that Kara is really Supergirl for most of the episode. Kara keeps trying to convince her that she isn't to no avail. (Spoiler Text)
The X-Files episode "Mulder & Scully Meet the Were-Monster"
Investigating reports of a strange lizard-man type creature seen during an attack on a man, and the discovery of three dead victims -- Mulder & others cross paths with the strange creature. (Spoiler Text) (Spoiler Text)
Son of No One book by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Down on her luck paranormal photographer woman meets mysterious "man". Man is intrigued by woman. The world is in danger, and perhaps so are they. (Spoiler Text)
The Amazing World of Gumball episode "The Job"
Age, Animal, Female, Male, Gender
In the episode The Job the dad gets a job and it upsets the universe so much a bunch of things get changed around town as he goes by. (Spoiler Text)
Mr. Meaty episode "Parkerina"
Gender transformation in a puppet show web video. (Spoiler Text)
An Emirati couple return home from a trip and discover that their new apartment has been built on a site that is home to some malevolent beings. Titular Djinn transforms into marriage counselor near beginning of a movie, and then into main character s mom in the middle of the movie. There is a ...more
Netflix (Distributor) Description: "From the creators of "The Matrix" and "Babylon 5" comes this tense series in which eight people can telepathically experience each other's lives."
Monyet Cantik 2
Furry, Animal
Indonesian second mini series about a young girl who occasionally becomes a monkey girl. She transformed into a monkey girl because of the monkey clawed her arm when she was at the zoo or animal theme park. It said that it is a curse.
Gulliver Boy episode "hasshin ! SHIIRAION"
On this Anime Episode of "Gulliver Boy", A male fairy turns into a female fairy.
Star vs The Forces of Evil episode "Match Maker"
Mythical, Monster
Star, the titular protagonist of the eponymous show, is a magical girl from a mystical world called Mewni. She gets transferred to earth to train her in controlling her magical powers. In the first half of the 2nd episode. During class, when the results of their exams are being passed back ...more
its a movie about a shadow monster who can possess anyone and make them act crazy. Doing dangerous stuff and naughty things (like with the mother). it has black smoke like thingy that goes inside the mouth and changes the personality of the person (sometimes leaving the personality changed afte ...more
"The Melvin Chronicles" character "Red" (Tiffany)
The continued adventures of Melvin and his friends. "Red" (Tiffany) used to be a boy named Clarence, but ran into Jeannie and is now a girl. The Melvin Chronicles is a tangential arc from the I Dream of a Jeanie Bottle comic, where the actual transformation took place (in comic #112).
Eat-Man episode name unknown
A young blonde girl name "Naomi" has been transformed a purple vicious monster with red-eyes.
"Elf into black panther" (World of Warcraft)
Female, Animal
An Elf or a female warrior has transformed into a wild panther while running through the forest.
Hercules episode "Song of Circe"
Mythical, Animal
An evil sorceress named "Circe" used her magical staff to turn Hercules into a lemur, Adonis into a Peacock, Icarus into a Platypus, and other men into animals.
Hercules episode "Caledonian Boar"
Mythical, Animal
The Greek Goddess Artemis turned Phil into a Boar by shooting one of her magical arrows at him.
Faerie Tale Theatre (1985) episode "Cinderella"
Fairy God Mother used her magic wand to turn two white mice into white horses, and turned a black rat into a coachman. Then at the end (close to the end) of the movie when the prince found Cinderella after trying the glass slipper on her, Fairy God mother used her magic wand to turn Cinderella's ...more
"Merlin" (TV series)
This entry marked for deletion, already exists in the database (entryid=8530) - cj 2016 jan 29 A young teenage girl named Freya has transformed into a Flying Panter (with Bat-like wings) called "Bastet"
The Last Witch Hunter
Gender, Age
The protagonist enters a decrepit cellar covered in runes where he finds a disheveled and scared young girl begging him not to come near her. As he approach she turns her back to him and pulls out a dagger. She suddenly spin around trying to slash him while changing back into her real form, that of ...more
X-Men - Worst X-Man Ever #2
Mystique takes the form of the main character's female friend, Rags, in order to get close to and seduce him before briefly turning into Jubilee, his own mother and back to herself.
Ultimate Spider-Man: "The Spider-Verse"
Spider-man travels to another dimension where everyone's genders are swapped. Goblin uses Electro to power up the siege perilous to collect the DNA of other Spider-Men. Spider-Man follows Goblin and boosts the confidence of Spider-Man 2099 and helps Spider-Girl to defeat Norma Osborn.
Gender, Mythical, Size, Animal
Indonesian Harry Potter-like tv show. ===Episodes with Transformations=== Episode 3 & 4 -- Swans to Women to Swans Episode 5 & 6 -- Mermaids Episode 9 -- Size (Boy and Girl are shrunken) Episode 14 -- Gender and Body Swap Episode 31 -- Wizard to (CGI) Hamster
A selected or created character or image that is used to identify an individual in games, or on the Internet. While being a representation of the individual player, the avatar may also deviate from the player in many ways, such as abilities, gender, size, age, and relative beauty.
Shadowhunters episode "The Mortal Cup"
Age, Gender, Race
In the show's pilot, a shapeshifting demon is being tracked by a group of demon hunters. The demon initially looking like an older Asian man, bumps into people and takes their form changing first into a black man, then a white woman.
Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4
Harry and Ron briefly turn into girls to gain access to the girls' toilet.
Supernoobs episode "Parent Teacher Noobs"
Age, Gender
The noobs are in trouble because they've been messing up in school, at least in part because of their superhero activities. They appeal to their alien trainers to shapeshift into their parents in order to attend the scheduled parent/teacher conference. Problem is even they can't be in several pla ...more
AFK: The Webseries
Age, Race, Gender
AFK is a web series that follows the misadventures of a group of gamers who mysteriously wake up in the bodies of their online characters. Gender swapped, confused and out of their element, they must work together to survive in a hostile new world.
Johnny Test episode "Roller Johnny"
Johnny and his dog are turned into roller-derby women to enter a contest.
Shinzo episode "Battling Daku"
There was an insect enterran named "Katai" who is King Daku's most royal subject. He has the ability to disguise himself in anything he wants even a human. Just like how he disguised himself as a young girl named "Kiri" just lead Yakumo to King Daku's Castle in order to capture her.
The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh episode "A Knight to Remember"
In an imagining within the story (story in a story) Rabbit, the Great Wizard, tried to cast a spell, but turns into any random animal unintentionally sometimes (or sometimes he can do it intentionally I guess). Like a Frog, a fly/bee, a Pelican, and a Turtle.
Fighting Foodons episode "To Catch a Beef"
On Episode 20 (To Catch a Beef) of the anime Fighting Foodons, there was an evil foodon named Mouse Special who has the ability to transform and disguise himself as anybody he wants. However, his disguises aren't perfect because sometimes his horns (or hair) and/or tail is visible, or he gets the w ...more
Bleach Episode 192
Age, Female
After Ichigo defeated Espada #6, Grimmjow in a battle, Grimmjow was still alive but when Espada #5 Nnoitra shown up, he attacked Grimmjow off-guard and finished off so Nnoitra will fight Ichigo and finish him off himself. When Nnoitra started to break Ichigo’s arm, the intensity of Nel’ ...more
Blackwater Valley Exorcism
A demon possesses two of the women in the film. The demon has been in control of Claire the whole film as a part of a plot to tempt the priest. The possession of Isabelle, which draws the priest in, was a part of the demon's plan.
The Wicked Within: 8 Films to Die For
Belial/The Devil possesses two women in the film. Satan has secretly been in the form of Maggie all along and has been in control of Bethany, the houseguest everyone thinks is possessed.
To Swallow a Toad
Monster, Animal
I think this is a latvian idioma like "don't worry, be happy" made into literal in this cartoon. The cartoon starts when a boy comes to his parents with a torn ear. Instead of replying to the abuse, he just "swallowed a toad", as his parents advices them. Later, same bullies rip his leg, and he ...more
Lady: My Life as a Bitch book by Melvin Burgess
Submitted description rewritten to avoid plagiarism from Amazon. I just added a brief summary based on that synopsis. Please feel free to edit this description. A teen girl is transformed into a dog. Has to contend with trying to think with a dog's brain, and deal with other physical aspects o ...more
Uribyeol ilhowa ulrookso
Inanimate, Furry
A Korean movie about a satellite who turns into a girl to find the musician which music she loves. But that musician is changed into anthropomorphic cow.
The Badger and the Magic Fan
A sly badger disguised himself as girl to fool the young three "Tengu" kids by having them to close their eyes so he can sneak and steal their magic fan from them.
World of Zhor, The Universe
Ruk's Serum Ruk's Serum was created by master geneticist Ruk, under the employ of a woman slaver incensed at the fact that it was only the women who were branded and punished for pleasure. The slaver sought out a way to transform men into superior slave girls while retaining their characteristi ...more
Christopher Crumpet
A 1953 cartoon about a boy who changes into a chicken demanding parents buy him a real spaceship. There is also a dog to boy TF too in the ending.